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eXtreme measures Recap

Three Years Ago

Marcos meets John and Lorna at a diner, and John thanks Marcos for coming. He introduces Lrona as his partner, and says that they want Marcos to join the Mutant Underground. They know that he's already helping mutants across the border, and wants them to do it. John and Lorna know that he's working for the cartel and sleeping with Carmen, and Marcos warns that she's tough. Lrona says that there are other tough checks, and John points out that the X-Men are gone and the government is cracking down. If mutants are going to survive then it's up to them.


Marcos glances over at the sleeping Lorna and tells Carmen that it's not a good time. She insists that he fulfill their deal, and says that she'll see him tomorrow. Once Carmen hangs up, Marcos takes out a Santa Muerte medallion from a box in his drawer.

The next day at the HQ, John tells the other mutants that SS is ramping up surveillance and things are getting worse. Marcos has heard that Marietta has some supplies and says that he'll head up there. Reed figures that there's something worth hiding in the information they stole, and John says that he's going to track down Clarice. If SS catches her then they'll find the HQ. Lorna offers to go with Marcos, but he says that he has it and leaves.

Wes on the roof as Lauren looks on. He finally convinces her to come out with her, and he generates an illusion of them flying over a lake in the mountains. Wes is glad that she likes it, and they start to kiss. Andy interrupts and says that Caitlin sent him to call Lauren to lunch. When they go to the table, Andy covers for his sister, saying that she wasn't on the roof. Caitlin points out that she wants their homework the next day, and if they're going to train then they're going to study.

Sage and Reed go through the files, and Sage finds a file with deeper encryption. They confirm that SS is cherry-picking mutants depending on the powers they have, and Reed finds a sketch of someone with image manipulation powers who looks like Wes.

At the SS offices, Jace meets with Roderick and his aide. Roderick asks how their surveillance program is going, and Jace warns that the Underground is using burner phones and cloaking. The doctor says that they should take a more direct approach, and they should be more aggressive with their mutant assets. Jace warns that they're not suitable for undercover work, and Roderick explains that they've placed several assets in local prisons. He runs video of one mutant prisoner telekinetically knocking out another, and says that they can start immediately.

Marcos goes to Carmen's family estate and she says that their reunion could be a good thing for everyone, including the Underground. She points out that they can help each other against the Feds, but Marcos isn't convinced.

Caitlin continues working with the mutant students, teaching them about genetics using pea plants. Reed waves her over and Caitlin has the students look at the plants. He says that Wes is wanted as a robber, and Caitlin tells him that they have to take it slow. Reed wants to talk to Lauren about it, but Caitlin advises him not to go on the attack and Reed agrees.

Lorna is training three mutants, including Andy and Skyler when Reed comes in. He asks to talk to Andy, and asks where Lauren is. When Andy hesitates to say that she's out with Wes, Reed tells her that andy is the least of her worries.

Clarice is in an abandoned building making soup. John breaks in and tells her to wait before she can teleport away. He apologizes for what happened with her and Dreamer, and asks her to come back. John admits that he also came because the Underground needs her, but Clarice tells him that she has stuff to do. She explains that she's trying to find the spot that she kept opening a portal to, figuring that it means something to her. John offers to help, pointing out that she doesn't know where she's going, and Clarice agrees.

Nemmers tells Jace that a woman from the DOJ is there to make things harder. The woman warns Jace that his new surveillance program is a legal nightmare, and Jace doesn't have warrants or probably cause. She asks about Roderick, and says that he runs a program that doesn't officially explain. The woman tells Jace to shut down the program, and Jace tells her that if she does then he'll come after her with everything that he has. Unimpressed, she says that he's in for a fight and leaves.

After training, Lorna asks Shatter if he's seen Marcos, figuring that he should be back by now. She calls Marcos a mutant in Marietta and confirms that they haven't had supplies in week and haven't seen anyone. Lorna talks to Dreamer and explains that Marcos lied to them, and the medallion is gone. Santa Muerte is the patron saint of death, and Marcos used to wear it for luck when he worked for the cartel. She says that they have to find him.

Carmen tells Marcos that they want to send a message to the Russians moving in. They want Marcos to deal with their shipment and then they're done. Carmen insists that no one will get hurt, and she'll pay Marcos. Marcos has no choice but to agree.

Lauren finds her parents and says that she was in the basement helping refugees. Reed shows her the file and points out that he conned a jewelry store owner for his own profit. Lauren angrily says that Reed is prosecuting again and storms off, and Caitlin goes after him.

John and Clarice search for the road and John figures that SS covered up the mutant incident. She tells John that there's no trail, but John suggests that she tried to go to a place of safety.

The DOJ woman calls everyone in, including Roderick, and says that the warrantless surveillance has stayed outside of legal grounds. Jace insists that they're pursuing terrorists who are determined not to act like American citizens. Roderick's aide glances at her, concentrating, and the DOJJ woman starts coughing and bleeding from the nose. She collapses and Roderick examines her, saying that he's a doctor and she's having a stroke. Jace notices the aide staring intently at the DOJ official.

