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Return of the Mack Recap

In 1895 London, a woman is walking down the streets at night. She sees a man behind her and moves on, and the man comes after her. She draws a knife and orders him to back off, and draws a knfe. The man keeps following her and they come to a corpse. The man--Rip--deduces that the man was killed elsewhere and dropped there, and appears to have been drained of blood.

On Waverider, Jax tells Ray that Martin wants off the ship and they need to find a way that Jax can operate as Firestorm separately. Ray takes Jax to the medbay and gives him an injection, and then warns that there might be some side effects. Jax is relieved to discover that he doesn't like grapefruit anymore.

Martin is in the mess room with the others, eating grapefruit, Zari is enjoying the food replicator, and wants to talk to them about going to 2041 and save her family who died in 2042. The others warn that they can correct the fact but altering history can have unintended consequences. When Zari asks if saving a family member's life is worth it, Sara points out that she lost a sister.

Nate calls a team meeting and tells them that he checked the data on the anachronisms. He's learned that they form a pattern. Jax points out two outliers, one in Seattle 2042 and another in London 1895. He tells them that there are reports of a vampire killing people. Martin insists that there's no such thing as vampires, but Sara figures that they should investigate.

The team arrives in 1895 and hit the streets. Mick is armed with stakes and garlic, having wanted to kill a vampire all his life. A newsboy repors another vampire victim found, and Jax doesn't remember why they're there until Ray reminds him. Ray realizes that it's a side effect of the separation serum. They go to the morgue, claiming that they're with Scotland Yard and the NYPD, and Mick promptly stakes the corpse. The coroner realizes that they're fakes, and his smart watch goes off. He finally hands it over and they convince him to talk that the coroner said that a vicar was walking down a street when a corpse fell out of the sky. The watch was on the corpse, and the coroner buried him in Stone's Hollow. The next day, the first victim showed up. Sara wipes the coroner's memories and they head to the cemetery.

When they get to the cemetery, they spot a grave that's already dug up. The body is gone, and something moves in the darkness. Rip crawls out of the grave and welcomes them to London. He says that the Time Bureau doesn't know that he's there, and he needs the team's help. Back on Waverider, Rip congratulates Amaya on rejoining the team. Jax doesn't remember where Ri came from, and Ray tries to cover for his amnesia. He leads Jax away to analyze the watch, and warns Jax that Martin will notice. Martin follows them and asks what's going on, and they blame Jax's activities on temporal dysphasia. Lily calls Martin and asks him to sing lullabies to get Ronnie asleep. As Martin sings, Ray tells Jax that first they have to figure out who the watch belongs to.

Amaya goes to Zari's quarters and finds her looking for an earring. She says that Zari should take comfort that her brother wanted her to have the amulet. Both's amulets glow and release energy, an Amaya says that they're connected but she doesn't know why. She hoped that they could find the answer together.

Rip pours drinks and says that he misses Wavverider. He gets down to business and explains that for the last five years he's been chasing the rumors of Mallus, an ancient evil. Rip figures that Mallis recruiting allies from throughout time, and the outliers are Mallus' work. The Time Bureau doesn't believe Mallus exists, but Sara warns that they don't know if they can trust him. Rip offers to call off the Time Bureau's pursuit, and Sara agrees to help him. he says that the vampire is Mallus' objective, and if they catch the vampire then they catch Mallus. The team figures that they can use Nate as bait.

The team hits the streets with Nate off on his own. A nearby gaslight goes off, and Martin arrives and tells Nate that he was looking for him. Another man comes up behind Nate and chloroforms him unconscious. By the time the team gets there, they see a carriage heading off with Nate inside. The Legends try to cut off the wagon and Sara manages to stop the carriage. However, there's nothing but potatoes in the back and they realize that they lost Nate.

Nate wakes up strapped to a table in an operating room. Martin" introduces himself as Sir Henry Stein and says that he's an actor. He explains that his master--a body in a nearby tank--will finally make his return with Nate's lifeblood, but there's much to be done in the meantime. Once Stein leaves, Nate calls Sara on the earbud. Gideon confirms who Henry is, and Martin says that Henry was an eccentric. Rip tells Nate to stay where they are, and Nate reports that the drug knocked out his powers. He describes a painting of a red moon on the wall, and Rip finds a reference to the red moon in his notes on the Order of the Shrouded Compass, a London secret society of the occult. The orders believes that a lunar eclipse has magical properties, and there's one happening that night.

The team go to an Order party and Henry comes out to introduce a famed mystic Madame Eleanor. Eleanor says that she senses someone in the room who wants to speak to a departed one, and invites Zari to join her.

On Waverider, Ray checks the fingerprints on the watch. There are two sets: one is unidentified and the other belongs to Oliver Queen. Ray figures that they need to call Team Arrow.

Nate is singing to himself when Henry's assistant comes in and tells the "master" in the nearby tank that they must wait for the blood-red moon. Nate calls Sara and says that they need a rescue, and she and Rip find the room. It's guarded, and they fake being drunk. Once they're close enough, they knock out the guards.

