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threat of eXtinction Recap

London, England: 1952

Andreas Strucker is writing out a postcard while looking at newspaper clippings of his and Andrea conducting a mutant terrorist attack in Buenos Aires. The phone rings and Andrea comes out to ask who knows that they're there. Andreas says that only the Organization knows, and answers the phone. Cars pull up outside and Andres realizes that they found them. Interpol agents run in, and Andreas and Andrea take each other's hands, smile, and fire off a burst of energy.


At the mutant HQ, Reed tells his family that he's learned that SS has been working with Trask Industries. Caitlin points out that Reed's father Otto used to work for Trask, and Reed explains that Otto lives up in Chattanooga after running out on Reed and his mother. Caitlin says that Otto wasn't good to Reed when Reed was growing up, and when Reed almost died, Otto didn't even bother coming to the hospital. Reed hasn't spoken to him since, and Caitlin tells him that he needs to talk to him know.

Marcos finds Lorna lying on the couch and playing with a knife using her magnetic problem. She refuses to come to bed, and complains that Marcos enjoyed working with the cartel too much. Marcos says that he couldn't risk starting a war with the cartel, and tells Lorna that they have to protect their baby. She warns that they can barely protect themselves and turns away.

The next morning, John is coordinating mutant relocation efforts. Reed tells him that they need to see Otto and find out what he knows about Trask. John says that they'll leave as soon as he gets back from a mutant base that fell. Marcos tells him Clarice is coming and Lorna isn't, and John warns that a problem between Marcos and Lorna affects them all. His lieutenant says that Lorna just isn't coming.

Dreamer approaches Clarice and says that she hopes there are no hard feelings between them. Clarice says that it's a war and they're on the same side, and it's the only relation that they need. The trio goes to the hospital and talks to the pastor, who has the refugees from the mutant base. The pastor leads John and the others to the shed where the mutants are hiding out, and Clarice finds a young girl in the back. She assures her that it's okay.

A telepathic mutant tells John that she's been getting weird thoughts from one of the others. When she points out a woman, John approaches her and sees the wolf tattoo on her wrist, and the mutant attacks them with superspeed. Working together, Marcos pins the mutant down while Clarice ports John on top of her and he knocks her out with a chokehold.

At the HQ, the Wolf Chloe speeds around her cell. Marcos points out that she had a beacon in her backpack but didn't activate it as well as weapons. Sage warns that they may need to take in refugees if there are spies among them, and John tells Reed that the two of them should head out. He tells Marcos and Lorna to get what they can out of Chloe, and Lorna says that they can handle it. Reed says goodbye to his family and Caitlin figures that she should be going there to support her husband. He figures that if talking to Otto will protect them from the Wolfs then it's a small price to pay.

Clarice asks the girl Norah if she's doing okay and if she wants to talk about what happened. Norah doesn't and Clarice tells her where she can find her.

Caitlin is tending to a boy injured in Chloe's attack and Lauren comes over to help. Andy sits down with them and makes the boy a sling for his dislocated arm, while Caitlin tends to the telepath Esme. Esme reads Caitlin's concern about what's going on between mutants and humans, and she doesn't want her and Reed to end up on the opposite as their kids. Caitlin shrugs it off and Esme assures her that people value her around there.

Lorna tells Dreamer to smoke Chloe's memories, but Chloe refuses to stand still for it. As Lorna threatens Chloe with magnetically-controlled knives, Marcos comes over and objects. After a moment, Lorna brings the knives back and complains to Marcos that he'll interrogate people for the cartel but not for the mutants. Angry, she walks off.

John and Reed go to the antique store that Otto now owns. