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Jet Engine + Pickup Truck Recap

In Finland, Mac and Jack are running from men chasing them. They contact, Matty, who says that she's arranging exfil. Jack barricades the door while Mac looks around for something to improvise for an escape. He finds a DVD burner, takes out the laser diode, removes the resister, and fits it into the flashlight housing. He uses the resulting laser beam to cut a hole in the roof, while the mercenaries beat on the door. They finally get through to discover that Mac and Jack have fled.

Back in LA, Mac meets with Annabella to tell her stories about her father. He says that his mom passed away and he hasn't seen his father in years, and that nobody tells him stories about his father. As Mac shows Annabella his father's watch, Denise comes out and says that Matty called and wants Mac to turn on his phone.

At Phoenix, Matty shows the team that 18 hours ago a wellhead ignited in a blaze over 600' tall. The oil company can't turn it off, and the fire is connected to an underground reservoir of oil. Riley and the others are surprised that Jack knows about drilling, and Jack says that his grandfather worked on a rig and raised him up. Matty says that the explosion wasn't an accident: a rebel army called The Damisa is trying to topple the Nigerian government. They used stolen C4 to blow up the wellhead, and stolen RPGs to take out any vehicle entering the company with firefighting equipment. Mac figures that they'll do anything to keep the fire burning, and DC wants to avoid direct involvement so they called on Phoenix. The smoke from the fire will block satellite overwatch in less than twelve hours.

The team parachutes into Nigeria and Mac has a bomb to use on the wellhead. He explains that high-impact will set the bomb off, and that the blast shockwave will push all the burning oil and oxygen away from the fuel source. They'll steal an airplane and drop the bomb. They hike to the wellhead and mac hears someone moving in the brush. Men move out of the woods ad surround them, and order the team down on its knees.

The men take the team off and Mac says that he's working on a plan.. He figures that the rebels are taking them to their camp, an abandoned town, The leader, Solomon, removes his helmet and Mac realizes that their captors are the villagers. He explains that the U.S. government sent them to put out the wellhead, and Solomon points out that things are worse. Mac says that they need to evacuate the area, but Solomon says that if they go then they'll lose everything. When Mac says that Solomon should let them do what they came to do, Solomon asks for proof that they're not with The Damisa. Mac admits that he doesn't have any proof, but he can show them how to put out the local fires.

As Solomon releases Mac, Matty calls in and Jack tells he that the CIA report that the towns had been evacuated were wrong. She tells them to launch the plane, and explains that Riley and Wilt are staying there to help the villagers and set up overwatch. Jack refuses to abandon the villagers, and Matty tells him that she's seeing the bigger picture and Riley and Wilt should set up at least five miles away from the wellhead. Jack relays her orders, and Wilt refuses to go. Mac points out that the satellites are blocked and Matty can't see what they're doing. Sam agrees to help the others.

Ma builds a sonic fire extinguisher out of a boom box, and Jack make Wilt and Riley promise to leave if things get worse.

Ac, Jack, and Sam head for the airfield. Riley and Wilt launch a drone. They set it to autohover and check the airfield. The rebels are now there, sabotaging anything that can fly. Mac figures that they'll have to approach the wellhead on foot, but the explosive will go off before they can get close enough. He sees a truck with barrels of jet fuel as well as a jet engine, gets an idea, and asks Sam for her shoelaces. Mac then puts the explosives in a bag and tells Jack to get as many seatbelts as possible from the wrecked planes. He takes Jack's weapon and rigs it up to a tree, then tells Sam that the two of them will hijack the tree. Mac fills a bag with water an rigs it up as a water time delay, and it goes off. The rebels drive over to investigate, and the trio runs to the airfield.

While Jack gets the seatbelts, Mac and Sam get the truck and loads up the jet engine. Jack joins them and they drive off as the rebels return. The agents head back to the village, and sand Max explains that the jet engine pumps out enough thrust to put out the fire... if they get within 15 or 20 feet. Jack points out that the wellhead fire is generating hurricane-force winds and lethal jets of gas, and Mac tells them that he has a plan in progress.

