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Chloe Does Lucifer Recap

Lucifer, Chloe, and Trixie are playing Monopoly and Trixie wants money to let Lucifer play the top hat. Later, Lucifer returns to Lux after hours and finds Amenadiel there. Amenadiel figures that Lucifer was out having sex, but soon realizes that Lucifer was with Chloe and Trixie. Lucifer angrily denies that he enjoyed himself, and says that Linda has taken some time off to deal with a death in the family. Amenadiel goes to check on her, and says that "boring" suits Lucifer.

The next day, Chloe and Lucifer go to a crime scene, and Dan confirms that she's a computer engineer, Kim Jones. They couldn’t find anything significant in her background. Lucifer figures that the victim was boring, and Emma tells them that Kim died of blunt-force trauma to the head. Dan is glad to point out that Lucifer seems more normal lately, and Kim's roommate Esther is busy taking a selfie of herself. She asks for one photo with Dan and he's glad to agree. Chloe interrupts to question Esther, who says that she doesn't spend much time there. Esther doesn't think anyone wanted anything from Kim, but says that she got into a yelling match with the Thai delivery place. The argument was at 10:39 pm, and Esther asks if she can post that she's helping a police investigation. Lucifer tells her that it's fine and asks if she can tag him.

After Chloe traces the call, Lucifer and Chloe go to Top Meet, an exclusive dating app company. A monitor is running a picture of Mack Slater, and a magazine cover saying that he's the most interesting b bachelor in LA. Mack comes over and says that he created the app for people like Chloe, saying she's exactly his type. Chloe explains that a murder victim's last call was to the building, and confirms that Kim was fighting with Mack.

In Mack's office, Mack says that Kim was nuts but he doesn't know her. He knows her type, and she wanted to be on Top Meet but couldn't meet the selection criteria. Kim hacked the app and their users complained, so they kicked her off. After the call, Mack stayed and worked late, and refuses to give out their membership list due to confidentiality concerns.

At the station, Ella finds Charlotte in her lab. Charlotte asks for details on the darkness that Ella said that she saw in her, and jokes about stabbing her. Ella points out that it's dark, but says that it's cool. Charlotte wants Ella to guide her to somewhere other than Hell, and explains that she's learned that there are potentially permanent consequences to her darkness. Ella claims that she's busy, just as Dan comes in. He and Ella quickly excuse themselves.

Amenadiel goes to Linda's office and hears her on the phone complaining to the planners for Reese's memorial. She asks Amenadiel for his opinion on cremation urns, and asks if he's busy the next day.

The detectives and Lucifer check Kim's account and discover that she got one hit. The app suggested a sushi place on the night of the murder, and Chloe figures that the killer is using the app to target victims. The only picture of him that he's posted is of his blue eyes. The police techs have been unable to hack Top Meet, and Ella discovers that the man is using Top meet to set up a meet at a party that night. Lucifer says that he'll go, but Chloe figures that they need a woman since the suspect is male. Chloe says that she'll channel her inner Lucifer, and Lucifer agrees to train her.

Back at Chloe's place, Lucifer uses Trixie's Barbie dolls to show Chloe what to do. He tells her to liven things up, and Trixie advises Chloe not to mention her. They reverse roles to reverse.

At the station, Charlotte approaches Ell and waves to her. Ella tries to duck into the elevator before Charlotte gets there, but fails. Charlotte tells her that she's been omitted to the forensic Shadow Program. She's going to be Ella's students, and quickly closes the elevator door on an overweight uni.

That night, Chloe and Lucifer go to the Top Meet party. She's dressed as a female Lucifer, and Lucifer gives her an earbud so he can give her tips as necessary. Inside, Chloe orders a drink and Lucifer gives her ordering tips from the van where he's with Dan. A blue-eyed man hits on Chloe and she laugh--badly--and the man says that he's a vegan. He quickly leaves, and Lucifer assures Dan that Chloe will get the hang of it with guidance from him.

Chloe spots another blue-eyed man and chats with him. He gives her a cheesy line and Lucifer tells Chloe to make small talk. She talks about splooshing and eats the martini in the man's martini, and he quickly leaves. Chloe figures that it's time to change tactics, drops the earbud in her drink, and walks away. Lucifer tells Dan that he's needed and advises him to stay there and do nothing. When he gets inside, he finds Chloe chatting "normally" with another man, Benji. Lucifer comes over and tells her to put the earbud back in. Benji hears him and runs, and when Dan stops him Benji asks him to save him from Chloe and Lucifer. He's relieved that they're not paparazzi.

At the station, Lucifer and Chloe question Benji. He admits that he went on a date with Kim and is surprised that she's dead. When they say that he was the last person to see her alive, Benji tells them that Esther was upstairs and they matched on the app a few weeks ago. They went on two exhausting dates, and he went on the second one so he could see Kim again. Benji insists that he really liked Kim because she was different than the other girls on the app. With her he could be himself. Chloe privately tells Lucifer that Esther might have found out about Benji and Kim.

