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Helen Hunt Recap

In Hollywood 1937, the studio extras and crew at Warner Brothers stare in awe as a woman walks by. A production assistant takes her to Stage 12, saying that Mr. Coleson is already in a mood. When the woman arrives, Arnold Coleson and his team stare at her in surprise and awe. Coleson figures that she's perfect and asks if she can do it on cue. She says that her name is Helen of Troy, and Coleson tells her that she is now as he takes her to the stage to begin filming.

On Waverider, Nick tells Sara that there's no sign of outliers in the timeline. She wonders what the smell is, and Nick admits that he hasn't left the library in seven days. Sara tells him to shower immediately, and they're not going to lose perspective on finding Mallus like Rip did.

In Martin's lab, Ray tells Jax and Martin that the nanites that he developed from Martin's research are locking onto their respective halves of the Firestorm Matrix, and should transfer Martin's half from Martin to Jax. Martin figures that it's time for Jax to claim the power of Firestorm for himself, and says that time travel is a young man's game and he's eager to move on. Surprised, Jax tells Ray to do it. ray activates the nanites and the system overheats. There's a burst of energy and when Jax and Martin recover, they realize that their minds have switched bodies.

Sara calls everyone to the bridge, and she and Nate soon realizes that something is wrong. Martin-as-Jax warns that they can't afford the risk of merging, and ray explains what happened as Amaya and Zari arrive. Nate explains that a beautiful woman appeared in 1937 and threw the film industry into chaos. Both Warner Brothers and K&G Studios went to war over her, and people died in the struggle. It wasn't supposed to happen, and Sara figures that it will be an easy mission. She tells Martin and Jax that they're staying on the ship and head to 1937.

Coleson is filming a scene with Helen, and Nate is there doing recon as a stagehand. He tells Sara on Waverider that she looks familiar. Amaya and Zari are there as well and note that Helen hasn't broke character since they've found her. Sara tells them not to spook her, as two stagehands fight over Helen. Nate realizes that there's only one woman in history who has that effect on women: the real Helen.

Helen runs outside, and Zari goes after her. Sara tells them not to risk a kidnapping in broad daylight. Meanwhile, Eddie Rothberg with K&G pulls up and invites Helen to get in with him. Coleson sees Eddie drive off, draws a gun, swears, and shoots at the car but misses.

When the trio returns to Waverider, Nate explains that Helen and Paris set off a ten-year war in the name of her beauty. Martin-as-Jax figures that Helen is taking over the movies like an infestation, and she stole the role of Hedy LeMarr, Martin's boyhood crush. Nate figures that they need to get Helen out of the movie business before anyone else gets hurt. Gideon checks the tabloids and learns that Eddie is throwing a gala to celebrate his new star, and everyone heads out.

As Martin and Jax put on period clothing, Martin-as-Jax is thrilled to rub elbows with the 1930s stars. Jax-as-Martin says that he's sitting it out because he's too old, and Martin-as-Jax assures him that they'll fix it when they get Helen back to her own time.

At the gala, the Legends blend in at the party and Ray chats up Cecil B. Mille. Martin-as-Jax spots Hedy and sings her praises, including her inventive genius, and goes over to express his admiration. Hedy says that she hasn't acted in any American films, and came there to take one last shot at making her dreams come true. She figures that she doesn't have a chance as long as Helen is around. Helen arrives and everyone applauds.

Eddie escorts Helen in, and Sara discovers that all of her male teammates are too enraptured to respond. Zari spots Helen's security detail, and uses her Totem to fire a blast of air to knock Helen's drink on her dress. She goes to a bedroom to change, and Sara and Zari confront her. She refuses to go back to Troy, figuring the gods have brought her there. Helen walks out and Sara tells the others to get ready to move. When Sara and Zari return to the party, they find Damien talking to Helen. He sends Helen to Eddie, and says that he's Helen's agent. When Sara draws a knife on him, he freezes her, takes the knife, and says that he is only there to talk. Damien warns that he brought allies, and glances over at Eleanor and Kuasa. Sara agrees, and Kuasa offers Amaya a drink. She speaks in Zambesi and Amaya wonders where her powers come from... and realizes that she's a totem bearer like herself.

Damien tells Sara that he wants to convince the Legends to leave because anachronisms are good for business.

Amaya tells Kuasa that she has perverted the token, and Kuasa tells her that she's abandoned her people for the Legends. She says that the dress color also looked on Amaya and leave.

Ray is busy talking to Helen when Mick and Nate tell him that it's time to leave. When he says that his comm isn't working, Mick attacks him. A man grabs Hedy, and Martin-as-Jax goes over to help her. As fighting sweeps through the tent, Damien laughs and tells Sara that he'll let the Legends go unharmed or all they go back to 2017. If not, he'll kill them one by one and save Sara for last. With that, Damien walks away.

Back on Waverider, Sara figures that all of the men were captivated by Helen. She tells them about Damien's offer, and Amaya explains that Kuasa possesses one of the lost totems of Zambesi. Martin-as-Jax figures that it's their best offer, and they figure that they're stronger together. The others agree and Sara tells Nate, Mick, and Ray to stay on the ship, and tells Martin and Jax to work out why their comms aren't working. Ray starts to tell Amaya something, and then just wishes her luck.

That night, Sara, Amaya, and Zari check out Eddie's manor and figure that the same security detail is outside. They then take a horse in inside of a trailer.

Jax-as-Martin is unable to work because of arthritis, and complains to Martin-as-Jax. When Martin-as-Jax says that he doesn't enjoy being in a different body, Jax-as-Martin says that he can tell from their mental link that if he weren't married, he'd be getting together with Hedy. Jax-as-Martin admits that Clarisse gave him a "hall pass" on Hedy, and Martin-as-Jax points out that Hedy isn't dead in 1937.

