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Rise of the Villains: By Fire Recap

Butch tells Theo that Oswald went crazy, accused him of being a traitor, and chopped off his hand. He says that Oswald slipped in the blood, and he ran. Butch asks for a chance to help, while a man dangles from a noose in the background. Theo asks Barbara and Tabitha for their opinion, and Barbara says that Butch once held her hostage in her apartment. Tabitha and Barbara consider what to pump on his stump, and Theo agrees to take him on. The congressman dangling from the noose manages to catch himself, and Theo confirms that he'll get his help. Tabitha cuts the man down and Theo puts one of his Theo for Mayor badges on him.

Jim chases a crook, Nino, down an alley and finally catches him. He demands to know what Nino knows about the firebug who killed Garrett, and ignores Josie when she points out that he's not following protocol. Nino has never heard of a female arsonist, and Ben stalks off. When the Alpha Force officers warn him that they have to report officer infractions to Barnes, Jim tells them to do it.

Bridges is cleaning up around Selina's apartment because she can't sleep, and Selina tells her to do what she wants now that she's free. She says that Bridgit has to get out of town now that she's killed a police officer, and that she knows where to get her the necessary funds. Bridgit realizes that she has no choice, and Selina says that she's helping because Bridgit reminds her of her.

At an underground slavery ring, the bidding begins for prostitutes. Bridget and Selina watch from above, and Bridgit wants to rescue them. Selina points out that Bridgit is the one who needs help, and tells her to go in and wait for Selina to make her move. Once Selina ducks into an air vent, Bridgit goes in wearing her "Firefly" costume. Meanwhile, Selina makes her way through the rafters and drops onto the auctioneer. She knocks him out, takes his gun, and yells that it's a robbery. When one of the guards, Milo, draws his gun, Bridgit fires a burst from her new flamethrower. When the auctioneer refuses to cooperate, Bridgit sets his coat on fire and the man quickly loads up the money. Smiling, Bridgit fire more blasts while the slaves yell at her for help. She ignores them and runs outside. When a man tells them to stop, Bridgit fires a blast at her and joins Selina, laughing.

Barnes tells Jim that he's putting a note in his file for beating a suspect. He says that he understands and reminds Jim that they lose people in war. However, it doesn't give them a license to break the law. Jim says that it's Gotham and warns that there are gray areas, and admits that he didn't get a lead. Barnes brings up security footage of Bridgit at the auction house. Jim recognizes Selina with her and walks out.

At the manor, Alfred is teaching Bruce how to box. Alfred manages to grapple him and Bruce bites his arm. Satisfied, the butler congratulates Bruce, who asks him when Lucius thinks the computer will be fixed. He says that he's tired of waiting and insists that he's ready, and Alfred says that Silver called and asked him out to dinner. He punches Bruce when he's distracted and warns that he's not ready, and they go back to work.

At the station, Edward overhears Kristen and Leslie talking about Officer Dougherty disappearing. Kirsten says that it worked out for the best because she ended up with Edward. She thinks that Edward is sometimes holding things back from her, and wishes he would open up a little more. Edward comes in and invites Kirsten to supper, and gives her a cup of coffee with a heart on it.

Harvey questions Ivy about Selina's location, and she agrees to talk. He then tells Jim that he's found Selina's location, and suggests that he take Alpha Force with her. Jim figures that it's better to go it alone.

Selina walks Bridgit to the train station, and Bridgit thanks her for her help. Bridgit's brothers Joe and Cale pull up in a van and grabs Bridgit, and Selina takes one of them down. He gets into the van and they drive off. Selina goes to a hidden weapon cache in her apartment and hears Jim at the door. He kicks his way in and finds Selina waiting for him with a shotgun. Selina denies knowing Bridgit, and Jim warns that Bridgit has burned down a dozen buildings and killed a cop. The girl insists that Bridgit was forced to do it, and Jim holsters his weapon and offers to help Bridgit. He warns that there are a lot of angry cops looking for Bridgit, and Selina gives him her friend's name. She explains that her brothers kidnapped Bridgit, and she doesn't know who paid the Pikes to burn down the Wayne Enterprise buildings. Jim says that he offers to handle the Pikes and wonders why she's getting involved, and Selina says that Bridgit is just a girl she knows. Realizing that there's more, Jim promises to keep Bridgit safe and asks where she is.

At the Pike apartment, Joe and Cale chain Bridgit up and take the $6,000 she has. Joe complains that she tried to ditch them, and throws a firecracker at her. It explodes and he throws another one, and Joe rants about how Bridgit has nothing without family. She says that she wants to be part of their family and Joe frees her... and warns her that if she tries to run then he'll kill her and Selina, too. Bridgit agrees and goes to make supper, but leaves when her brothers' backs are turned.

Butch returns to Oswald and shows him the mallet they attached to his stump. He says that he's in and trying to find Gertrude, but can only go so fast. Oswald makes him swear his loyalty and orders him to find Gertrude.

