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Midvale Recap

Kara and Alex drive to Midvale in Hank's car, and Kara welcomes Alex home. They pull up to the Danvers house where Eliza is waiting, and Eliza greets her daughters. Alex takes a shower and looks at herself in the mirror.

That night, Kara is sitting on the porch and Eliza brings her coffee. Eliza figures that at least Alex can lean into her pain rather than pretend it doesn't exist. Kara realizes that Eliza is concerned about her, and Eliza says that Kara doesn't let her feel what she's going through. Her foster daughter says that she's accepting the fact that she's not human, and she has to walk away from certain vulnerabilities if she's going to be a superhero. Eliza says that she doesn't seem happy.'

Later, Kara goes to their childhood room with coffee. Alex wonders the point of it all is, and points out that after a few days she'll go home to an empty apartment. When Kara offers to let her talk to her about it, Alex says that she doesn't get to shut down about Mon-El and then break it for Alex. Kara doesn't want to hear it, and they go to bed.


Ten years ago, Eliza wakes up Kara and Alex. Kara speeds to the bathroom first, and they yell at each other that they hate the other. Later, Alex goes to breakfast and tells Eliza that she doesn't have a sister. Kara comes in and notices that Alex is working on her math homework. She says that she learned calculus when she was 4 on Krypton, and complains about having to learn Earth history. Eliza says that she'll be working later and Alex will babysit Kara. When Alex complains, Eliza tells her to go easy on Kara.

At school, the history teacher Mr. Samuel Bernard finally gets Kara's attention. She doesn't know George Washington's first name, and Alex is glad to offer the answer. Alex then whispers to Kara to try and keep up.

In gym, Kara easily outpaces Alex and tells her to keep up.

At lunch, Kara and another girl Josie talk to a boy student about Superman and Kara gushes over him. When Josie calls her a stalker, Alex defends Kara but then ignores Kara when she thanks Alex for coming to her aid. Alex sits with the popular girls, and a boy, Kenny Li, says hi to Alex. She tries to ignore him, saying that he's Kara's friend. Kara calls Kenny over and a jock, Jake, trips him. Once Kenny sits down, he tells Kara that he has a lot on them because people overlook him. When Kara wishes Alex would go easy on her, Kenny points out that she's angry because she misses her father and Kara is the strongest girl he knows. He asks her to meet him that night on Hyperion Road, and Kara agrees.

That night, Kenny shows Kara his telescope that he's set up and shows her the laptop program that he's downloaded photos of the stars into. Kenny talks about how there are other worlds in the universe, and Kara figures that there are other families out there. They start to kiss for the first time, but Kara pulls away and says that he's the only person in Midvale that doesn't make her feel like she should be somewhere else. Kenny tells her that she's glad that she's his friend.

When Kara sneaks in, Alex demands to know where she was and says that before Kara came along, her life didn't suck. All she has now is Kara, and Alex says that Kara isn't worth it.

The next day, Kara arrives at school and hears sirens in the distance. Police cars go by and Kara hears a radio report of a high school student found dead on the side of the road. She runs to the crime scene and discovers that Kenny is the dead boy. The police hold her back as Kara breaks into tears.

Later, the students make a shrine at Kenny's office and gossip about why he died. Kara stares at the locker and when Alex comes over, Kara says that no one knew hem, including Alex, and she doesn't care. When Jake goes past with his fellow jocks, laughing, Kara goes after him into the locker room and asks what he knew about Kenny. Jake says that Kenny was just a born loser, and Kara twists his arm until Jake admits that Kenny caught him smoking pot and said that he would tell. She asks where he was the previous night, and Jake says that his mother can vouch that he was at home.

Kara goes to the Li house where the sheriff, Collins, is talking to Kenny's parents Amy and Lloyd. She offers her condolences and Amy says that she really liked Kenny. Amy says that she can't find Kenny's telescope, and Kara promises to find it for her. Collins escorts her out and asks how she is, and tells her not to come near the investigation because it's dangerous stuff. He promises to find out who did it, and Kara says that she'll walk home.

That night, Kara goes to the crime scene and almost heat visions Alex. Alex tells her to get it under control, and Kara wonders why she's there. Her foster says that she was failing calc and Kenny offered to tutor her, and they came out there. Alex just came there to have him tutor her. Kara explains that she was there with Kenny the night before, and that was the last time she saw his telescope. Alex says that they have to find it, and Kara scans the area for it. She spots the laptop nearby, hidden in the brush, Kara wants to take it to Collins, but Alex points out that the sheriff told Kara to stay out of the investigation. They take the laptop home and find encrypted files. They send them to Clark's friend Chloe, and Alex warns Kara that no one will thank her for finding out that the school QB was smoking pot. Kara insists that Kenny is more important, and suggests that Lloyd might have been responsible. They find an email to Mr. Bernard with an attachment of a photo showing Bernard having an affair with Josie.

The next day, Alex confronts Josie and shows her a printout of the photo. Josie tells her that it's none of her business, and finally insists that Bernard loves her. Alex tells her that it's sick, and says that Kenny sent Bernard the photo. Josie admits that Bernard was pissed but didn't kill Kenny, and tells Alex to stay out of it. Once Josie goes, Alex calls the sheriff and says that she has a tip on Kenny's murder.

