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Girl Power Recap

In the past, Hector and Marina Cardenas drive into Bergsberg and hear a ship's horn in the distant. A flowing light flies overhead, and Hector momentarily loses control of the truck. The couple goes to investigate and find as ship in the middle of a nearby field. They hear a baby crying from inside the ship.


After the concert, Scott finds Suzie lying on the ground. He says that something incredible happened the night before, and explains that he's been angry because he thought Suzie didn't want him. Scott tells Suzie that he supports and loves her, and Suzie uses the wand to turn him into a frog.

At Blackwing, Friedken discovers that the Rowdy Three are gone. Lieutenant Assistent reports that they disappeared. Friedken figures that there's only one smart person in the entire building, and has Ken and Bentley taken to a private room. Ken enjoys the bed and the fact that he's finally out of the cab, and has a shower and a shave.

At the station, Todd wakes up next to Farah. They quickly put on their clothing and find Tina at her desk. Laughing, she says that she's screwed and tells everyone that they have to get out of the station. Refugees from the concert slowly get up and leave, and Farah admits that she feels renewed and dirty.

Dirk wakes up in Brad's cell. She tells him that he and his friends were all having sex and complimenting each other. Dirk admits that he's scared of Bart because she tried to kill him, and that it's a permanent thing. Bart asks if Dirk knows what he is, and she says that she's just an assassin but has a feeling that it's going to all end badly. She casually kicks the cell door open so Dirk can escape, and goes back to bed.

Suzie goes to the Cardenas house and admits to the Mage that she failed but asks for another chance. The Mage stares at the pictures on the wall and tells Suzie that it doesn't matter. He says that his world felt off even as he took it over, and shows Suzie all of the battles portrayed on the wall. The Mage insists that he killed everyone on his world that could tell the stories, but the drawings show them all with him losing every time. He figures that's how it was meant to be and he's just a puppet. The Mage figures that the Boy drew the drawings and Dirk has found him, and if he goes back then he'll be defeated because he was built to lose by a child. Suzie is surprised that the Mage is going to just give up and let the Boy live, and insists that it isn't over. She points out that she isn't in the drawings and says that she's real.

Todd and the others show Panto a photo of Suzie, but he doesn't recognize her. They figure that Suzie got the wand from Wendimoor, and Dirk insists that they shouldn't get hung up on details. Panto wonders what set the prophecy into motion, and Dirk realizes that Suzie is the Apprentice mentioned in the prophecy, and met the Mage. Todd figures the love spell was a mistake, and suggests that Bob was enchanted. Panto warns that the Mage is a cruel sadistic monster, and if they're correct and the Mage is there then they're all in grave danger. Tina says that they should call Scott's phone that Farah took the night before.

At home, Suzie is contemplating her transformed son when her phone rings. It's Tina, calling her on Scott's phone. Suzie answers it and Tina says that Scott has gotten himself into some trouble. She claims that she's holding Scott and he's talking about the Mage. Suzie says that Tina is lying to her, and says that they laughed at her and she's done feeling small. She vows to cover herself in their blood and hangs up.

Friedken visits Ken and he reviews all of Friedken's mistakes. He says that they should focus on what happened in Bergsberg, and points out that the police didn't respond to Priest's motel attack. Ken asks to talk to Priest, and points out that he'll need a higher clearance. Friedken immediately agrees.

At the camp in Wendimoor, Martin asks Amanda how she teleported them to Wendimoor. She admits that she doesn't know and says that she's happy to see him. She's just trying to go with the flow and not ask any questions. Amanda tells Martin that she's going to figure how to get them home, and Martin reminds her that Wakti is teaching her how to use her powers. He tells Amanda that she's in charge, and where she goes they'll follow. Amanda hugs him in relief.

As Farah gets her gun, Tina checks the answer machine and discovers that there was a shootout at the motel and weird messages. They realize that Blackwing is there, and Tina informs them that Sherlock was at the Cardenas house and was nervous. She asks Farah what they do next, and Todd figures that they can get to Wendimoor through the Cardenas house. Dirk tells them that they're all in danger because of him, and then says that he's finished the case. He figures that he's found the Boy and that's all he has to do. The hospital with Arnold is their only useful destination, and Dirk suggests that he's the Boy. Todd admits to Farah that he's not sure if Dirk is okay, and goes to get the air gun.

As the group leaves for the hospital, Priest watches from across the street.

Wakti trains Amanda in controlling her visions, and tells her to have an attack. She asks if Amanda was punk, and Amanda goes back to the visions and has another attack. She hallucinates a knife through her hand, and Wakti tells her that the pain is just an illusion and Amanda can control it. Amanda pulls the "knife" out of her hand and discovers that it's real, but the wound is gone. She declares that she's a witch, and she and Wakti howl in triumph.

