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Shapes and Colors Recap

The witch reads the drawings on the wall, and figures that the pieces don't fit. She figures that a child unattended will result in a dream become a nightmare.

At Blackwing, Martin calls to Gripps and Cross in their neighboring cells. Gripps knows exactly how long they've been there, and Martin admits that it sucks. When Gripps wonders how long they can go without energy, Martin considers the question.

Sherlock and Farah arrive at the Boreton house and Sherlock wonders if Suzie is dangerous. Farah points out that her boss and the four book club women are missing, and Sherlock officially deputizes Farah since they're questioning a suspect. Farah is touched and breaks into tears, and explains that she wanted to work in law enforcement her entire life. Sherlock says that she's more of a cop than he's ever been and deserves it, and Farah hugs him.

When Suzie lets them in, she says that she was out the previous day and that's why she wasn't there to let them in. Farah points out that they didn't say that they were there the previous day, and Suzie says that Bob has been sick and bumped his head. She claims that she hasn't been to the club recently, and Sherlock wonders where Bob's dog is. Farah notices the tome on the cabinet, and Suzie blurts out that Scott ran over the dog with his car. She says that she didn't know what to do and has been dealing with it all by herself, and Scott has been acting strange talking about people from another world. Farah tells her that they need to talk to Scott, and Suzie agrees. She says that Scott and his friends are going to the concert Sound of Nothing, and Farah figures that Dirk will find hi. Suzie perks up when she hears Dirk's name.

Dirk takes Todd and Tina to a diner for breakfast and Todd explains that they go where Dirk takes them. When Dirk comes back, he says that he wants to do everything by the book. As the cook serves them, Dirk talks about the Cardenas family and how nice people die as he blunders around. Todd likes Dirk's new attitude, and the cook walks over and asks where they got the photos of the crime scene. The man--Arnold--says that the Cardenas are his parents and the house is where he was born. Arnold tells them that he's been avoiding the moment for fifty years, and it's destiny that they came there.

Bart is drawing in her cell and Panto in the next cell asks her where she's from. She realizes that she used to be a child, and Panto says that the Forest Witch said that Panto would find Dirk and he did. Panto figures that the rest will fall into place soon, and says that he's fearless. He tells Bart that with all he's seen in his world, he's not scared of a beautiful woman like Bart. Bart laughs, thinking that he's kidding.

Farson leads Amanda through the forest as she helps along the injured Vogel. The boy assures that Wakti will explain everything when they reach the village. Amanda tells Vogel that she has no idea what's going on and asks him not to ask her any more questions. As she apologizes for snapping at him, Farson goes on ahead and women in strange makeup drops nets on Amanda and then drug her unconscious.

Dirk, Todd, and Tina take Arnold to the Cardenas house, and Tina runs Arnold's plates. He's been using the name Arnold Freedman since 1975, and Dirk points out that Arnold looks miserable and blames himself for waving the photos around. Tina points out that Dirk wanted them to go out to breakfast, but Dirk complains that it's all happening by coincidence. Arnold goes into the house, and Dirk and Todd follow him in. The older man says that his father put up the wallpaper to cover the sketches, and says that they show Wendimoor. He points out the Trosts and the Dendagmoors, and the monsters in the woods. The Mage is there and the sketches show that the heroes always defeat him and lock him up. Arnold says that it was the plan until it all fell apart, and asks where his parents are.

Bart tells Panto about how the universe shows her what to do. She doesn't remember her parents, and Panto says that his childhood was kinder. She explains that people put her in a place and figure out how she works, and they have Ken. Now Bart plans to just sit there and kill anyone the universe wants. Panto suggests that she leave the universe and if the time comes, she can choose to come to Wendimoor.

Back at the station, Farah tells Sherlock that it's all connected and once they bring in Scott, he's a minor so Suzie would have to come in. She figures that once they get Dirk to the concert, he'll find Scott. Eddie calls Farah and tells her that she has to come in. He warns that Blackwing is active and they've activated assets in Montana. Eddie tells her that it isn't what their father would have wanted.

Amanda wakes up in a cave with monsters gathered around her. Wakti looks up and Amanda asks her if she's a thing. The witch finds the question amusing, and says that Vogel is fine. Wakti knows Amanda's name, and Amanda says that she tried to roll with the punches but the whole thing is ridiculous. The witch admits that she's the voice in Amanda's visions, and tells her that "Everything is connected" to comfort her.

When the trio takes Arnold to the station, he warns that they have no idea what they're dealing with. He blames himself for what happened in '67 and the boat falling from the sky. Arnold tells them that he ended all the same strange things that were happening in Bergsberg, but Todd warns him that whatever happened isn't over. The man says that were things from the dreams and at first they were nice and gifts for his family. Then they got dangerous and the air gun and the monster appeared. Dirk realizes that the purple people eater in the house was one of the gifts, and asks if something with scissors ruined it. Arnold grabs Dirk, screaming that Dirk knows what he did, and Sherlock locks him up so that he can calm down. Farah figures that Arnold wants to talk.

