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Promises Kept Recap

Slade tells Kane that he heard he was in trouble, but Kane doesn't believe him and draws a gun on him. He asks Nylander if he should kill Slade, and Slade offers to join Kane. He says that he will anyone who gets in the way of talking to him, and figures he has nothing left to lose, an tells Kane to make a decision. After a moment, Kane lowers his gun and wonders if he can trust him. Slade says that Kane's mother named him something different to keep them apart, and Kane agrees to catch up to him.

Seven Years Ago: ASIS Medical Ward

Slade wakes up after a mission and finds Joe at his bedside. He explains that evac found Slade washed up barely muttering Oliver's name, and asks who Oliver is. Slade remembers fighting Oliver and being stabbed through the eye, and tells Joe that Oliver owed him a debt. Joe figures that Slade would come back, and Slade tells him that he'll never leave him again. The two of them hug.


Diggle, Wild Dog, and Mr. Terrific move in on men robbing a warehouse, and the other two men report that the thieves killed two security guards. The heroes move in and Diggle draws a bid on their leader. He can't shoot, and the leader tosses a gas grenade down. Diggle orders the others to fall back,

At the bunker, Felicity confirms that the thieves were after a military-grade 3D printer. Dinah arrives and says that the SCPD has heard gossip of a new player named Dragon. Diggle tells everyone to get some rest and they'll look at it fresh in the morning, and looks at his shaking hand.

Kane tells Slade that he brought a bottle of Slade's favorite Scotch and pours two drinks. Slade asks what kind of operation Kane plans to run with the Jackals, and Kane merely says that it's a reassignment of resources.

Diggle returns home and Lyla greets him. They kiss and Lyla says that Diggle being Green Arrow suits him. He says that he'll clean up before joining her in bed, and once Lyla goes Diggle takes some of the drugs from his hidden stash. Diggle realizes that he's running low and places a call with his supplier.

Nylander shows Slade around and Slade asks about their job. The former contact tells him that it's none of his business if Kane didn't tell him. Once he leaves, Oliver calls to Slade from the shadows and demands to know what's going on. He warns that Kane is dangerous, and Slade tells him to go home before he finds himself in trouble that he can't get out of it. Oliver says that he can't walk away from it and asks if Slade can.

Later, Slade is arming up with the other Jackals when Kane comes in and says that some of their Semtex was compromised by he's going to steal more from the Kasnian Army. He asks if Slade will show them how to do it, and Slade goes to get some gear. As he does so, Slade radios Oliver with what's going on and tells him to find the receiver for the explosive.

Six Years Ago: ASIS Training facility

Slade is training Joe and finally takes him down. As they go again, Joe gets out a bottle of Scotch and gives it to Slade as a one-year gift. Slade remembers drinking it on the island with Oliver and Shado. Joe shows him the prototype Deathstroke uniform and says that it'll be ready in a month, but Slade says that it's a distraction. They return to training and Slade remembers training Oliver on Lian Yu. He hits Joe's hand by accident, and Joe curses and says that they're done with training. Slade hallucinates Shado there, saying that Slade tries to forget him. She says that he can't because he made her a promise, and disappears.


Diggle goes to the seller and the boss--Ricardo Diaz--comes out and introduces himself. He's hear that Diggle is claiming that he's a bouncer, and says that until they get FDA approval they have to be careful with the rollout. He tells the seller to hook Diggle up and leaves.

The Jackals prepare to intercept the Kasnian army, and Kane gives Slade the Deathstroke armor. As Slade dons it, the Army truck goes by and hits the tire shredder. Once it grinds to a halt, Deathstroke and the jackals take out the soldiers. Kane says that they don't leave witnesses and kills one soldier.

Oliver searches the Jackals' HQ and takes out two guards. He finds a set of plans, unaware that another guard is watching him.

At the bunker, Felicity reports that she got a security alert at Palmer Tech, Bio Division. When the team gets there, the thieves open fire on them. The SUV with the stolen items drives off, and Diggle fires a crossbow line through the rear windshield, hitting the brakes. Richard gets out and opens fire, hitting Diggle when he freezes up. By the time Wild Dog arrives, Richard gets in the SUV and makes good his escape.

Back at the bunker, Felicity runs facial recognition on Diggle's body cam and identifies Richard as dragon. He was doing life without parole, but the State Supreme Court overruled the conviction. Diggle says that Dragon is running a new crew, and Curtis reports that the 3D printer is making reactionware. Using them, dragon can make designer drugs more cheaply. Diggle says that they're shutting it down, and Dinah asks him if anything is wrong. Their leader merely says that it's the first time in a while that a perp got the drop on him.

Back at the HQ, Slade asks why the Jackals they need the explosives. Kane points out that he Slade missed a kill shot at the hijacking, and says that the men don't trust Slade but he does. Nylander brings him in, and Kane tells Slade that it's time for him to collect on the debt that Oliver owes him.

Five Years Ago: ASIS Training facility

"Shado" keeps tormenting Slade, saying that he's lying to himself. She accuses Slade of knowing that Oliver is still alive but does nothing, she demands that he give her what he promised, and Slate finally yells at nothing. Slade insists that Oliver is dead, just as a TV newscast reports that Oliver was found on Lian Yu. Slade insists that he keeps his promises, and Shado kisses him. She disappears and Slade turns to the Deathstroke armor. When an agent asks if he's okay, Slade breaks his arm and grabs a sword to fight the others.


