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A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows Recap

Jim is in Harvey's office reading a newspaper article about Pyg when Harvey comes in and says that he's fine. Harvey doesn't want to discuss his taking Oswald's money, just as deliverymen bring in bloody boxes. Each box contains a pig mask. Harper points out that there are 44 boxes and 44 officers in the station. The delivery instructions specified that Jim shouldn't receive a box.

Bruce is at a cocktail fundraiser at the manor when Alfred comes over and congratulates him on holding the event there. A waiter bumps into Bruce, who snaps at him, and the man quickly leaves. Surprised and shocked, Bruce walks off. Alfred goes after him and asks what he can do to help since Bruce killed Ra's, and Bruce snaps at him to get off his back. He then apologizes and says that he can't stop thinking about what he did. Bruce says that he doesn't feel guilty, just angry, and Alfred tells him to face what is going on or the anger will consume him. He doesn't want Bruce or anyone else to get hurt. After a moment, Bruce walks out and a girl watches him go.

At the station, Jim releases the deliverymen. Harvey calls Jim up to his office where Oswald and his man Headhunter are waiting for him. Oswald says that Headhunter is his security consultant while Victor is out of town. Jim says that he doesn't want Oswald's help, and Oswald says that Pyg's actions threaten both of them. He just smiles when Jim says that they don't work for or with him, and tells Jim that Harvey says otherwise. Once they leave, Jim asks Harvey if it's about the money. Harvey says that they need the help, and Jim insists that the people don't need gangsters to keep them safe. Harper comes up and says that three cops went missing in the Narrows.

At her townhouse, Barbara tells Selina and Tabitha that she's closing up shop. Ra's was bankrolling them and now that he's gone, she's pulling the plug. Selina figures that they could still make it work, but Barbara tells them that they're on their own and walks off. Once she leaves, Selina tells Tabitha that she knows where they can rip off the Street Demons, but Tabitha says that they're not going to rip off one of Gotham's biggest motorcycle gangs. Tabitha refuses and a frustrated Selina walks off.

The police and Oswald's men arrive at the missing car in the Narrows, and they find a police car with blood on the seat. Harvey tells everyone that they have to make the locals more scared of them. The residents start throwing things out of windows, and Head hunter shoots a few of them. The police break into the buildings and Headhunter tells Jim that it's going to be fun.

Oswald's men start beating residents until Jim stops them. He ends up stopping officers as well, and Harvey says it's working out great as long as he gets Pyg.

The girl, Grace Blomdhal, comes into the kitchen where Bruce is seating and reminds him that they went to school together. She asks if he's as bored with the fundraiser as he is. When Bruce agrees, Grace suggests that they go somewhere.

Jim knocks at a door and talks to the owner, Patsy. She lets Jim in and Patsy says that they didn't see anything. Jim figures that the cops were running a protection racket, and assures Patsy that no one will know if he tells her anything. Headhunter comes in and Jim tells him to go. He grabs Patsy's husband and drags him outside, and Jim goes after him. Outside, Headhunter drags the husband out and says that if Patsy doesn't talk, he'll shoot the husband and then go apartment to apartment. Jim goes out, draws his gun, and tells Headhunter to drop it. Both sides draw guns on the other, and Patsy goes to her husband and tells everyone that Pyg took the cops in a hearse. Headhunter thanks Jim, and Harvey figures that the area they were heading for won't take long to canvass. Taking some pills, Harvey tells Jim that no one got hurt too badly and they got what they needed.

The two groups search the area and find two of the officers. One is dead, and the other Fisoli is alive but has a knife in his chest. Harvey says that there's no sign of the third cop, Patel.

At the orphanage, Oswald is watching the news report on the search and calls Sofia over to see his man Headhunter. One girl stares at Oswald, and doesn't move when Oswald tells her to. He moves her aside and asks Sofia what she thinks of her plan. Sofia finally says that Carmine wouldn't have allied with the GCPD because they're incompetent, and when they fail they'll take Oswald down with them. He figures that he'll get more involved and do the opposite of what she says. Sofia tells him not to ask for her opinion if he doesn't want to hear it, and Oswald leaves.

At the Demons' garage, Selina sneaks in and opens the trunk with gang's stash. She sets off an alarm and flees as the Demons come over. The man on guard saw nothing, and the Demons put him under a motorcycle wheel and rev it up, while Selina watches from hiding.

Jim sits in the ambulance with the injured cop as it goes to the hospital. Harvey calls and says that they haven't found Pyg or the third officer, Patel. Fisoli wakes up and Jim tells him what happened. The officer says that Pyg tortured them for officers and sang nursery rhymes. Fisoli wonders why Pyg is doing it, and Jim tells him that he reached a breaking point with all of the corruption. The officer says that he was working for Oswald. Jim admits that he's done things as well, and once they take down Pyg he's going after Oswald and the dirty cops. He asks Fisoli to help him, and Fisoli says that Pyg is planning something nearby where he took Patel. There's an abandoned courthouse and as Jim prepares to get out, Fisoli tells him that he's one of the good ones.

