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Chaos on the Cape Recap

Anthony arrives at Cape Cod and goes to the 21-room Beach and Towne Motel. Bill Haney purchased it six years ago and hasn't made a profit since. Bill is at the North Shore Musical Theater which he also owns, and it has an opening that night. Anthony goes to the theater and finds Bill, and asks why he's there. Bill says that the hotel isn't a major part of his business and the theater is. They go to the stage and Bill says that he bought the hotel as a real estate investment. He insists that he cares about the motel, and says that he's lost $150,000 since he bought. Anthony tells him that the hotel business is a revenue business. Owners have to spend money to make money, and Bill says that Matt is his assistant and he put him in charge of raising occupancy. Matt hasn't run a hotel before, and Anthony says that Bill shouldn't put people in charge who don't have any experience. Bill says that he's never spent a full day at the motel, and Anthony walks off.

At the motel, Anthony sees a disgusting canopy as he pulls off. He rips a piece off and says that it looks better as a hole. The main sign is falling apart, and there's a for-sale sign up that is also falling apart. Anthony figures that the hotel is perpetually for sale but no one wants to buy it. The lobby door is locked but there's no key-availability sign. Anthony walks off to find a key and figures that the space has potential but needs work.

Anthony finally finds Jane, the manager, and she says that she locks the door because it's not secure when she's not there. Jane says that she didn't put a sign on the door even though she knew that Anthony was coming. She and her maintenance person are draining the pool, and she's been there for three seasons. Jane has no hotel experience before working there, and Jane says that she feels her job is useless. Matt is her yes-or-no guy when Jane asks for things, including tissue papers. Sometimes he demands answers over the phone about check-ins and checkouts. Jane says that the motel is for sale and her job is in jeopardy, and she lives there, and she's at the point of crying.

Next, Anthony inspects a room that a housecleaner Tiffany is checking. She explains that she's Jane's daughter, and the only housekeeper. Anthony has her go out and come back in, and Tiffany identifies the carpet and wallpaper as major problems. The bathroom is relatively clean and Anthony figures that Tiffany is doing as good a job as she can with outdated rooms. Tiffany says that Bill takes care of his theater but doesn't devote the attention to the motel. It's hard for her to see what her mother is going through, and she figures that Bill doesn't care.

Designer Carrie Locklyn comes in and first determines that there isn't enough walk-through space. The TV stand falls over and Carrie point out that things have to be bolted to the wall. She tells Anthony that the room is ugly and outdated, and she's going to make it feel like Cape Cod. Anthony shows her the outdoor area and wants her to renovate that as well.

Checking out the property, Anthony steps on an unsecured septic cover over a pipe with raw sewage and poisonous gases. He goes to the front desk and finds Matt, and shows him the septic cover. Matt is able to kick it open with his foot, and Anthony points out how dangerous it is. There are holes in the cover for screws, and Anthony points out that it's his responsibility. He tells Matt to talk to Jane and find out why it's like it. Jane says that they called the company two or three months ago and they emptied it. Matt tells Anthony that he's there maybe four times a month, and Anthony talks to him privately to ask what he would do. The manager says that he would write Jane up for it, and Anthony asks if Bill should write Matt up for what happened. Matt agrees, and Anthony likes the fact that he takes responsibility. They talk more and Matt explains that he was Bill's executive assistant and manages his rental units and theaters. He says that he's doing the work of 10-15 people, and he's spread thin. Matt says that Bill lacks any interest in the property, and he feels like he's failing. He sympathizes with Jane's problems, and Anthony says that he's in the same situation as Jane. Matt says that Bill likes him but doesn't respect him, and he knows that he's being taken advantage of.

Carrie and her team from Meyers & Son Incorporated are renovating a room. Meanwhile, Anthony meets with the staff and Tiffany says that the blame comes down on her, Jane, and Matt. Matt explains how Bill called him in and said that the hotel doesn't need hand soap. He ended up paying for it himself, and warns that Bill won't appreciate what he said to Anthony earlier. The staff agree that Bill makes them feel weak, and Anthony figures that he's a bully. He wants them to create a budget and leaves.

The next day, Bill comes to the motel for his first full day there. Anthony shows him the problems and Bill figures that they can wash it and it will cost him nothing. The hotelier says that it should be replaced, and that the motel isn't important to Bill. He has Bill work with Tiffany as a housecleaner while Anthony secretly watches on a monitor from another room. Bill looks completely lost and uninterested. He suggests that he should pay for a second set of linens rather than have Tiffany run back and forth to the laundry room.

Anthony goes in and shows Bill how to clean the toilet by checking under the rim. Bill says that Tiffany is doing a fine job, and Tiffany says that she's not on payroll. The owner says that he didn't know that, and that until Matt tells him he doesn't know that something is wrong. Anthony has Tiffany step out and asks Bill if it was helpful. He then calls a staff meeting and Jane asks Bill to have some of the compassion that he has for his theater. Bill points out that they've never come to him, and Matt says that the answer on similar things has always been no. When Bill denies it, Anthony tells him that he's acting like an asshole. Matt says that they don't want to sell the place and want to make a profit, and it's a constant battle with Bill. Jane tells Bill that they've been overbooked four times in the past season. Bill doesn't want to invest the money for a low-end 21-room system, and Matt tells him that he's taking advantage of him.

Tiffany explains that Jane doesn't want to complain too much because she's afraid Bill will toss her out. Bill claims that he's never said that, and Jane related how he's asked her that she likes staying there. Matt agrees, and Anthony dismisses them to talk to Bill. Bill says that he's upset they feel that way about him, and Anthony tells him that he has to change the spirit in which he says things.

The next day, Anthony meets with Matt to go over their budget. They didn't have a budget before, and with one they can buy things without getting permission from Matt for everything. By the end of 2016, they'll make 20,000 less than 2015 because their occupancy is down. Matt continues to take responsibility, and Anthony figures that he could eventually lead the team.

Anthony sits down with Bill and goes over the guest reviews. He relates all the compliments and points out that it's without Bill's help. Bill says that the team is doing great with what they have, and Anthony tells him that if he invests $200,000 he could raise occupancy. He points out that Bill could have his theater shop make many of the improvements, saving up to $75,000. Anthony then explains that Bill could dismiss the staff and sell the property, or take the risk and make money. He says that once he's shows Bill the improvements he's making, he'll ask Bill for a decision.

On the last day, Anthony shows Jane and Matt a new PMS. They get $7,000 service for a year and guests can book on their web site. Next Anthony give them a certificate from eCornell for a $3,500 course in hotel management.

Bill arrives and Anthony shows him and the staff the new canopy. A local company donated the $2,000 canopy, and another company donated a new $2,500 sign. Anthony takes the group to the model room where Carrie is with her team. Everything has been stripped out and replaced, and Jane figures that it's the room that their guests want. Carrie replaced the carpet with wood flooring, and a company donated new blinds. The TV is mounted to the wall, and they put in a hand-made door. Matt figures that they could get $450 for the room.

Carrie couldn't do the back yard, but she got renderings made of what it can look like. It will cost $100,000, and Anthony tells Bill that he has to invest it. Bill says that he now believes he won't be throwing the money out the window, and agrees to take down the for-sale sign. The staff go out and throw the sign away.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 2, 2017

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