Sara pulls up to the gate and says that she has Eddie's prize horse. The guard goes around to check the back, and Amaya and Zari are there. The man figures that they're Eddie's ""whores", and the women punch him unconscious.

The three women grab Helen, who begs them to leave her there because men aren't always fighting. Coleson and his men arrive and confront Eddie and his men, and shooting breaks out. When Helen wonders why men keep fighting over her, Zari tells her that it isn't her fault. She says that Helen can make it stop if she comes with them, and Helen agrees. Amaya and Zari knock the men out while Sara takes Helen out. A studio man confronts Sara, who knocks him out. Sara and the others get into their car, tell Coleson and Eddie that Helen is a free agent, and drives off.

Back on Waverider, Gideon shuts down as Sara tells the AI to launch.

Jax-as-Martin tells his counterpart that the comms weren't the only thing affected.

Ray tells Sara that Gideon and half the ship systems are offline. Martin and Jax come in and Jax-as-Martin explains that since Hedy never developed her various inventions, the technology is disappearing from Waverider as the timeline is altered. Hedy said that she was starting a new job as a phone operator with Warner, and Martin-as-Jax goes to get her signed back up with Warner.

The next morning, Helen asks Zari what Gods gave her powers. Zari explains that Sara is self-trained and the captain, and Helen tells her that it gives her hope that Zari comes from a time when women have the same opportunities as men. She spent the last five years in a tower watching men killing each other over her. Now the Legends want to take her back.

Jax-as-Martin finds Hedy answering the phones, and says that she has to talk to Coleson and get her contract back. He tells Hedy that she's meant for better things, and tells her that she has to be crazy if she wants to burn bright. Hedy goes with Jax-as-Martin, just as Damien and Eleanor arrive. Damien freezes them and comes over, and soon realizes from Jax-as-Martin's speech that Martin is in Jax's body. Eleanor confirms the truth, and Damien frees them, laughing. They run, and Damien tells Eleanor that they should kill them.

Martin-as-Jax senses that Jax-as-Martin is scared, and they figure Damien is chasing him. The Legends head out to stop Damien and his team.

As they duck into the studio backlot, Martin-as-Jax tells Hedy who he really is. They hide as Damien and Eleanor arrive.

Amaya and Zari stay on Waverider to guard Helen, and they go to lock the outside doors manually. When Helen points out that she's defenseless, Zari gives her a knife and tells her that she isn't defenseless.

Martin-as-Jax tells Hedy to run, and to not give up on her dream. When he runs, Damien immobilizes him and levitates him into the air. White Canary throws a shuriken into Damien's face, and she challenges him to a fight League-style. Damien agrees and takes one of the prop swords, and the two of them fight.

As Zari locks a door, Kuasa flows under the door as water and grabs her. When Amaya arrives, Kuasa knocks her out and Amaya charges at her.

Eleanor mutters an incantation, and the other Legends attack her. she catches Heat Wave's fireball in her hand.

Helen hears Amaya and Kuasa fighting.

Jax-as-Martin helps Martin-as-Jax up, and Hedy runs over and tells them that they need to use their powers. Martin-as-Jax warns that it could cause a catastrophic nuclear reaction. Meanwhile, Eleanor catches Atom's energy blasts and throws both energies at Steel.

White Canary and Damien ascend into the rafters and continue their fight.

Hedy insists that they have to merge into Firestorm, pointing out that it's a case of quantum entanglement. If they merge then they can still maintain a stable reaction.

White Canary knocks Damien down and pus her sword to his throat. He chuckles and Eleanor uses her magic on White Canary. Damien explains that Eleanor is his daughter, and she doesn't want to see him die at the hands of the Legends again. As Eleanor prepares to kill White Canary, Firestorm with Martin in control fires all of his energies at Eleanor. She just manages to hold it back, but Firestorm increases the power. Damien joins his daughter and together they hold off the nuclear energies. Jax mentally assures Martin that they got it, and Martin manages to knock them both back. Eleanor and Damien teleport away, and Martin and Jax separate. They realize that they're back in their original bodies and that Hedy was right. Atom confirms that White Canary is badly injured and they have to get her back to Waverider.

Kuasa insists that she has every right to use both Totems. She explains that Amaya gave the Totem to her daughter, who was supposed to give it to her. Instead it is on Mari's throat, and Kuasa is Amaya's granddaughter. If she killed Amaya then she would kill herself. Before she can explain further, Helen stabs Kuasa in the back. She turns into water and slips away.

Later, Martin drops Hedy off at Warner and she signs with Coleson. She then tells Martin that Coleson was so disappointed after Helen's disappearance that he agreed to a pay bump. Martin says that it was just their job. Ray calls Jax and says that the ship is back to normal. Hedy kisses Jax and then Martin on the cheek and says that she prefers older men.

Ray finds Amaya and tells her that Gideon has placed Sara in a coma so that she can heal. He then starts to tell Amaya that Kuasa is her granddaughter, and Amaya admits that she already knows. Amaya figures that Ray was just protecting the timeline, and says that the less she knows about her descendant the better.

Zari finds Helen practicing with the knife. The Legend tells her to keep the knife, and Helen says that she doesn't want to return to Troy. She asks how the Legends can return someone to a horrible existence and hands the knife back. Via the jumpship, Zari takes Helen to Themyscira, an island of warrior woman, in the same time. She admits that the other Legends will be mad but they knew what they were getting when they brought her on. Helen thanks Zari, saying that she changed her destiny.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 17, 2017

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