Duct Tape + Jack Recap

Behind enemy lines, Mac and Jack are dangling from a tree by their parachute lines. They argue about whether Ewoks eat people, until Jack spots a jeep coming. They're with the Bosnian drug lord who the agents stole an org chart from. The men take out a chainsaw to cut down the deal, and Mac gives Jack the flash drive with the org chart while he rigs up a swing. He then cuts their lines loose so that they can swing away.

Back in LA, Jack takes Mac, Wilt, and Riley to his apartment for the first time. When they get in, they discover that the police are there. Robbers took his TV, and the neighbor Janese says that she came in to drop off the mail and discovered that someone had broken in. The thieves took all of his books and CDs, and an officer comes over and points out that Jack owns a number of weapons. Jack says that he got them on "business trips", and tells his friends that the one thing that matters is a missing cigar box. He'd rather not say what was in it. Matty calls them in and Jack agrees to go with them rather than begging off.

At Phoenix, Matty tells the team that three months ago a corruption scandal forced the President of Ecuador to resign. Colonel Diego Zarate declared martial law, and Matty notices that Jack seems grumpier than usual. He insists that he's good, and Matty says that she's sending them there to save democracy. Ecuador is going to hold democratic elections. Hector Leon is the opposition leader, and served as a UN peacekeeper. Zarate wants to maintain control and is projected to win, but Zarate has sent death squads to kill him. Leon has avoided them, but is dying from heart failure. If he doesn't get a heart transplant in the next 48 hour. Matty has found a transplant heart, and Mac and Jack will escort the doctor and the heart from Colombia while Riley and Sam take Leon to the hospital and link up with Sam and Jack. She tells Wilt that he's staying home because she has another team that needs disguises.

Mac and Jack arrive in Colombia and Mac tries to find out from Jack what was in the cigar box. Jack finally tells him that his father's dog tags were in them. He assures Mac that it's all right, and he's been thinking a lot about his father saving lives in hot zones since the box was stolen. Jack says that the mission to save Leon is the kind of thing his father would have done, and Mac suggests that after the mission they track down the dog tags.

The agents arrive at the hospital and find Dr. Alejandra Rosa waiting for them with the heart. M ac calls to tell Matty what's going on, and she tells them that Riley and Sam should have Leon by the time they get there.

A bored Wilt sits in the lab, watches masks drying, and is on hold with the police. Jill comes in and says that he ran a check online and none of Jack's stuff is listed for sale. Wilt hopes to pay Jack back by finding his stuff, and asks Jill if she wants to go on a field trip. The robot will watch the masks, and Jill is off the clock so she can do what she wants.

Matty calls Sam and Riley, and tells them that Jack and Mac are six hours away. EMTs are taking Leon out of his home, and Matty discovers that Leon collapsed in his safehouse. Zarate is mobilizing troops and they'll kill Leon if he reaches the hospital.

As Jack drives for Ecuador, Mac hides the heart in a crate so the border checkpoint guards won't find it. He assures Alejandra that they'll get the heart to Leon in plenty of time. They figure it's about more than the heart, and Alejandra explains that her brother was killed at a protest against Zarate. Her brother believed that Leon was the only one who could save their company, so she volunteered to save him.

The van reaches the checkpoint and the guards order them over.

Riley is unable to hack the ambulance's onboard computer systems, so she generates a traffic jam by manipulating the traffic lights. The truck pulls up over the curb and continues on, and Sam takes a detour. She gets ahead of the ambulance and the driver stops before they collide. Sam orders the EMTs out and Riley tells Leon what's going on. Matty warns that the surgical center is filled with Zarate's soldiers. She's found a different operating facility but it's eleven miles away. Matty warns that Jack and Mac have run into some trouble at the border.

The guards escort Jack and Mac out of the van and search through the contents. Alexandra talks to the guards and confirms that the guards have set up a new "toll", including the crate with the heart. Mac figures that the need a distraction and points to a nearby military truck. He then goes over to a package of MREs, takes out the hot sauce, mixes it in a gallon of water, and throws it at the guards. The hot sauce explodes, acting as tear gas, and the trio gets in the truck and drives off after the heart. There are two jeeps and they don't know which one the heart is.