Diggle tells Lyla about his tremors, and says that he used an experimental steroid to overcome his problem. Now he needs her help, and asks if ARGUS is working on anything that can help his problems. Diggle explains that the supplier is killing people, and Lyla figures that she should be grateful for what he did. She realizes that Diggle is still using the drug, and says that he knows that he's wrong but couldn’t let Oliver down. Diggle says that once ARGUS has a solution, he'll get Dragon off the streets. Furious, Lyla walks off.

Slade puts his sword to Oliver's eye and reminds him of the promise he made to him. Oliver tells him that he's not that person anymore, and Slade says that he's a father and won't break his promise to his son. When Oliver says that he has a son, Kane promises to make him suffer, too. Slade moves behind Oliver and prepares to strike, and then cuts Oliver free. Oliver knocks Kane out and tells Slade that they have to go.

Oliver and Deathstroke run up against the Jackals and dive out a widow. As they run off, Kane gets there and tells Nylander that Slade will try to stop them at the op... and he'll kill him.

Oliver tells Slade that the Jackals are attacking the water supply, killing off half the country. He asks if Slade wants them to stop him. Slade reminds him that he spared his life, and admits that he was tempted because he would have done anything to stay with Kane. However, when Oliver mentioned William, he realized that Kane wasn't his son. He worries that there's no way to stop Kane except killing him. When Oliver insists that Kane will listen to him, Slade says that he broke his promise to stay with Joe. The Mirakuru came back and Joe is trying to emulate what Slade became on it. He doesn't know how to redeem Kane, and Oliver says that Kane needs to see his father now.

Six Years Ago

Kane goes to the training room and finds the agents dead. A bloody Slade steps out of the shadows and says that they were trying to stop him from keeping his promise. He disarms Joe and tells him to stay out of his way, and knocks him unconscious.


Diggle tells the team that he got Dragon's location from a "contact", and says to suit up.

Dragon is looking at the steroids when he hears Black Canary's scream outside and orders everyone to evacuate. The team breaks in, and Dragon knocks over a barrel of chemicals and sets it on fire. Diggle sees a box of the steroid and hesitates, and the fire consumes the steroids. After a moment, Diggle has no choice but to leave with the others just as the lab explodes.

The Jackals arrive at the water supply and set the charges. Nylander offers Kane the trigger, but Kane says that he hired him to do it and is staying for the 'view". Once the others leave, Kane calls to Shade and says that it's time for an honest talk.

Outside, Oliver takes on the Jackals.

Slade tries to get through to Joe, saying that Oliver forgave him for far worse. He says that it's time to bring it to an end, but Kane says that it's just the beginning and attacks him. They fight their way outside and Slade insists that was Joe saw was the Mirakuru. Kane tells him that he saw him kill before the Mirakuru, at Milford Sound. He saw what Slade did to the Chinse spy, and tells his father that he has a brother Grant and their mother kept him out of the business. However, Kane slit his throat six months after Milford Sound because he wanted to be just like Deathstroke.

Slade says that he's not Deathstroke anymore, and Kane says that he's not his father. Oliver arrives and fires a warning shot, ordering Kane to surrender. Slade tells Oliver not to shoot, and Kane says that he wishes Slade had stayed dead before tossing down a flash-bang to cover his escape.

Later, Oliver speaks with the warden and confirms that the Jackals are in custody. Slade is looking at a phot of himself and Joe, and says that Joe followed in his path. He tells Oliver that it's time to go home, while he keeps searching for both of his sons. He tells Oliver that he won't ask him for help again because he won't put him or William at risk, thanks Oliver, and leaves.

Diggle returns home and Lyla says that she saw a report on the lab explosion. She asks if Diggle meant to destroy the drugs, and he admits that he was going to take as much as he could carry. He apologizes for being a hypocrite, and Lyla tells him to be safe. As they kiss, their son comes in and Diggle hugs him. He then tells Lyla that he has to apologize and explain to his teammates.

William and Felicity are playing video games when Oliver returns to the apartment. Oliver hugs his son and says that his friend found his son. William goes to show Oliver his science project, and Oliver tells Felicity that he's glad she's there. After they kiss, Oliver tells her that he made the right decision to not be Arrow, for William and for him. As Oliver goes to the roof with William, Felicity gets a call from Diggle to come to the bunker.

At the bunker, Diggle tells Rene, Dinah, and Curtis what happened. He apologizes to Rene for getting shot at the bridge because of his hesitation, and asks them to forgive him. Rene assures him that Diggle is still ahead of him, saving his life versus put it at risk. Curtis points out that he could have worked on a cure, and Diggle asks to begin the tests in the morning. Once Rene and Curtis leave, Dinah says that she's waiting to make sure Diggle is okay. He apologizes for lying to her, and promises that there'll be no more secrets between them. Dinah agrees and leaves... holding the matchbox that Vincent gave her. Diggle goes over to the Green Arrow suit and looks at his shaking hand.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 17, 2017

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