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Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister Recap

El snaps out of her mental link with Terry, and tells Becky how the images kept repeating. She describes the second girl in the rainbow room, and tells Becky that Terry wants her to find the girl. Becky goes through the files Terry had on other missing kids, and El finds a photo of the girl she saw in the link. Reaching out with her mind, El is unable to find the girl.

That night, El lies on the bed and concentrates. She enters the link void and sees a girl standing next to a fire. As the girl--Kali--starts to turn toward El, El wakes up. She goes downstairs to tell Becky, and overhears Becky making a call. El figures that Becky is taking the government and leaves, unaware that Becky was trying to get hold of Jim. On the TV that Terry is watching, Action News "8" comes on.

Using money she stole from Becky's purse, El takes a bus to Chicago. She gets images of where Kali is from the photo, and walks down the streets until she comes to the places she saw in her mind. El enters the building and finds four people--Axel, Mick, Funshine, and Dottie--gathered around a barrel fire. She says that she's looking for her sister, and shows them the photo. Axel realizes that the girl is Kali, and El tells them that no one knows where she is. When he draws a knife, Axel hallucinates spiders appearing on his body. Kali comes in and Dottie shows her the photo. El tells her that Mama sent her, and telekinetically picks up Axel's knife, folds it up, and gives it to Kali. She says that she saw Kali in the rainbow room, and Kali shows her the number tattoo on her wrist. They realize that they're sisters and hug.

Later up on the roof, El tells Kali what has happened to her. Kali warns El that they'll always be monsters to the government, and says that what El can do is special. She explains that she can make people see or not see whatever she wants, and projects an image of a butterfly into El's mind. Kali assures El that she's real, and El taps at her face, smiling.

Kali sets El up in a room and says that she felt a piece of her was missing, and now it's not. She figures that Terry thought that they belonged together, and that it's El's home. Kali joins the others and says that El found her with only the photo., She explains that El can find people with only a photo, and wants to do one tomorrow. The others warn her that they're too hot, but Kali says that El is in pain and needs it.

As El sleeps, she hears Jim's radio message in the dream circle. Someone grabs her by the shoulder... and Kali wakes her up. She takes El down to formally meet the others and says that they're not gifted but they are outcasts like them. Funshine says that Kali saved them all, and now they help her. Kali shows El the wallets of the people responsible for what happens to them. El realizes that they kill them, and Kali says that she makes them pay for their crimes. El tells them that she's killed because they wanted to hurt her, and Kali says that they're just making the first move against the people that want to hurt them.

Kali takes El out and explains that she tried to keep her pain inside until it festered. Once she confronted her pain, she began to heal. They go to a train yard and Kali tells El to draw a train car to them. El concentrates and is only able to move it a few feet. Kali tells her to find the anger that El used against the government, and El remembers Mike and Max together, and fighting with him. She moves the car toward her, her nose bleeding, and the others cheer as they see what she can do. El tells Kali that she feels good.

Back at their hideout, Kali shows El the photos of the bad men that they think are still alive. El recognizes Ray from the images in Terry's head, and Kali says that he used a cattle prod on her when she disobeyed. She has Kali mentally track Ray, and El tells them where he is. The others agree to go out, even Mick, and they get guns and Dottie makes up El. The group drives to Gramercy Apartments and a policeman spots them.

The gang stops at a gas station to "stock up". Kali projects an image of the bathroom leaking into the clerk Darrel's mind, and the gang steals whatever they can grab. The clerk comes back and draws a gun, and Kali says that the store's money is insured and they're on the same side. El telekinetically slams him unconscious and they run back to the van as police cars approach.

That night, the gang arrives at Gramercy Apartments and Kali has El confirm that Ray is alone watching TV. Mick stays in the van while the others put on masks and go inside. El telekinetically opens the door bolt and shorts out the TV, and they enter the apartment and tell Ray to sit down. Dottie and Axel get his wallet, while Kali and El confront Ray and Kali asks if he remembers them. He doesn't, and Kali projects an image of them as girls. El telekinetically slams him against the wall, and Ray says that he did what Brenner told him to do. He offers to help them find Brenner, insisting that he's alive and trusts him. Kali figures that El can find him, and El telekinetically drags Ray across the floor. There's a photo of Ray with his wife and daughter on the floor.

Axel and Dottie find two girls hiding in the bedroom, calling the police.

El lets Ray go, and Axel and Dottie come in and tell them what they found. Kali reminds El that Ray didn't show Terry any mercy. When El hesitates, Kali draws a gun and prepares to shoot Ray. El telekinetically throws the gun out the window, and the gang run back to the van and leave as the police arrive. Kali tells El to never take away her choice.

Back at the hideout, El sits alone in her new room. Kali comes in and says that once she was like her. She's hard on El because she sees her past mistakes, and points out that they were kids. When her gifts were strong enough, she escaped and ran as far as she could. Then she found a family and a home, but they couldn't help her and eventually she lost them. Then Kali stopped hiding and used her gifts against those that hurt them, and now El has to make the same choice. Brenner comes in and El realizes that it's one of Kali's projections. "Brenner" asks if El never looked for her because she thought he was dead, or because she was afraid of what she would fine. He tells her that she has a terrible wound and it's festering, and eventually it will kill her. El screams at him to get out of his head, and Kali ends the projection. She tells El that she can either return to Jim or stay and avenge Terry with her.

Government and police cars head for the headquarters. Mick is standing guard but is arguing with Dottie when the police surround the building.

El looks at her old clothing and remembers Mike and the others in Hawkins. She enters the dream circle and sees Jim in the Hawkins Lab control room. She sees Mike trying to warn Owens that it's a trap, but he disappears when El tries to grab him.

The police break in and Kali tells El that they have to go. They warn the others, and Kali uses her power to make them all invisible to the intruders. The gang runs outside and take cover as more policeman open fire. Kali makes the officers think that a wall has sprung up, separating the men from the van. The gang gets in the van, but El tells Kali that she has to go back because her friends are in danger. Kali reminds her that Terry sent her for a reason and they can't save her, but El says that she can save her. She runs off as Kali is forced to drop her illusion from the strain, and the gang drives off.

Later, El gets back on the bus and heads back to Hawkins. An elderly woman asks her if she's okay, and sits next to El to keep her company. El finally says that she's going home and smiles.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 6, 2017

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