Josie tells Bernard that Alex knows about them.

That night, Alex and Kara are walking home. Kara warns that people will blame Josie even if she did nothing, and blames herself for leaving Kenny. She points out that it's the first time they've walked home together, and Alex says that she sucked less than a lot of people. A car tries to run them down, knocking them off the bridge, and Kara flies Alex to safety. Afterward, Collins takes their statement and Alex insists that it was Bernard.

Eliza arrives, hugs them, and takes the home. She complains that Kara risked her secret, and takes her to the living room where Alura is apparently waiting. The woman says that she's Noel Neill of the FBI, and says that they're aware of Kara and Clark. Noel tells her that Kara has to understand that she's not supposed to utilize her powers under any circumstances. Kara insists that she's fine and can do what Superman does, but Noel says that her powers are a danger to Eliza and Alex. The agent tells her that she should be with her family, and Kara says that the Danvers aren't her family. She remembers her family on Krypton, and all she wants to do is help people with what she's been given. Kara says that Earth will never be home and she hates everything there, and Noel tells her that she has a second chance and has to be human. She takes Kara to the window and asks where Krypton was. Kara points it out and Noel says that she can lose more if she's not careful. Kara calls her "Mom" in Krypton, and Noel says that she doesn't understand. She has Kara promise not to use her powers and leaves.

Outside, J'onn reverts to his normal form and drives away.

Later, Josie arrives at the Danvers house and tells Alex that she knows she told. She says that her father lost it and Bernard is in jail, and Bernard told her later at his home that he didn't kill Kenny. Alex confirms that Josie was with Bernard when someone tried to kill her. After Josie leaves, Alex tells Kara about Bernard's alibi. Kara says that it isn't their problem and tells Alex that she's not going to be a superhero anymore. When she points out that Alex almost died, Alex says that she thought they were doing something important together. Disgusted, Alex says that she's going to find someone who will help her find Kenny's killer and leaves.

Alex goes to the high school where a pep rally is going on. She finds Collins and says that Bernard wasn't the killer. Collins points out that Josie is messed up, and Alex tells him about the laptop with photos that Kenny took and they'll get them soon. Collins assures her that she's doing the right thing, and takes her inside so they can talk away from the noise.

Chloe sends the decrypted photos back, and Kara checks them.

Once they're alone, Collins suggests that Alex might go into law enforcement.

Kara discovers that one of the photos shows Collins in a drug deal. She calls Alex, just as Collins asks her where the laptop is. Kara tells her that there are photos of Collins timestamped the night that Kenny died. Once Alex hangs up, Collins draws his gun and says that he's sorry that he has to kill her. Alex claims that she mailed the laptop to the news station, but Collins doesn't believe her and takes her phone to call Kara back. Once he confirms who called, Collins figures that she has it. Alex yells that they're at the stadium, and Collins hangs up the phone.

Kara finally decides to save her foster sister and flies to the stadium.

Collins leads Alex to the boiler room, and says that he wanted to make extra money for protecting rich folks. He kept some of the drugs for himself, and Alex tells him that he's a scumbag that kills kids to protect himself. When Collins says that no one could hear her if she screamed, Alex says that someone is listening and she's coming. Kara blasts in through the wall and the debris knocks Collins out. The sisters hug and Alex tells Kara that she knew she would come.

The next day, Josie tells Alex not to talk to her. Alex sits down with Kara at the lunch table and points out that everyone hates them. Kara says that she'll get used to it being on the outside, and shows her a photo that Kara kept secret after Chloe decrypted it. It shows Kara's pod landing on Earth, and Kara explains that she panicked when Kenny tried to kiss her. She says that now she'd kiss Kenny in front of everyone, and he liked all of her. Alex suggests that they hang out and a surprised Kara agrees. When Kara says that they won't fly because she'd rather be human than risk her, Alex tells her that she never had a sister and promises that she'll get better at it.

That night, the two sisters are talking in their bedroom when Eliza brings in the missing telescope. She says that they found it in Collins' car and Amy thought they should have it. Eliza says that she's proud of both of them, hugs them, and leaves. The two sisters wish each other good night, and Kara agrees to let Alex use the bathroom first the next morning.


The next morning, Alex wakes up and goes out on the porch. Kara is looking at the sky through Kenny's telescope, and says that Kenny was one of the first people she lost on Earth. She admits that it doesn't get any easier, and Alex says that it was the first time she understood what it meant to have a sister. She tells Kara that she'd never get over losing her, and that was when they first realized they could get through anything together. Kara says that it was the first time she thought of herself as human, and sys that she feels at home with Alex. Alex admits that it was a good idea coming there, and apologizes for punishing Kara for trying to help. Kara assures her that she's getting better and apologizes for not showing it. All Alex says she needs is Kara there right now.

Later, the sisters prepare to drive back to National City. Eliza gives them food and tells Kara to think about what she said. She tells Alex that she loves her, and Hank texts and says not to scratch his car. They argue about who is a better driver, and Kara finally hands over the keys. Alex says that she'd rather avoid an accident because now it matters, and they head out singing to the radio.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 15, 2017

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