The jeeps go two different directions, and Mac tells Jack to follow the left one even though he doesn't know if it has the heart. Mac grabs a tire iron, kicks out the windshield, and rigs an elastic line across the space. He then shoots the tire iron at the jeep, blowing out the tire. It pulls over and after they knock out the driver, the trio confirms that the heart isn't there.

Riley and Sam break into the hospital with Leon, and Riley accesses the computers to create a fake surgery order for Leon while Sam argues with the receptionist. She lets them in and riley tells Leon that they're at a plastic surgery office. Leon writes the speech he was going to give to encourage people to vote to save their nation, and makes them promise they'll publish it so someone else can continue the fight. Wilt calls Riley and asks if she knows Jack's access code because he set off the alarm. Riley gives him the override code and Wilt shuts down the alarm. He and Jill then check the crime scene, and Jill points out that the thief couldn't have gotten the TV out via the fire escape. The lobby security footage doesn't show anyone going that way, and Wilt points out that the alarm didn't go off. Jill realizes that Jack's neighbor was watching the place, and Wilt sees Janese's son Tommy roller-skating on the street below.

Matty finds the second jeep via satellite and directs the trio to it. The soldiers open fire, and Jack drives it off the road. The crate with the heart emits a beeping sound, and Alejandra confirms that the automatic pump is damaged.

Riley tells Matty that they're at the hospital, and Matty warns that there's been a problem.

Mac confirms that Jack is a universal donor, and they're going to use his heart to keep Leon's heart beating. He hooks up Jack to the pump to keep Leon's heart beating, and puts a poncho over him. Alejandra finds a scooter, and Mac rigs up a tow cart.

When Tommy comes in, Jill and Wilt are waiting his apartment. They claim that Jack had a drop cam, and Tommy confesses. Tommy takes them to where he has the items stolen, and Wilt realizes that Tommy stole the items to impress people. The teenager explains that his friends dared him to rob the place, and Wilt says that there might be a way to fix it without letting Janese know.

The trio arrive at the hospital just as the power goes out in the whole block. They figure that Zarate has cut the whole city's power to stop the surgery and he's sending men to all of the hospitals. Leon is fading, and Mac tells Alejandra to scrub in. The doctor comes in and recognizes Leon, and Riley reads Leon's speech. She explains that if Leon doesn't get into surgery then he'll never read the speech, and the doctor offers to help.

Mac powers up the generator using the scooter motor and runs the exhaust out via duct pipe. Alejandra tells him that she doesn't know if she can do it because the lives of everyone in the country are in her hands. Mac says that when he was defusing bombs, he wondered what he would do when his decisions affected the lives and deaths of others. He took a deep breath and admitted that he was terrified, and then he did his job anyway. Mac tells Alejandra that her country is in good hands, and she calms down.

Hours later, Jack tells Mac that Leon is alive and Alejandra is closing him up. He says that he's realized that even though his dad's dog tags meant to him, they're not the most important thing that they gave him.

Later, Alejandra checks in on Leon as he wakes up. Sam points out that it's election day and no one knows that Leon is still alive. Riley hacks Zarate's broadcasted speech with Leon's, who is in a wheelchair at the hospital. Mac congratulates Alejandra, who thanks him for everything. She says that she's going to stay there for a while and help Leon get the country back on track.

Back in LA, Jack returns to his apartment and finds the stolen TV and all of his things back. Wilt welcomes Jack home and says that he and Jill tracked the thief down. He gives Jack the cigar box, and Jack says that it means a lot and thanks him. Wilt claims that they found it all at the local pawnshop, and quickly leaves when Jack invites him to watch a Bruce Willis marathon. Once Wilt is gone, Jack sits down and looks at the dog tags, and says that he thought he lost his father.

Wilt finds Tommy outside of a restaurant, and explains that when he was a teenager he fell in with the wrong crowd. Mac reminds him that all he needed to be was himself, and he wants to do the same for Tommy.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2017

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