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Pay Day Recap

At the Houma State Prison, convicts Joey Citrano, Mick Ryson, and Don Seifert meet to plan their escape. Once Seifert moves on, Ryson suggests that it'd be easier without Seifert but Citrano says that they'll need him if they're going to recover the money. Ryson assures him that they're in it together.

Later, Ryson knocks on a guard and takes his gun. Citrano and Seifert join him as a storm comes up. The three convicts het out of the prison and head off into the swamp. The alarms go off and Swamp Thing summons the storm's power.

As they continue through the swamp, Citrano says that they have to stop but Ryson says that he put up with worse when he served in Vietnam. Seifert talks about the alligators, and Ryson is ready to dump him. Citrano tells him to calm down and agrees to let Seifert to tell him about the alligators. The guards follow the convicts with dogs, and the head guard vows to bring Ryson in despite the weather.

The next day, the convicts stop for a break and talk about what they're going to do when they get the money. Swamp Thing washes them from hiding and sees the past. A young Ryson knocks out a Las Vegas armored car guard an takes the bank money. Citrano says that he was never cut out for being a criminal, and Ryson warns him that no one is going to let him go straight. He figures that the only breaks are the ones that they make themselves. Undeterred, Citrano tells Seifert that he and his girlfriend Mary Ellen are going to start a small business. Ryson tells him that the Las Vegas heist was the jackpot, and it's his pay day. Citrano tells him that all Ryson does is blame others, and Ryson says that he grew up in a tough neighborhood and never got any breaks. Seifert says that he's going to buy a good suit and buy a round for everyone at the local bar.

As the convicts talk, Swamp Thing secretly takes the bag with their food. When Ryson goes to get the bag, he discovers that it's gone and figures that Seifert misplaced it. He prepares to shoot him, but they hear dogs and Citrano warns Ryson that the gunshot will lead the guards right to them. After a moment, Ryson lowers the gun and the three convicts run off.

That night, the convicts find a camp and Ryson tells Seifert to check it out. He enters the campsite and while Ryson waits, Citrano says that he thought Ryson was going to kill Seifert. He admits that he's never killed anyone, and Ryson says that it grows on someone. He learned to love the killing during the war, but the service was against him. Seifert comes back and says that he didn't see any campers. The three convicts enter the camp and search for good. When the fisherman comes back, Ryson guns him down. Seifert says that he was harmless, and Citrano warns that they execute killers in Louisiana. He dares Ryson to push him, and after a moment Ryson walks away.

Ryson has Seifert dump the body in the river. Once Seifert is alone, Swamp Thing grabs him and drags him into the water. Alligators snap at Seifert as he stares in horror at Swamp Thing.

Citrano yells for Seifert, and Ryson tells him to keep it quiet and Seifert is gone. Meanwhile, Seifert begs Swamp Thing to let him live. Swamp Thing tells him that he has to pay for stealing the money, and tells Seifert to go and do what's right. Seifert stumbles into the camp where the guards are, and surrenders. He offers to tell them where Ryson and Citrano are.

Citrano and Ryson continue through the swamp to the spot where they buried the money. Ryson draws the gun and orders Citrano to dig. Swamp Thing, watching, summons a storm and a startled Ryson drops the gun. He figures that Seifert is out there watching him and waiting for an opening, and draws a knife. He figures that Citrano planned the whole thing, and Citrano shoves him into the water and runs off. Ryson goes after him and Swamp Thing grabs Citrano and drags him into the brush. He says that he's there for the money, and tells Citrano where it is. Citrano insists that he was desperate and didn't want to rob the bank. Swamp Thing tells him that the bank is in trouble and innocent people are being hurt, and that Citrano should return the money.

Soon, Citrano runs to the camp with the money and surrenders

Ryson continues through the swamp and yells that Citrano won't trip him up. He sees a young boy holding a teddy bear, and the boy says that his adult self let him down. Ryson insists that it wasn't his fault, and the image disappears. Ryson's childhood pet Gabby appears, and it growls and bites Ryson's arm. The dog disappears and the boy appears for a second, and Swamp Thing tells Ryson that it was a long time ago. He says that Gabby didn't know Ryson anymore because he was a different person, and says that Ryson can learn from his mistakes.

The guards close in and Ryson runs off. The guards find him and slam him to the ground.

At the prison, things replay over again. This time Citrano says that he's going to do his time and has a bad feeling about the escape and the swamp. Seifert decides to stay with Citrano, and figures that they don't deserve the money. Ryson leaves and when he gets outside the walls, the guards spot him and gun him down.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 5, 2017

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