Arnold grabs the air gun, blasts loose, and shoots Sherlock. When the others arrive, Arnold says that what he brought home from the boat wasn't human and he did what he had to. He sees Panto in his cell and says that he can't exist. then Arnold has a heart attack and collapses. Bart insists that she did nothing.

Wakti says that Amanda sees through her inner eye, and asks who she really is. Amanda realizes that she's hearing the voices in her head, and she's the consciousness that sees through the eyes of Amanda Brotzman. The creatures all laugh in happiness, and Wakti tells Amanda that her consciousness is very special. the visions give Amanda access to power, and with training she can learn to see everything and go anywhere. When Amanda says that she's just a sick person, Wakti dips her hand in a nearby well and the lights from the visions appear. She asks if Amanda wants to learn more.

The Mage visits Suzie and says that if she loves Scott then she shouldn't have used him as bait. Suzie worries that her son will get hurt, and the Mage smashes the photo and says that it's her test. Dirk is the only thing that stands between him and learning the truth of the world that they control. He tells Suzie that it's time to show the world her real power.

The EMTs take Arnold away and Sherlock leaves Tina in charge as he follows the ambulance to the hospital. He asks Farah to keep everyone safe, hugs Tina, and goes. Farah then tells Dirk and Todd that they have to go to Sound of Nothing and find Scott. Dirk agrees with her about following clues and doing investigation, and suggests that Scott is The Boy. Farah figures that it's their only real lead, and Todd reluctantly agrees once he changes out of his borrowed cop clothing.

Suzie dresses up for the concert.

Amanda has a vision of Martin locked up, and Wakti warns that her reach is limited and Amanda's role is greater... if she survives.

Vogel wakes up surrounded by the rainbow women in their village. Farson is there and tells Vogel that he's among friends. He explains that Amanda is with Wakti as they hear knights approaching.

Bart leaves her cell and tells Panto that it wasn't his fault. Panto worries that Arnold might have been The Boy and asks if Bart can ask the universe, and she warns that it isn't like that. She turns on a boom box and starts dancing, asking if that's how Panto danced when he was a boy.

At Sound of Nothing, Todd and Farah enter the tent. Farah tells Todd that Eddie said that Blackwing is in Montana, and Todd figures that they have to go to Wendimoor. She admits that she's never been to a concert before, and Dirk and Tina join them. Tina suggests that they split up and she and Todd go onto the stage to get a vantage point to find Scott, while Farah and Dirk use Dirk's ability to find the teenager in the crowd.

Dirk and Farah enter the crowd and Dirk admits that he can't focus. they bump into Scott making a video on his camera, and Farah asks for a word with him. He says that he doesn't know anything about the Mage and runs off, and Farah goes after him.

Suzie enters the tent carrying the wand.

Vogel mobilizes the villagers as best she can. Meanwhile, Amanda hears the commotion and Wakti tells her that she has to defeat them. When Amanda says that she can't, Wakti tells her to reach across reality and find someone who can.

On the stage, Tina is taking selfies of herself. Todd spots Farah chasing Scott, and Tina sees Suzie. Suzie spots Dirk and goes after him,, and Todd and Tina realize that she's the dangerous one rather than Scott. They try to get to Dirk, and Suzie can't get a clear shot at Dirk through the audience. the band begins performing and Suzie accidentally fires a blast of magic into the air. It rains sparkles of hallucinogenic energy and Suzie drops the wand in the crowd. She crawls around trying to get it.

Todd and Farah find Dirk, and under the effects of the magic Todd tells Dirk that he changed his life and showed Todd that his life was small. He figures that they're going to find Wendimoor and The Boy, and they'll be best friends forever. Todd says that Todd is his first friend, and a drugged Farah talks about how she knows that her father never thought she was good enough but he was wrong. She tells Todd that once she found him, she doesn't need Eddie or anyone and she's one of the freaks. Tina runs over and yells that she wants to fuck everyone there.

Bart continues dancing as Panto laughs.

Amanda reaches into the water and finds the imprisoned Rowdy 3. She yells for Wakti to help, and Wakti reaches into the water and pulls Martin, Gripps, and Cross in. They appear in the village and suck energy from the knights. That night they celebrate with Amanda and the villagers. A smiling Wakti nods to Amanda.

At the Cardenas house, the Mage looks at the wall sketches that show his defeat. He mutters that it wasn't supposed to be like that, and it's all a mistake.

Sherlock calls Tina and starts to explain that his car broke down. He spots a truck and hides, and watches as it drives into the Cardenas barn. Sherlock draws his gun and goes over. The truck has disappeared, and there's a new wet circle on the wall. Bob is standing nearby in a trance, and growls and turns to Sherlock as the sheriff demands answers about the open crate with semi-automatic weapons nearby. The Mage comes up and tells Sherlock that he caught him at a bad time, and blasts him with his wand.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 12, 2017

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