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A Dark Knight: Let Them Eat Pie Recap

A priest is handing out doughnuts to the homeless, and says that he has place settings for six to feed them. They go a diner with him and he takes photos of them, and then tells them that there are the have and the Have Nots in Gotham. He says that he knows what it is to be a Stand Not, and offers a toast to the Haves to know what it is to be a Have not. The homeless people collapse, dead from the poisoned food, and the disguised Pyg takes them to his workshop, puts on his pig mask, takes out a knife and begins.

Jim arrives and finds the sign man putting his name on the office door. Harvey is cleaning out, and Jim says that it isn't how he wanted things to go down. His former friend says that he was thinking about their first case, and how he told Jim to kill Oswald. Jim insists that he would still keep Oswald alive, and tells Harvey that when Harvey's leave is up there will still be a desk waiting for him. Harvey isn't interested and leaves.

At the orphanage, Oswald and Penn arrive and Oswald tells Sofia that he might not be at the fundraiser because he has to deal with Burke making Jim the police captain. Burke has vanished and Oswald plans to find him, learn the name of his enemy, and deliver reckoning. Sofia tells him that a few of the children will be singing, including Martin, and it would mean the world to him if Oswald was there. Once she leaves, Penn suggests that they have Victor deal with Sofia if Oswald thinks she's his enemy. Oswald insists that he needs proof before having his only friend killed, He wishes that he had someone quiet close to Sofia to be his spy, and tells Penn to bring him Martin. Sofia watches them and calls Jim, saying that Oswald might suspect her. She had Burke leave town after the appointment, and Jim tells her not to call him again.

Jim gets a call from Pyg, who congratulates him on his promotion. He tells Jim that it's time for Gotham's elite to feel the pain. He steps out of a tent outside of the station and tells Jim to hurry for a taste of what's to come. Jim and Harper go out and enter the tent, and find two dead homeless men at tables, with pigs eating them.

Bruce comes in from a late night for breakfast and finds Alfred waiting for him. Alfred point out that it's closer to lunch, and tells Bruce that he knows what he's going through. He figures that Bruce is lost after killing Ra's, and now Bruce is lost without his drive for revenge. When Bruce calls Tommy, Alfred yanks the phone away and reminds him that it's the day he and Thomas went camping and put a rock on Mount Bristol. The butler takes out the rocks and says that the two of them are going for a walk.

Lucius tells Jim that the two dead men had their organs removed from their chests. Jim wonders why Pyg is killing the homeless, figuring that he's done everything carefully, and there was a card on the table saying "Long Live the Revolution" in French. He figures that he'll start in the Narrows where the homeless are the densest.

In the Narrows, Jim has his officers search the area for protected loading docks. Lucius calls to say that both victims had sodium sulfide and chlorine residue on their skin, and it's common in paper manufacturing. Jim has his men check a nearby paper plant. They get there before backup and go in, and find the other four dead men. Pyg has taken their organs, and there's a smoker organ nearby. Jim realizes that Pyg is cooking them, just as they hear a door close. They run outside and find a van, and Pyg grabs Harper and stabs her in the shoulder. He then uses her as a shield, telling Jim to drop the gun. Jim does so and Pyg says that he found him too soon. He tells Jim that he must see his final act, drags Harper into the van, and drives off.

Alfred drives Bruce out to the forest and they start hiking to Mount Bristol.

Oswald meets with Martin and says that he suspects Sofia is only pretending to be his friend and is using Martin. He wonders if Sofia groomed Martin to be his spy, or only collected children hoping one would gain his trust and make him easier to manipulate. Oswald says that he badly wants to believe the latter, but needs proof of their friendship. He wants Martin to be his eyes and ears with Sofia, and asks if he can do it. Martin agrees and they shake.

Jim puts a BOLO on the van and the meets with the press. They ask him how he can protect the people of Gotham when he can't protect his own officers, and Jim promises that the GCPD will stop Pyg. A reporter asks if the Pyg is now cooking the victims, and Jim only repeats that they'll bring Pyg to justice. He goes into the plant and Lucius assures him that everyone in the department is on his side. He then shows Jim a board with a quotation from A Modest Proposal. The author, swift, made an argument about the rich eating the poor. Jim remembers that Swift talked about orphans, and realizes where Pyg is going to strike. He insists on going alone in case it's a trap like the one Pyg set against Harvey.

Sofia goes to the kitchen and meets with Chef Louie--Pyg in disguise. Pyg says that he's gone with something a bit more mundane and shows her his Gotham Meat Pies.

Alfred makes stew and tells Bruce about how he met Thomas. After the army, he was boozing and brawling, and one day he woke up in an alley covered in blood. Alfred turned himself into the police, and Thomas asked him what happened. Eventually Alfred told him thing that he too frightened to admit to himself, and Thomas took the blame for Alfred attacking someone. The butler tells Bruce that he knows what it's like to be lonely, and offers to help him. Bruce doesn't want to talk about it, and discovers that the rocks are gone. He figures that they fell out in the car and goes back to get them. Alfred notices the bag with the rocks and hears the car start, and runs over just in time to see Bruce drive away.