Bridgit returns to the apartment with her flamethrower and sets her brothers on fire.

Sometime later, Jim and Harvey enter the Pike apartment and find the brothers' charred corpses. There's no sign of Bridgit, and one brother grabs Harvey by the ankle. He kicks the man until he lets go, and the brother dies. Harvey insists that he was dying anyway, and they find the chains that they used on Bridgit. Jim still wonders who hired them, but Harvey is more interested in finding the new Firefly.

Butch searches Theo's office and finds the monitor showing Gertrude's cell. Theo comes in and Butch hastily turns off the monitor. The billionaire says that he knows Butch is still loyal to Oswald, and Butch explains that he has to obey Oswald in all things. Theo says that they might be able to help and calls Tabitha in. She says that she can break Oswald's brainwashing and Butch attacks her. Tabitha strangles him with her whip and Theo leaves her to it.

Jim tells Barnes that they've set up a perimeter and are holding Selina. He explains that Bridgit was abused and forced to set the fires, and Barnes reminds him about Garrett's death. The captain points out that Bridgit has killed three men, and tells Jim to find her and take her down.

Selina goes to a rooftop near her apartment and finds Bridgit waiting for her. Bridgit is working on her flamethrower, and Selina says that Bridgit has to get out of town. The girl isn't interested and says that she's free just like Selina told her. Now she plans to go after the pervs and the bullies, the ones who hurt people like the two of them. Selina says that if Bridgit goes crazy then she'll get herself killed. Bridgit insists that it's what she is meant to do and thanks Selina for caring. Selina says that she doesn't care, wishes her luck, and then hugs her before she goes.

Theo has dinner with Silver and Bruce, and Tabitha comes in late. The billionaire offers a toast to family, saying that it's all that matter. He tells Bruce that he hopes he will think of them as family eventually, and Silver invites him to come over again.

Edward and Kirsten have dinner at his place, He assures her that he wants to spoil her, and says that he wants to tell her something. They kiss, and Kirsten asks where his bedroom is.

At the station, Jim gets a call from Selina. She reminds him that he promised to protect Bridgit, and tells him where she's going.

At the slave house, Firefly sets a man on fire and releases the woman. They run out and find the police and the fire trucks waiting for them. Barnes tells his people to follow protocol, just as Firefly comes out. Jim tells everyone to hold his fire and calls Bridgit by name, and says that he knows she didn't mean for anything to happen. He offers to help her, but Bridgit fires a blast of fire at him. An officer fires a shot, cutting her fuel line. Despite that, Firefly fires her flamethrower and sets a police car on fire. It explodes and the flames hit the gas leaking out of Firefly's fuel tank. She goes up in flames, screaming.

Theo talks to Bruce privately and mentions that Bunderslaw has been reported missing. He knows that Thomas was a great man, but bad things happened at his company. Theo offers his help once he's there, and they shake on it.

Butch returns to Oswald and says that he's found Gertrude in a warehouse. He explains that they found him out, but he got free. Butch warns that they have to go now, and Oswald thanks him for his loyalty. He has Butch sit down while he gathers his men.

Selina breaks into Jim's apartment and holds a shotgun on Leslie. Leslie says that she's not going to hurt her, and Jim comes in. Selina puts the shotgun down and asks if Bridgit is okay, and Jim says that she's not going to make it. Angry, Selina reminds him of his promise. Jim says that Bridgit didn't want to go quietly and wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. He says that he knows Selina was telling the truth about Bridgit, and says that he needs to know who hired the Pikes. Selina says that Jim won't go after his friend, and Jim realizes that she's talking about Oswald. She says that she's done talking to Jim and should never have trusted a cop, and isn't interested in hearing his apologies.

After sex, Edward gets Kirsten coffee and she tells him that he's sweet. She admits that’s she's scared of Dougherty, because he threatened to kill her if he found her with another man. Edward says that she doesn't have to worry about Dougherty, and finally tells her that he killed the officer. Kirsten thinks that he's joking at first, but Edward describes precisely what happened. He shows her Dougherty's badge and a shocked Kirsten says that she doesn't know who he is and gets dressed. She says that Edward is a sicko and she knew it all along, and realizes that Edward was outside her house stalking her. Kirsten says that he's going to prison and slaps him, and Edward grabs her. They struggle and Edward grabs her by the throat, insisting that he killed Dougherty to help her. He says that he loved her... and realizes that he choked her to death. Crying, Edward hugs her corpse.

Oswald and his men load their weapons as Butch watches.

Selina sits on a rooftop and cries.

Edward cradles Kirsten's body.

Two orderlies take a badly burned Bridgit to an underground lab beneath Indian Hill, belonging to Wayne Enterprises. She watches as she's taken past rooms filled with other freaks, and left in a room by herself.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 27, 2015

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