Grace takes Bruce to Brant's place to meet with her classmates Tommy Elliot, Brant Jones, and Emma Hsueh. Tommy remembers Bruce hitting him and admits that he deserved it. Brant offers him some drugs, and Bruce refuses. He asks what Bruce used to do for fun, and Bruce says that he used to walk on rooftops and fight crime. Brant assumes that he's joking, and asks If Alfred still butling. Bruce imagines beating Brant, and Bruce just stares at him. Grace interrupts and suggests that they go to the club where Brant has a hookup, and they leave.

Jim goes to the courthouse and sees a blood trail. Headhunter arrives and says that Harvey told him where Jim was heading. The police pull up and Oswald gets out and tells Jim that they'll take it from there.

Selina is counting out Tabitha's share of the money. Selina calls and says that she's stuck in the Demons' HQ and needs help. Tabitha tells her to wait and then tells Barbara that Selina is in trouble. Barbara isn't interested in helping, and Tabitha says that she thought Barbara had changed. Unimpressed, Barbara keeps counting her money and Tabitha leaves.

Oswald tells the press that it was his idea to offer his consulting services and now he's taking it to a tactical level. Harvey tells Jim that he wasn't going to let him go in alone, and lets Oswald's people be the cannon fodder. Pyg calls Jim and says that he's creating a new Gotham and a new Jim. He warns that Jim will be dead if he goes in the courthouse, and briefly does Fisoli's voice. Jim tells Harper to call the hospital and find out what happened to Fisoli.

At the club, the bouncer tells Brant that he can't get in. Bruce tells Brant that the bouncer knows who Brant is, he just doesn't care. When Brant calls Bruce a freak, Bruce talks to the bouncer. The man lets him in and Bruce talks to another man. Bruce then comes back and invites Grace, Tommy, and Emma in. Brant demands to speak to the owner, and Bruce says that he is because he just bought the place. The others go in, and Bruce takes Brant's sunglasses and goes with them.

When Jim learns that "Fisoli" has disappeared, he tells Harvey to call off the raid. He explains that Fisoli is dead and Pyg impersonated him, and it's a trap. Oswald doesn't believe it, pointing out that Jim is also a dirty cop. Harvey says that they have a spotter got a visual of Pyg standing next to Patel, and Oswald tells Harvey to start the operation. When Jim warns that he'll have to clean up the mess, Harvey orders him to stand down and two of Oswald's men guard him.

Tabitha sends a flaming tire into the Demons' garage. Once they go to check it out, Tabitha runs in but she has to hide with Selina as the Demons come back. Selina insists that whatever they do, they'll do it together. However, Barbara comes in and shoots four of the men. Selina whips another one and Barbara finishes him off. She takes her cut and starts to walk out. When Selina asks if they're over, Barbara tells her that they have a shipment coming in and a business to run.

The groups go into the courthouse and see Pyg standing next to Patel. Harvey shoots "Pyg" and they go over... only to discover that "Patel" is a dummy and "Pyg" is Patel gagged with a mask on. An automatic machine gun opens fire, killing dozens of the invaders. Jim hears the shots and Oswald tells his men to go in. They refuse, and Jim grabs one of their guns and goes in to save Harvey and the others.

Headhunter tries to shoot the automated gun but is wounded. Harvey and Harper run over and shoot the chain holding Patel to the floor, and Jim shoots the gun. He drags Headhunter to safety and then fires a grenade, taking out the automated gun.

Back at the station, Oswald blames Harvey for giving the order to give in. When Jim comes in, the press flocks to him. Jim tells Pyg via the TV that the GCPD are going to take him down. The cops congratulate Jim as he walks by. When Jim gets to Harvey's office, he tells him that Patel is going to make it. Harvey says that he's a hero and he's just the cop that shot a cop. Pyg calls Jim and says that he was amazing. He says that what Jim is going to do is what he wants to do. Jim vows to find Pyg, and Pyg says that wants to thank him in the flesh. What Jim said gave him an idea for his next plot, and Jim is his muse

Oswald and Headhunter go to the Lounge and Headhunter says that Jim was right. Furious, Oswald stabs him in the throat and then the stomach, and walks off.

Grace tells Bruce that she always knew there was another side to him. He says that he's going to try it out, kisses her, and they drink champagne. Bruce continues partying through the night.

As Harper thanks Jim, a cop brings in a licensed criminal. One of the detectives, Ruseckas, says that they're not accepting the licenses anymore and nods to Jim. Jim nods back and glances over at Harvey, who looks at him for a moment and walks away.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 3, 2017

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