Later, Jace calls Roderick and demands to know what happened. Roderick claims that she has a stroke, but Jace doesn't believe that it's a coincidence. He warns that the DOJ will just send somebody else, but Roderick figures that will take several weeks and meanwhile his work can proceed. The doctor tells Jace that Grace would have been proud and hangs up.

Reed gets everything he can out of the files, while Sage goes over the second file. He asks her how they choose to let in, and Sage explains that they don't forgive murder, rape, or attacks on other mutants. Sage says that the place is built on trust and anyone who lies, they tell to leave. When she wonders why Reed is asking, Reed dismisses his concern as curiosity.

Lauren finds Wes and asks him about the police file. She demands the truth, and when hesitates Lauren realizes that it's true. Wes explains that after his parents kicked him out, he was living on the streets and a group of guys let him join their crew. Lauren says that he should have told her and he's just like one of his mirages, and walks away.

Marcos prepares to go out with Carmen's men, and Carmen points out that it used to give him a rush. He denies it but Carmen says that he used to be the Marcos who loved to believe in. Carmen figures that he's only with the Underground because of Lorna, and tells him that Lodo will handle with the gangsters while Marcos handles the drugs.

John and Clarice try to find the house where Clarice grew up, and she explains that she was at a foster home for mutant kids who couldn't pass as humans. The couple in charge hid them away to take care of them. They find a gate that Clarice recognizes, and the farmhouse on ahead. John spots footprints belonging to soldiers, and tells Clarice to wait because something bad happened. Ignoring him, she runs in and discovers that the house is sealed under government authority. John breaks open the door and they discover that everyone is gone. There are bullet holes in the wall and blood on the floor, and Clarice realizes that her foster parents are dead. John hugs her as she breaks into tears.

Lorna and Dreamer go to the Cartel estate and Lorna calls over the guards. She magnetically uses one guard's rifle to choke him by the strap, and knocks the other one away. Dreamer then uses her powers to access the remaining guard's memories of where Carmen and Marcos went.

Caitlin finds Reed and he says that Lauren is avoiding him. His wife says that their kids keep growing up, and Reed just wants to protect Lauren. Caitlin points out that Lauren hid herself from them because they blinded themselves to the world, and tells Reed that she needs a father rather than a prosecutor.

The next day, Reed approaches Wes outside, and Wes figures that Reed probably hates him. Reed says that he doesn't, and what matters is what Lauren thinks of him. He tells Wes that all his life he's been enforcing the laws, and he still believes in society and trust even with what has happened. Reed says that what Wes did was wrong, and Wes admits that he's right. He wonders what the mutants said when Reed told them, and Reed tells them that he didn't tell them and he's leaving the choice in Wes' hands.

John tells Clarice that the parents died defending some of the foster kids. He assures her that SS pulled the trigger, not her, and hugs her. Clarice tells him that now it's her fight.

Marcos and Carmen watch the Russian site, and she reminds him that he used to get antsy until he started burning. Once all of the drugs arrive, the cartel men move in and smash through the gate. Lodo--a mutant--freezes them and Marcos destroys the drugs with his laser powers. Lorna and Dreamer pull up, and Lorna sees Marcos smiling as he destroys the drugs. He turns and walks back, and Carmen tells him that it was perfect. She kisses him on the cheek as the drug trailer explodes, and Lorna tells Dreamer that they're going. Lorna says that Marcos can save himself and walks away.

Later, Marcos returns to the HQ with supplies. Lorna is waiting for him and he claims that he had some delays in Marietta. He also has the cash that Carmen paid him and claims that she was an old contact. Lorna grabs his medallion and asks how Carmen is,. Marcos explains that he had to agree to work for Carmen to get the information to release Lorna, and he didn' know how to tell her. Lorna throws the medallion away and walks off.

As the Struckers eat, Wes comes in and says that he told the others about what he did and that it's all behind him. They discussed it and decided to cut him some slack, and he's going to another underground HQ where they need his help. Caitlin and Reed look over at their disappointed daughter.

John and Clarice return and Dreamer greets John. The two of them go off together.

Marcos gets a text from Carmen saying that it's good to have him back.

Reed and Caitlin lie in bed together and they kiss.

The next morning, Wes is preparing to leave. Lauren comes and kisses him, and then he gets in th van and leaves with the others

Sage tells John and Reed that Pulse was one of the first mutants. There's no record of where the mutants were sent, and Sage says that Trask Industries, a private military contractor, is the one requisitioning the mutants. Reed says that his father worked for Trask for thirty-five years, and doesn't know if he had anything to do with the mutant programs.

Roderick meets with Jace and says that all they have to do is get their "Hounds" inside the Underground. They go to the room with the Hounds and Roderick says that they may finally be in a position to win the war.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 14, 2017

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