The group arrives at the hospital and Officer Rizzio from Grey Falls greets his friend Tina. Farah comes over and asks if he heard from Sherlock, and Rizzio says that a shipment of guns were stolen from Grey Falls and the suspects disappeared. Whoever paid them used gold bars with big Ks on them, like something out of a fairy tale.

In Arnold's room, Dirk tells the old man that Mona told him to find her. Arnold doesn't know who Mona is, and Dirk asks if he knows how to get to Wendimoor. When the old man says that he won't be free of them until he's forgiven, Todd wonders who has to forgive him. Arnold explains that his parents were always fighting, and Hector wanted to sell while Marina wanted to stay. The fighting got worse between them, and one night Marina came home in a new car. She grabbed a pair of scissors and killed Hector, and Arnold thought he was going to Wendimoor. He insists that it can't exist, but tells them that he can take them there.

Ken calls Priest, and Friedken explains that he's still in charge but Ken knows Dirk. Priest says that the subject and his accomplices are at the hospital, and Suzie walks up to the hospital taping the wand to her hand. The government agent spots her and figures that she's nuts.

Suzie uses the wand to kill the receptionist and then Rizzio when he draws his gun. Priest sees the bursts of light and tells Ken and Friedken that it's time for him to move in. When Ken tells him not to hurt Icarus, Priest asks about the civilians and the accomplices and Ken tells him that Dirk is the priority.

As Suzie kills the security guards, Farah and Tina tells Dirk and Todd that they have to get Arnold out. They put him in a wheelchair and take him out, but Suzie finds them in the hallway. They take cover and Tina covers Farah while Farah shoots Suzie in the head. Suzie heals the wound before it kills her, and fires a blast that traps Tina in a room. Todd sets off the fire alarm. Patients leave their rooms, blocking Suzie. She shoves past them and finds the group, killing Arnold. Priest finds them and laughs as he shoots Suzie with a semi-automatic, knocking her out the window. He tells Ken that things got a little zany and looks out the window, and discovers that Suzie is gone.

As Todd gets Dirk out, Dirk says that the Boy is dead and there's no regrouping. Farah steals a car, tells them to get in, and they drive off.

In Wendimoor, Amanda continues her training and tells Wakti that she saw Dirk and others in her vision, and an army of thousands coming there. Wakti warns that it's very bad and everyone will die.

Bart is eating the food that the others left them, and Panto figures that they aren't coming back and they're in grave danger. He asks Bart to let him out, figuring that he has to go to Wendimoor so he can die fighting with his family. Bart realizes that he knows how to get back, and he didn't tell Dirk because he didn't have the Boy. Panto figures that Bart is the only one he can trust, and asks her to retrieve his scissors so he can break the lock on the cell door. He asks if she wants to take control of her destiny and go to Wendimoor with him, and what he wants.

Farah and Todd try to get through to a shell-shocked Dirk, and Todd tells Farah to go to the Cardenas house so he can go to Wendimoor and find Amanda. After a moment, Farah turns around and drives for the Cardenas house.

Amanda comes out and tells the Rowdy 3 that something bad is coming. She asks them to go south and see if there's a giant army coming, and Martin tells her that it's done.

Farah, Todd, and Dirk arrive at the house and Todd collapses in the lawn. He doesn't get up, and Farah sees Priest driving toward them. She realizes that she's out of ammo and tells Todd to get Dirk inside., They help Dirk in and Todd takes him to the room, and tries to figure out how the Murphy bed acts like a portal. Dirk slumps in a corner, and Todd figures that he has to fall on the bed. He tries it and it doesn't work.

Priest greets Farah by name and she says that she knows who he is. They fight and Priest easily knocks her out and goes inside. He calls to Dirk, saying that it's time to come home. Dirk recognizes his voice and tells Todd that Farah is dead and Todd soon will be. He lies on the bed, and Todd figures that the portal is in the mural. Todd runs at the wall and bounce off, and Priest hears hi. Priest calls for Dirk to go back to Blackwing before anyone else dies because of him. Meanwhile, Todd realizes that the bed has to be closed for the portal to work. He lies down next to Dirk, and they trigger the bed to go up. Priest shoots his way in and tells Ken to send a lockdown team when he realizes that Todd and Dirk are gone.

The Mage watches TV with the entranced Bob, sticking pins in his face. He talks about how he thought he was powerful and took weapons from their world to gave them to his people. The Mage figures that he can torture all of the people in the real world, and it's time for him to abandon Wendimoor. Suzie comes in and says that Dirk is defeated and the Boy is dead, and tells the Mage to send her to Wendimoor.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 19, 2017

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