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Elongated Journey Into Night Recap

Cisco and Gypsy are kissing, and Cisco finally says that what they've got going on is real good. He says that it's time for him to say "What's your name?", and Gypsy says that "Gypsy" is her name. She goes to the bathroom and a breach opens. A man steps through and blasts Cisco, knocking him to the floor. The newcomer picks Cisco up, and Gypsy comes out and says "Daddy".

Mayor Bellows comes through the station on his reelection campaign, and calls to Joe as Barry comes in. They go to Barry's lab and Barry tells Joe that over 900 people rode the bus that day. The driver drowned in his own bathtub, and Barry agrees with Harry that it's all connected and planned by someone smart. They agree to investigate the driver's death, and Barry notices that Joe is glowing.

When Joe and Barry arrive at SAR Labs, they find the man--Breacher--there and he prepares to attack them. Cisco steps in and says that Breacher is Gypsy's father, and he decided to visit them. Breacher thinks that Barry is Cisco's personal assistant thanks to Cisco promoting himself. Joe takes Breacher on a tour, and Harry figures that Cisco wants Breacher's approval. He suggests that Cisco take Breacher for coffee and get to know him better. Cisco is surprised that Harry is actually giving him decent relationship advice. Breacher comes in and says that he doesn't want to be there anymore, and Cisco takes him out.

Iris brings up the bus driver's autopsy report and discovers that there's nothing unusual about it. However, Barry sees a business card OIOU belonging to private investigator Ralph Dibny. Joe and Barry tell the others that Ralph is a crooked copy, and the IOU is dated the day that Barry returned.

In his office, Ralph tells Mrs. Broome that her husband faked his death, remarried, and moved to Minnesota with another woman. When Mrs. Broome breaks into tears, Ralph tries to comfort her and starts hitting on her. She slaps him and storms out, just as Joe and Barry arrive. They go in and Ralph call Barry "rookie". They ask if he was on the bus, and tell him that they found the driver's IOIU. Ralph refuses to answer, saying that he smells a mystery and asks how much the information is worth. He says that they wouldn't come there after what they did if it wasn't important, and Joe says that people were exposed to something dangerous on the bus.

Ralph claims that he wasn't on the bus, and once they leave two gangsters arrive, take Ralph to the roof, and dangle him over the edge. His legs stretch and he drops to the street several floors below just as Joe and Barry pass. They see Ralph stretch and figure he was on the bus.

Joe and Barry take Ralph to S.T.A.R. Labs, and Iris finds Ralph stretched out throughout the lab. Harry reports that the dark matter has polymerized Ralph's cells, making him stretchable. Ralph tells Barry to restore him to normal, and they start arguing. He keeps stretching, and Ralph sneezes and stretches his face out.

At Jitters, Breacher glares at everyone in the stop as he has coffee with Gypsy and Cisco. Gypsy tells him that he needs him to get along with Cisco, and he agrees. Cisco brings the tea over and Breacher points out that coffee was wiped out on his Earth. Gypsy goes to get tea, and Cisco tells Breacher that Gypsy is important to him. He suggests that they might not be so different, and Breacher says that he's going to hunt him because he's not worthy for Gypsy. Breacher starts counting, and says that he will hunt Cisco for the next 24 hours without their powers. He admits that he killed Gypsy's last boyfriend, and advises Cisco to start running. Cisco does so, and Breacher goes after him. Gypsy returns and realizes what happened.

Barry adds Ralph's photo to the board with other two, and Caitlin suggest that she can stabilize Ralph's cells if she can get a sample of his original DNA. Barry wants to lock Ralph up in the pipeline, and writes down "Villains" on the board of photos. He figures that people don’t change, and warns the others that Ralph isn't a good person. Iris tells Barry to go with her to get a DNA sample while Joe digs up what he can on Ralph.

Iris and Barry break into Ralph's office and discover that someone has tossed the place. Barry explains that on one of his first cases, Ralph was the lead detective and found a knife with the husband's fingerprints on the weapon used to kill a woman. Barry confirmed that Ralph planted the knife and lied about it under oath, and was thrown off the force. As Iris searches the desk, she sets off a bomb. Barry speeds her out as the bomb explodes.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris and Barry tell Caitlin what happened. She says that she knows what it feels like to be freaked out by getting superpowers, and suggests that Barry give Ralph a little sympathy. Joe comes in and says that Ralph spoke with the mayor's office fifteen times. Barry tells Ralph what happened and asks him who is trying to kill him. Ralph claims that he just told Bellows he was a fan. Unconvinced, Barry goes to talk to Bellows.

Cisco sneaks into his workshop and tells Harry what happened. Harry tells him to fight back and set a trap, and beat Breacher at his own game. Cisco figures that he can do that, just as Breacher walks in. Harry points off in a random direction, since Cisco has already snuck out via the vent.