At Chloe's desk, Lucifer checks Esther's photos and points out a pink dumbbell that is in one photo but was missing from the crime scene and matches the bruises on Kim.

Ella sneaks into her lab and sees Charlotte heading her way. She hides but Charlotte comes in and easily finds her. Charlotte figures that Ella is avoiding her, and Ella pretends to scrub the floors. She finally says that she doesn't have the time to mentor her, but Charlotte points out that she spends her time socializing. Ella insists that socializing isn't a waste, but Charlotte figures that she's faking interest. The tech realizes that there's no Forensic Shadow Program and opens the door for Charlotte to leave.

Linda takes Amenadiel to the beach to show him how she plans to set up the memorial. She finally admits that she feels terrible about not feeling terrible about Reese's death, and she's hosting the memorial to cover up the fact that she can't stop thinking about her own brush with death. Linda explains that since she's learned how Heaven and Hell works, she's been much more concerned about mortality. She figures that she's heading to Hell when she dies, tells Amenadiel that she wishes she'd never met any of them, and walks away.

Chloe and Lucifer interview Esther and ask her about the photo showing the dumbbell. She says that it belonged to Kim, and Lucifer uses his power on to Esther to find out what her true desire is. Esther tells them that she wants to stop posing and lying, and it's all a façade. She reveals that she has photo backdrops, but the dumbbell was Kim. Kim was going to get surgery when money came in, but Esther doesn't know anything ab out it. As they go to the car, Lucifer tells Chloe that he has to hang out with some interesting people because he's spending too much time with Chloe.

Linda finds Amenadiel and apologizes, saying that she doesn't regret meeting him. He's lying on the sand and invites Linda to join him. Once she does, Amenadiel tells her that when he was an angel, he thought he knew everything and looked down on the world. Then he gained perspective and realized how much he didn't know. Amenadiel confirms that she has just as many questions as before, and she admits that it helps and thanks him for his insight.

At the station, Ella tells Chloe that she couldn't find anything on Kim's windfall. Charlotte comes and says that she felt guilty about lying, and decided to make amends by helping them. She overheard Ella discussing the case, and obtained an employment contract between Kim and Mack, drawn up two years ago. Kim hired Mack, and Ella figures that she's the one who created Top Meet. She confirms that Mack has no computer experience, and Charlotte figures that Mack was more charismatic. Chloe suggests that Kim hired Mack to be the front man. Kim wanted the money back, explaining the windfall and giving Mack a motive for murdering her. One of his employees could have faked his alibi, but Chloe figures that they still need proof. Charlotte suggests that if Mack has the dumbbell, it's at Mack's place because he's an amateur. She warns that Mack's lawyer will convince the judge that they can't have a warrant, and Chloe figures that she's exactly the killer's type.

Later, Lucifer goes to Mack's place and invites him to a weekend in Las Vegas so he can get his groove back. Mack tells him that he has a previous engagement, and Lucifer peers in to see Chloe there. Lucifer tells Chloe to leave, but she says that she's having fun. Once Mack goes to get a beer, Lucifer says that she's there looking for the murder weapon. Lucifer figures that she's crusading against fabulous people, and Chloe explains that Mack is the killer. They check the fireplace and find the dumbbell, just as Mack comes back with a gun. He figures the both of them there was no coincidence. Mack says that Kim was going to destroy the app by making it more accessible, and Lucifer says that he's predictable and boring. Lucifer picks up a bust of Mack and tosses it to him, and Mack drops the gun to catch it. Chloe trains her gun on him.

That night, Lucifer tells Lina that he has no boring side but he's learned that people waste a lot of time trying to be interesting. He asks how Lina has been doing, and she admits that she was in a dark place but someone helped her gain perspective. Lucifer says that it calls for a celebration and she asks him about Oscar Wilde.

At the station, Charlotte approaches Ella. Ella thanks Charlotte for putting a killer behind bars, and Charlotte tells her that she se stole the employment contract. The tech points out that she did a bad thing for the right reason, and tells her to keep practicing and she'll get better. Charlotte says that she's been given a job in the DA's office to put criminals away, and figures that there's more important things than money. She can practice the "doing good" thing, and be around there more. Ella is less than thrilled.

As Chloe and Trixie play Monopoly, Trixie asks how being Lucinda went. Chloe admits that she had a good time once she started being herself, and tells her daughter that being yourself is never a bad idea. Trixie notices that the shoe piece is missing.

Lucifer is in his penthouse playing the piano, with the shoe piece on the piano. A girl comes out wearing a top hat and asks if he's coming. He suggests that they play Monopoly but settles for sex.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 21, 2017

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