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The Faithful Recap

The Past

A plane is heading over National City, and Thomas Corville talks to his fellow passenger. When the passenger says that he and his wife are pregnant, Thomas tells him that it's all a crock and the wife is screwing her personal trainer, and now he's in coach. The plane shakes and the pilot warns everyone to brave for impact. The plane crashes into the harbor but survives, and everyone applauds. Alex identifies herself as FBI and says that everyone is okay, and Thomas look out the window and sees Supergirl on the wing. After a moment she flies off.

Two Years :Later

Ruby is playing soccer as Sam looks on. She gets a call about L-Corp business, and is busy talking when Ruby makes a goal. Sam pretends that she saw it, and a soccer mom comes over and says that Ruby is special. When Sam points out that she didn't mention Ruby's name, the woman says that she's a follower, gives Sam a pamphlet, and asks Sam to bring Ruby to their community so that she can learn her path.

Kara is with Lena in her office when Sam comes in and apologizes for running late because of Ruby's soccer game. Sam has finished her first big merger, and Kara invites her to celebrate at their girl's night. Supergirl notices the pamphlet, which has the Rao insignia on it.

Later at CatCo, James and Winn find Kara working on something. She explains that she's been researching the pamphlet and hasn't found anything, and is going to go there. James and Winn insist on going with her. They arrive at the community center and a woman tells Kara that her first meeting was transformative. The woman says that it's better if Kara experiences what happens rather than her describing it. Thomas comes out and greets the attendees as the children of Rao. He says that they're by Her grace, and that Supergirl saved them. He lights a candle in honor of Rao.

On Krypton, Alura conducts a ceremony to Rao and lights a candle.

Thomas talks about people being spiritually lost, and picks out one attendee, Olivia. He brings her to the podium and Olivia says that during spring break she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. She got drunk and stood on the ledge as a joke, fell, and Supergirl caught her and told her that everything is going to be okay. Thanks to Supergirl, Olivia realized that she still deserved to be loved. Kara tells James that she remembers saving all of them, and Thomas talks about how they live through the light of Rao that shines through Supergirl. As they pray to their Savior, Kara realizes that they're praying to her.

At the DEO, Winn identifies Thomas and confirms that he's not an alien. Three years ago his wife filed for divorce and his life fell apart. Winn tells Kara that Thomas was on the plane that she saved the night she became Supergirl. Kara says that Thomas is twisting the teachings of Rao and creating a cult, and Win says that he'll keep digging.

Later at Kara's apartment, Lena tells the guess a story about a man who tried to pick her up. Kara says that she's still getting over a relationship, and Sam says that it's just her and Ruby. Alex wonders how she raises a daughter by herself, and Sam says that they'll see when they have kids. Maggie and Alex say that they're not having kids, and Sam apologizes for assuming. Kara hears sirens in the distance and goes to get some ice, and flies to the emergency. A building is on fire, and a man Jeremy is stranded on the rooftop above the flames. The roof collapses under him, and Supergirl catches Jeremy and flies him to safety. Jeremy says that he was waiting for her and kneels, and Olivia runs up and kisses him. She says that Jeremy is one of them now, and they thank Supergirl as their savior.

Afterward, Maggie confirms that the man set the fire. Kara tells her about the cult, and that Thomas is telling people to put themselves at risk. Maggie warns that unless he specifically told people to endanger themselves, he's protected under freedom of religion.

The next day, Ruby is in Sam's office and finishes her homework. Sam apologizes for being busy, just as an aide comes in and says that there's a problem with the merger. She tells Ruby that she has to deal with it and walks off, much to Ruby's disappointment.

Kara goes to the community center and finds Thomas there. She says that she's researching an article about his religion and points out that one of his followers almost died in a fire. She notes that the man burned the building down and people could have gotten hurt, and Thomas points out that they weren't and it's Rao's way. When Kara says that there's only one Supergirl, Thomas calls her Supergirl and asks if she's there to test his faith. He says that he saw her eyes when she saved the plane, and he does not forget the Eyes of God. Thomas assures Kara that her secret is safe with her, and Kara says that she's not a god. He offers to help her if she's lost her way, and takes out a piece of an obelisk containing Rao's words. Thomas says that he collected every Kryptonian argument he could find, and Kara orders him to stop telling people to put themselves at risk. Thomas seemingly agrees and Kara leaves. Once Kara leaves, Thomas goes in the back and tells a glowing Kryptonian obelisk pod that he will serve Kara and save her.'