Caitlin gives Ralph an antidote to drink. He drinks it and his body reverts to normal, and Caitlin says that it just lets him stabilize his form. Ralph concentrates and retracts his pot belly.

Joe and Barry meet with Bellows, who notices that Joe is glowing. They ask him if he knows Ralph, and Bellows claims that he doesn't know him. Joe doesn't believe him and says that whatever Bellows says is confidential. Bellows finally admits that he made a mistake and had an affair. He broke it off, but Ralph showed up and blackmailed him with photos. The phone calls were Ralph negotiating for a bigger price, and Barry tells him that they'll take care of it. Bellows leaves and meets with the two men who threatened Ralph earlier. He tells them that Ralph is still alive and find him, and to kill Barry and Joe.

Barry and Joe return to S.T.A.R. Labs and tell Ralph that they know that he blackmailed Bellows. Ralph says that he wouldn't have to work as a PI if Barry hadn't turned him in. He insists that he was a good cop and the man was guilty, and he lost everything. Ralph tells Barry to consider it his pension, and Barry tells him to live with the fact that he's a bad person. When Barry punches him, his fist gets stuck in Ralph's face. Once he pulls free, Ralph says that Barry ruined his lie twice and walks out.

That night, Breacher searches through S.T.A.R. Labs for Cisco. Cisco steps out with a gun and tries to shoot, but it jams. When Breacher grabs Cisco, he discovers that it's a hologram. Cisco surrounds him with a power negation force field and drops in on a line, and Breacher takes out a vibro-knife and cuts himself free as Cisco runs off.

Joe goes to Barry's apartment with beer and points out that Ralph got under Barry's skin. He asks why it's so important to Barry that Ralph be the bad guy. Barry points out that they've broken the rules since he became Flash, and everything they did was to help people. He wonders if that was all Ralph was doing, and Joe says that good people don't destroy lives and call it noble. Joe suggests that maybe Ralph deserves a second chance. Two cops--Bellows' men--arrive and say that Singh needs them. When Barry turns to get his jacket, the two men open fire and Barry stops the bullets and knocks them out at superspeed. He and Joe figure that Ralph is next.

Breacher goes into the cortex and sees the Flash suit and Cisco hiding behind it. However, the hunter sees video of a stretched out Ralph, and mistakes him for the Plastoids that attacked his Earth. Breacher goes off to find Ralph, and Barry calls in. He tells Cisco to find the tracker that he put on Ralph, and Cisco tracks him to City Hall.

Outside City Hall, Bellows gives Ralph the money since killing him didn't work out. Ralph hands over the photos and then says that he's taking his blackmail back. He insists that he's not dirty and doesn't want a part of it anymore, and says that if Bellows comes after him, he'll tie him to the bomb in his office. Bellows takes out a gun and shoots him in the head, but Ralph catches the bullet in his face and shoves it out of his nose. Flash arrives and disarms Bellows, and Breacher arrives and blasts Ralph and Flash back.

Flash tells Breacher to stop, but Breacher blasts them again. Joe arrives and Bellows grabs his gun and tells him that he's coming with him. Ralph tells Breacher that he doesn't have to do it, and Vibe arrives and tells Breacher to leave him alone. He explains that Ralph didn't do anything wrong, and Ralph is the way he is because of Cisco and his team. Smiling, Breacher yields.

Bellows leaves in a helicopter, holding Joe hostage. The weakened Flash tells Vibe that he can't build up enough speed to go after them. Vibe warns that he can't, and Flash tells Ralph that he can stretch up and grab the helicopter. The speedster says that Ralph has it within himself to help someone else. When Ralph wonders how Flash knows him, Barry takes off his mask and tells Ralph to focus because Joe needs him to be a good cop. An exasperated Ralph stretches up and grabs the helicopter, sending it out of control. Flash speeds up Ralph's arm into the helicopter and disarms Bellow. Joe tells Flash that Cecile is pregnant.

Later, Joe and Barry go to S.T.A.R. Labs and tell the others that Cecile is pregnant.

As Breacher prepares to home, he tells Cisco that he still hates him but he respects him as a warrior. Breacher tells "Cynthia" that they have an alert, and Gypsy goes with her father. Breacher says that his name is Josh, and Cisco laughs. When he calls Gypsy "Cynthia", she tells him to keep calling her that and see what happens, and Cisco calls her "Gypsy" as she leaves.

Caitlin goes home and discovers that someone has carved "See you soon" on her door.

Ralph returns to his office and finds Barry there. Barry says that he fixed up his office, and asks Ralph to let them study his powers and train him to do what he does, and to be a detective again. Ralph stretches his hand over to shake Barry's, and says that a client named DeVoe hired him over the phone to investigate Bellows. Barry remembers Abracadabra and the other Flash mentioning DeVoe, and Ralph figures that it's a mystery.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 1, 2017

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