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What Goes Up Recap

Wray's landlord Dale climbs up a ladder past Wray's window as the actor sleeps. Wray's phone rings and he wakes up to answer it. It's Jack, who asks if Wray is sleeping with Faith. Wray points out that he went out with Jack's assistant because Jack told them to, while Faith wakes up next to Wray and snaps him when he says that her eyebrows make her look angry. Jack explains that Faith didn't show for his Spectrum meeting with his agents. Faith discovers that Wray's electrical outlets for her phone and his clocks don't work, and she tries to talk to Jack. Wray wrestles with her for his phone and finally hangs it up before Jack can hear her. Faith points out that they've been dating for four months, and Wray insists that he's not scared of Jack. Then he cowers as Jack calls him back, and says that he'll talk to Jack later that day.

Wray takes the call and Jack immediately says that he has to call later since his agents got there. Dale bangs around on the roof and Wray realizes that he's up there, and then Dale falls off the roof on purpose. As Wray hangs up to call 911, the agents tell Jack that they left a message with Faith. Susan from the New York office chips in on the phone, and Jack tells them that he wants to do a Spectrum movie that year. Much to his surprise, they immediately agree and say that his schedule is wide open. Susan tells Jack that he has nothing, and when they hesitate to explain, Susan tells him that he got replaced on his newest project by an Australian actor because he's more "American".

At the hospital, Wray fills out the paperwork for Dale and explains that Dale is a man who has been reliving his costumes from when he was a stuntman for women. Faith comes out and says that they're moving Dale to a room, and Wray hands over Dale's medical treatment card.

Susan continues telling Jack the truth, and his agents present him his new top-secret project. Jack will be playing the doctor-cop-lawyer for a TV show in the fall. When Jack complains that he's a movie star, not a TV star, the agents say that the industry is thinking away from that and that TVs are the new movies. Susan tells Jack that his movie career is over, and Jack fires all of them. He insists that he already made the best show on TV--Spectrum-- and now he's making the movie. Eventually Jack finds the door and leaves. Susan comes in and complains that it didn't go well, and they tell him to break it to their client Russell Crowe that he's fat, but not old.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 16, 2017

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