Ruby is asleep in the office when Sam comes in from work. Lena comes in and Sam tells her that she got the complaint against the merger dismissed and it's done. She then apologizes, saying that she's screwing up with Ruby and can't find the time for her. Lena smiles and says that she has the worse mother, and tells Ruby hat she knows the situation was important and only Sam could fix it. She assures Sam that Ruby knows that she's loved.

At CatCo, James finds Kara out on the balcony. She talks about religion on Krypton and how it was their community. Kara says that Thomas' teachings are misguided, and he only hears what he wants to hear. She wonders how she tells him that he just got lucky, and explains that Thomas knows that she's Supergirl. James says that he met Superman as Clark, and Superman rescued him when he lost his footing on a bridge taking photos. He prayed for someone to save him, and Superman and Supergirl show up when people pray for help. James tells Kara that she is a miracle, and she got a part of her culture back. He activates the shard and a man appears as a hologram addressing the viewer.

Kara takes the shard to the DEO and tells Winn that they used a BetaHedron to power probes that they sent to other planets. Kara figures that somehow Thomas found one of the probes, and she wants Winn to scan for the BetaHedron powering the probe. The signature is degrading, and it's powerful enough to take out a city block. Kara figures that Thomas knows about the explosion, and Winn tells her that the signature is coming from a stadium.

As people watch the game, below it Thomas tells his followers that they will reaffirm that Supergirl is the God of their Earth. Behind him, the obelisk probe glows with power.

As Supergirl flies to the stadium, Winn tells her that there are 15,000 people there. She flies there, finds Thomas, and tells him to stop the probe from exploding. He refuses, saying that it has become an instrument of destruction so she can deliver thousands to their ranks and reaffirm herself. Supergirl insists that Rao is peaceful and would never ask His followers to endanger others. Thomas insists that what they're doing is in service of Rao and Supergirl. As Supergirl approaches the probe, she collapses in pain and realizes that there's kryptonite inside of the probe.

Alex arrives at the stadium and the security chief warns that they can't evacuate. Thomas tells his followers that Supergirl will save them, and only Supergirl can deliver Rao's light on all of them. Supergirl says that she is no God, and Olivia and the other followers panic and run off. Thomas tells Supergirl that he believed in her, and shuts down the overload... but it doesn't work.

Alex comes in and orders Thomas down. Supergirl tells her to open the probe, and Alex confirms that they put Kryptonian soil samples inside the probe. She throws it away, but Supergirl is too weak to fly the probe away. Supergirl tells Alex to get away, and then uses her heat vision to melt a hole in the floor. Once it's deep enough, she tells Alex to push it in and collapses. Alex orders Thomas to help her, and together they push the probe into the hole. It falls into the depths of the earth and explodes, but the blast is safely contained.

Later, Kara meets with Thomas in prison. He assures her that they're treating him well, and Kara asks if he's going to tell anyone who she is. Thomas says that he doesn't remember the name she used at the community center, and says that isn't who she really is. He tells her that even gods can lose their way, and now Kara is at a crossroads. Thomas believes that Rao's purpose for him is to bring her back to piece. He says that it's his salvation, not his prison, and he will pray to Supergirl and for her.

The students are performing at Ruby's school when Alex, Lena, and Kara arrive. Alex tells Kara that they're inspired by Supergirl, not worshipping her. Ruby sings her song and Alex looks sadly at her. She quietly gets up and goes, and Kara goes after her. Outside, Alex tells her foster sister that Maggie doesn't want to have kids, and she agreed because that's what Maggie wants. She figures that Maggie isn't going to change her mind, and Alex can't let it go. Alex wants to have all the experience that Eliza had with them, and breaks into tears as she wonders what she's going to do. Kara hugs her.

Later at the DEO, Kara prays to Rao.

Hank joins his father as he prays.

Alex lies next to a sleeping Maggie.

Thomas stands in his cell.

Kara prays and remembers Alura saying the same prayer.

Sam is in the bathroom and suddenly hears voices in her head. She hallucinates a black figure appearing and tells Sam that one day soon she will reign. Ruby comes in and calls to her mother.

22 Hours Ago

The probe falls into the earth and explodes. Somewhere in an alien chamber, a tube activates and someone inside starts to move.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 31, 2017

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