The rebels open fire and Jack warns that they can't outrun them with the jet engine in the back. Mac climbs in the back and fastens down the jet engine with the seat belts. As the rebels pull up and jump onto the truck, Sam fights them while Jack comes to a curve. He tells everyone to hold on, but Sam flips over the roof an falls on the windshield. Mac takes on one rebel and yells direction to Jack, who can't see with Sam on the windshield. Once the rebels are all off, the truck heads for another curve. Mac ties down the jet engine just in time and Jack takes the curve while the pursing rebels crash.

At the village, Riley uses the drone's thermal camera to spot new fires in the village. Wilt spots Solomon putting out a fire in an alligator pear tree. Solomon's grandfather planted the tree, and the man talks about his daughter Nina. The rebels took her a few years ago along with others, and are made to fight their wars. Solomon is staying there hoping that Nina will come back one day. Wilt says that they need to talk about an evacuation plan, and Solomon points out that it isn't Wilt's problem. Nina will have nowhere to go if Solomon isn't there when she returns.

The agents drive to the wellhead, and Sam tells Mac to ask himself if the numbers in the watch are a clue or an accident. Mac says that he doesn't have happy memories of his father, and figures that if the villagers are willing to die to protect their heritage then he should chase any lead. The ground shakes and Jack pulls over. The village shakes as well, and Mac tells Wilt and Riley to get everyone inside.

The wellhead explodes and Wilt saves Riley from falling debris. As they head inside, Matty calls and Wilt pretends they're not at the village. She has the others patched in, and warns that the oil company has said that the pressure is building faster than expected. Matty tells Riley and Wilt to get out of the town, just as two rebel trucks come up the road at the stolen truck. Jack pulls off on a side road and Mac warns Wilt and Riley that they'll be running late.

Jill and Andie warn Matty that the wellhead could ignite at any point. Matty tells the team to evac the town and rendezvous at exfil. Wilt refuses to go and Mac agrees, and Sam warns Mac that they're too heavy and slow to ditch the rebels. Mac comes up with an idea and Jack realizes that he plans to ignite the jet engine. Sam warns that it won't work, but concedes that they don't have a choice.

Mac runs a tube from the jet fuel barrels to the jet engine. He crawls back into the cab and hits the switch, and the jet engine blasts the truck down the road, setting the rebel trucks on fire. Once the fuel burns out, Jack brakes to a halt and kisses Sam in relief. They return to the village and Mac has them start fireproofing the truck with space blankets and corrugated roofs. The fuel line is broke, hit by a rebel bullet, and they're out of fuel. Mac sees a nearby puddle of oil leaking up and figures that they can make more fuel.

He villagers gather oil and Mac boils the crude oil into crude gasoline that will run the jet engine. Matty calls Jack and tells him that the oil company was able to remote-open the valves. However, they've only bought them twenty minutes before the wellhead blows up. Mac is working out equations and Sam asks him if his plan will work. He warns that the crude oil has crud that will clog the engine, and he doesn't know how long they have. Mac sees a boy crying and asks Sam to hold onto his watch because it's all he has left of his father. Sam agrees and says that she'll give it back to him after they cap the well.

Mac and Jack drive up to the wellhead and get as close as they can. As Mac rigs the shoelace to the steering wheel, Jack tells Mac that they won't stop looking for Mac's dad. The tires melt and Mac says that it will anchor the truck so the engine doesn't push the truck off-course. They wrap themselves sin tin foil and run to cover where Sam is waiting. They activate the jet engine by remote and the melted tires hold the truck in place. After a moment the flame goes out, and the trio celebrates. The villagers realize that they've succeeded and cheer, and Wilt and Riley hug. Sam tells Mac that if he can put out the fire with spare parts, he can find his dad, and gives him the watch back.

Later, the Nigerians cap the well and put The Damisa on the run. Matty tells the team that Wilt and Riley disobeyed orders and could have gotten them killed. Oversight is reviewing the situation to review disciplinary action, and Matty warns that it's out of their hands. Jack figures the good news is that he isn't in trouble, and Sam assures them that goo agents disobey orders from time to time. Mac figures that the village is all that really matters. The Nigerian government brings the children back, and Solomon runs to his daughter. Wilt figures that it was worth it.

Back in LA, Mac gives Annabella a tether car as a present. He explains that her father used to work on it, and she thought that they'd build it together. Mac says that he doesn't have any stories about his father, but he does have stories about a group of friends that he considers family. Denise calls them in for dinner, and Mac pinky-swears with Annabelle to never tell anyone about his mission in Nigeria.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 4, 2017

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