Eleanor holds a séance and says that she was once a skeptic but now is the spirit's conduit. The lights flicker and Eleanor goes into a trance. She then speaks with a man's voice, telling Zari about the night they came for. He accuses Zari of abandoning him, and says that she's scared now just as she was scared of ARGUS then. Amaya and Mick tell Eleanor to stop, and she saps out of her trance. They warn Sara that their cover is blown.

The assistant takes out a two-pronged needle and prepares to drain Nate of his blood. Sara and Rip burst in and Sara takes out the assistant. Nate explains about the Order's plan.

Ray and Jax call Curtis Holt, who tells them that the watch belongs to Damien Dahrk.

Sara opens the tank and discovers that a "dead" Damien Dahrk is inside. Rip figures that Damien is part of Mallus' plan. Amaya calls and says that the Order is attacking them, and Sara orders everyone to fall back.

On Waverider, Sara says that they have to stop Damien from coming back to life. Rip figures that Mallus is coming there to recruit Damien, and Sara talks to him in private. She says that she's not letting Damien come back to life, and points out that she erased his memories and put him into the timeline so that he could kill Laurel. Rip admits that she's right and apologizes, saying that he's been chasing Mallus for a long time and he may have lost his perspective.

Zari is looking at a photo of her family when Amaya comes in. She's concerned about Zari, who says that she left her brother Behrad there to die the night that ARGUS came for them. Zari tries to hand over the Totem, but Amaya points out that it's her only remaining connection to behrad. Undeterred, Zari says that it's just a reminder of how she failed.

Jax is telling Ray that he misses his psychic connection to martin. Martin comes in and realizes what Ray is doing, Jax explains what they were doing and why, but Martin wonders how they could attempt to do it behind his back.

Martin walks out and goes to the cargo bay. Rip is there and asks if everyone is aboard the ship. He then tells Martin to tell Sara that he's sorry, closes the cargo door in front of Martin, and tells Gideon to initiate program Gentleman's Dreadnaught. Rip walks off the ship and Waverider goes into lockdown mode. Amaya realizes that Zari is gone.

Zari goes back to the Order house and finds Eleanor waiting for her. She says that she can't summon the dead at whim, but Zari tells her that she has a way to bring him back. Eleanor explains that she needs a meomento to focus her energy on, and Zari hands over the Totem. It glows briefly in Eleanor's hand, and the assistant comes in and says that the blood-red moon is in the sky. Eleanor knocks out Zari with an air blast from the Totem and says that she must prepare for the ceremony.

Sara has Gideon prepare Waverider for flight since Rip's command only lets her confine them. They bring the weapons online and prepare to open fire on the Shrouded Compass building.

The Order members gather on the building's roof, along wih Rip hiding in the crowd. Eleanor says that her new power is a gift from Mallus, and the assistant activates the machinery. Rip draws a gun and tells them to stop, and the Time Bureau arrive via a portal and take the Order members captive. Eleanor tells Rip that Mallus is dead and risen and will come again. Rip demands to speak to him, and Mallus possesses Eleanor and greets Rip. When Rip says that they should meet face-to-face, Mallus says that he is a god and meeting would kill Rip.

A bolt of energy shoots down from the moon and strikes damien, who rises out of the tank and levitates into the air. He draws a breath and says that it's good to be back, and then disarms the Time Bureau agents with a gesture.

Waveride arrives above the building and Sara prepares to open fire. She tells Jax to fire the shock-missiles, and Jax fires. He apologizes to Martin, who thanks him for thinking of him.

Damien telekinetically tosses away the agents and drinks wine. Eleanor blasts the other agents with the Totem. Rip fights the assistant, and tosses out a time freezing grenade when Henry prepares to shoot Zari. He then grabs a knife and attacks Damien, who snaps out of the time freeze and grabs him. He drains the energy from Rip, but the Legends arrive and attack Damien. Meanwhile, Eleanor prepares to blast Amaya, but Zari holds up her hand and the totem comes to her. Eleanor takes out a stone, tells Damien that it's time to go, and they both disappear.

Later on Waverider, Martin and Jax enjoy grapefruit. Jax says that he got Ray to restore their psychic connection, and realizes that Martin is suffering for being away from his grandson. Martin figures that with Mallus and damien, the team needs Firestorm more than ever. Jax tells him that Martin can go home if they stabilize the Firestorm matrix in his body, and Martin asks when they start.

Zari is playing video games in the cargo hold when Amaya comes in. She sits down and Zari says that she felt Behrad's presence when the Totem came back to her. Amaya says that her ancestor says that the Totems' powers grow as the threats they face are more powerful, and figures that they'll be friends.

Sara tells Rip that they need to talk. She points out that agents are dead because of him, and there won't be a next time. Sara figures that Rip doesn't trust anyone, and wonders how she can trust him. Ava and Bennett arrive, and Bennett tells Rip that he's being detained and suspended from active duty. As the agents take Rip away, Ava tells Sara that they're free to leave because the Time Bureau has bigger things to worry about. Rip warns Sara that there's a war coming and history needs her and the rest of the Legends to be ready.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2017

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