Oswald and Martin arrive at the fundraiser and Sofia greets them. Sofia sends him to the other children, and Oswald says that he hasn't located Burke yet. She goes to check on the chef, saying that he seems a bit odd. Oswald motions to Martin to follow her.

Jim enters the orphanage basement.

Sofia finds Martin in the hallway taking notes, and asks what he's writing.

Jim finds a waiter and describes Pyg. The waiter says that he was just hired, and Jim tells him to find Sofia and bring her there. However, Jim spots a gun in the waiter's jacket. As he attacks the man, Pyg arrives and knocks Jim out. The waiter tells him that his and his partner's rates have just doubled, and they lock Jim in a storage room. Harper is there tied up and gagged.

Sofia thanks the guest for their financial support. As they go to the table, Sofia tells Oswald that whoever had Jim appointed captain may have saved Oswald. Oswald tells her to confess and face the consequences if she's going to confess. Screams echo from the dining room, and Pyg comes out in his pig mask and tells Oswald and Sofia to come to the dinner.

Jim unties Harper and bandages her wounds. Harper reveals the knife hidden in an ankle holster and he uses it to remove the hinges from the locked door.

Pyg turns off the lights and has Martin help perform the Meat Pie Tango. The fake waiters remove the lids from the trays and explains that the meat pies are made from the six homeless people. When Sofia objects, Pyg drives a knife into her hand and warns Oswald that if she pulls it out the next one is in her eye. The killer informs her that the staff and children are locked in the kitchen, and says that the rich have fed on the poor for years and now they're going to know what they taste like. Pyg orders them to open the envelopes at the plates, and each one has a photo of the homeless person they're eating. When they refuse, Pyg threatens to kill Martin. When one guest says that he doesn't see the problem, Oswald stabs the man in the head with the knife in Sofia's hand.

Pyg says that he's there because of Oswald, calling him the biggest glutton of them all. Oswald takes a bite from the pie, grunting and retching, and tells the others to eat or he'll hunt them down and kill them.

Jim priest the hinges off and opens the door.

The guests eat their pies, and Pyg tells Sofia to eat. She agrees as long as Pyg doesn't hurt Martin, and asks Oswald to help her because of her wounded hand. Oswald grabs a fork and holds up a bite. Before Sofia can eat it, Jim runs in and takes out the waiters. Oswald grabs him and says that he'll kill Martin, and then gets Sofia out. Pyg throws his knives at Jim, who ducks two and blocks the last one with a serving tray. Pyg attacks him with his cleavers, and the two men fight atop the table. As they struggle, Pyg tells Jim not to give up. Jim stabs him in the neck with a dinner knife and kicks him off the table.

Once Oswald has taken Sofia to safety, he bandages her hand. he assures her that Martin is fine, and says that she paid off Burke to make Jim captain. Sofia agrees, and says that she tried to talk Oswald out of the license program but he wouldn't listen. Oswald point out that she could be his enemy, and Sofia says that the choice is his. He says that she went behind his back and he'd be justified in killing her, but what she was going to do for Martin was real. Oswald tells her to never betray him again and says that he will abandon the licenses, but Jim cannot be the captain. Sofia tells him that Jim is less than nothing to him and Oswald can choose whoever he wants. Once Oswald leaves, Sofia smiles.

Jim takes Pyg to a squad car and then tells the press that he caught Pyg and Harper is on her way to the hospital. He emphasizes that the GCPD kept its promise, and the reporters thank him. as they leave, Jim sees Sofia watching him from the window.

Bruce and his friends are partying at the manor. Alfred smashes the record player and orders everyone but Bruce out. Bruce overrides him and says that if he wants his friends to stay, they're staying. When Tommy insults Alfred, Alfred advises him to walk away. Tommy tells Bruce to meet him at the club and leaves with the others. Once they're alone, Bruce tells Alfred that he doesn't know what he's going through, and they're nothing alike. Alfred asks how he can help him, and Bruce says that he can't. He tells Alfred that what he did made no difference and wonders what he did it for, and asks how Alfred can help that. Alfred says that Brue has to face up to who he is, and Bruce tells him that he knows who he is. He says that Alfred should stop being his father and start being his butler, tells him to clean the place up, and goes after his friends.

Jim finds Sofia in her study. He says that he's accepted what asking for help from Carmine meant, and he deserves to be captain. Jim insists that Gotham will get law and order, and Sofia says that she's not his enemy and never will be. She kisses him and after a moment, Jim looks at her.

Oswald is outside the house in his car. Martin gets in and writes down that he saw Sofia kissing Jim. Shocked, Oswald tells Martin that he's a good friend and promises that Sofia will answer for what she's done.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 17, 2017

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