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The Curse Recap

Swamp Thing stands in a temple in the swamp, and hears the memories of a cargo plane in the past crashing into the swamp.

Ian James meets with Anton and tells him about the plane that disappeared 40 years ago. It was carrying Egyptian artifacts to a museum in Chicago, and Ian says that he's identified where the wreck can be found. One of the pieces was an unidentified mummy, and it was too fragile to unwrap. Now they have techniques that will let them identify the mummy, and Arcane has the equipment. When Ian mentions the potential profit, they haggle about the percentage that Anton will take from the TV special proceeds. Anton notes that Ian has a reputation for sabotaging the ecosystem, and Ian says that he needs Anton to help him deal with Swamp Thing. Anton agrees in return for 75% of the profits, and Ian has no choice but to agree.

Swamp Thing goes to the crash site and finds an Egyptian relic. Reliving the memories attached to it, he sees the mummy being buried and a vow that it will carry the curse for a thousand years until its soul transforms after the journey is over. Swamp Thing finds the mummy and tells it that he won't harm it, and the mummy says that people are coming to take its power. The creature realizes that it's referring to Anton and vows to stop him.

Anton and Ian take a party out to the site and Ian explains that the mummy is rumored to be a priest of Set. The priest absorbed Set's powers and then died while the powers were intact. Graham agrees with Ian that it's a myth, and Ian points out that it's a marketable myth. He figures that he can use the curse to boost the ratings for his special, and insists that he and Anton are the same. Anton tells him that his purposes are more transcendent than he can comprehend.

Swamp Thing confronts the party and warns that if they disturb the mummy, great evil will be unleashed on the swamp. Anton says that they're there to remove the hazard from the swamp, and tells Swamp Thing that his men are stationed outside of the Kipp house and will kill them if Swamp Thing intervenes. After a moment, Swamp Thing walks off and Anton figures that his rescuing the Kipps will give them time to get the mummy. Anton demands 80% or he'll call it off, and Ian agrees.

Come nightfall, Swamp Thing takes out the two guards on watch. He then uses his powers to summon a storm and contact the creatures of the swamp.

The party reaches the crash site and Ian insists on shooting the site of discovery before they disturb it. Anton and Graham search for the mummy, and Graham finds it to the side.

Swamp Thing heads for the site before it's too late.

The sarcophagus holding the mummy glows, and Anton says that it reveals the powers. He prepares to challenge the mummy's curse and take its powers for himself. Anton has Graham keep Ian company while he mentally prepares himself. Once he leaves, Ian comes over and Graham stalls for time, asking about the curse. Ian says that his interest is vindicating his abilities, and insists that there is no curse. He films his documentary and focuses on the mummy, which starts glowing. Ian realizes that the legends are true.

Anton returns from his preparations and says that he'll take the power. Ian and Graham warn that something weird is going on, but Anton reaches for the mummy. It tries to drive him away but he resists and pulls out its heart. The mummy possesses Anton, and he kills one crew member and chokes the other with a gesture. When Ian runs forward, "Anton" grabs him by the throat and tosses him away. He then calls Alec out, saying that it's just the two of them.

Swamp Thing helps Ian up and asks where Anton is, and they hear the voice saying that the priest's soul will not transform until the journey is over. Ian runs off as Anton steps out and challenges Swamp Thing. He blasts Swamp Thing back and says that he's doomed, and brings down a tree on him. The priest says that he and Anton are one, and will rule the world together. They pronounce sentence on Swamp Thing and beat him, and Ian grabs his camera and films the confrontation. The priest warns that he can't steal his soul with his image. Swamp Thing grabs Anton's body and tells Anton to let the mummy's spirit goes. The curse leaves Anton and he passes out.

Later, Ian drives to a phone booth and makes a collect call. While he talks to his agent to line up every network, the video tape with the footage falls to the floor, glows red, and explodes. Ian is unable to get out as the burning fumes from the tape fill the booth, leaving him a charred skeleton.

Swamp Thing looks at the mummy and promises that no one will disturb him as he completes his journey.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 19, 2017

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