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New Deal, No Deal Recap

Wray rehearses with a dead patient telling Jack that he's not doing Spectrum. Jack comes up with coffee and hugs him, accidentally pouring coffee down Wray's neck. When Wray notices that Jack looks distracted, Jack says that he's 100% focused on getting the Spectrum movie made. He starts spitballing some ideas for the movie, and Wray suggests that he might not be in it. Jack insists that there can't be a movie without Wray's character Cash, and Wray explains that all he's done since Spectrum is sci-fi. A doctor comes by to rehearse his scenes, and Jack and Wray admit that he's good.

Jack tells Wray to tell his agents to get him non-sci-fi jobs, and Wray admits that he's not good at telling them anything. Wray says that he wants to break out of sci-fi, and he can't do that if he keeps doing sci-fi. The doctor comes by to do some more lines, and Jack suggests that Wray do his doctor-cop-lawyer show. Wray admits that it sounds good, and if he could get into it then he'd do Spectrum. Jack tells him that he knows the director and can get Wray in, and after that it's all on him.

Faith comes out of Dale's room and asks Wray for help tying Dale down so he doesn't keep throwing himself out of the bed. Jack asks how long it's been going on, and Faith realizes that Wray never told Jack that they're together. Wray claims that Faith is sleeping with Dale, and Jack figures that Faith stinks at her job because of Wray. He explains that any time that Wray dates a woman who has her shit together, she loses her shit. Faith insists that she has her shit together, but admits that she missed Jack's meeting because she was out drinking with Wray and her phone died. She excuses herself to take care of her shit, and tells them to take care of their shit. Jack goes after her, and a patient hands Wray some body waste to get rid of.

At the talent agency, Wray tells the receptionist Gordon to put him through to his agent Stephanie. Gordon explains that he's Daniel, the new Gordon, and Stephanie is dead to them and Gordon was promoted to take her place. As Wray pulls up, he demands a meeting even though he doesn't have an appointment. The valet tells Wray to leave, and tosses him out of his car and drives away.

Wray goes to the front office and discovers that Daniel has been replaced. The new receptionist Pascal sends Wray in to see his agent, who is Daniel. Daniel explains that Gordon is dead to them and he's Daniel. He orders Wray to sit, and says that a job offer came in. It's a commercial, and Wray insists that he doesn't do commercials. Daniel is ready to slap him, and Wray explains that he's not a sell-out. The new agent says that the commercial people pay six figures, but Wray insist that he's a serious actor and serious actors don't do commercials. Daniel lists all of the "serious actors" who do, and Wray doesn't want to hear it.

As Wray says that Daniel works for him, Jack texts Wray to call him repeatedly. When Wray drops his phone and picks it up, he discovers that Pascal has replaced Daniel and the desk is different. Pascal says that it's the entertainment industry and there is no entertainment without industry. He tells Wray that he's a minor cog in the complex industry, and explains that Wray isn't a sell-out because no one is buying.

Wray bends over but Pascal isn't replaced. Pascal explains that he fired his assistant. Jack text to say that he got Wray a job, and Wray tells Pascal that he's fired. He quickly leaves, and Pascal's new assistant tells him that Russell Crowe is on line one.

Outside, Jack tells Wray that he has a job for him on a national commercial. Wray explains that he just fired his agent for getting him a commercial, and Jack explains that he set it up. He tells Wray to unfire his agent and have them call the production, and Wray agrees as Gordo and Pascal--now the valets--bring Wray's car up. Jack tells Wray to get someone to negotiate for him, and Wray figures that he knows the person and calls Bobbie.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 16, 2017

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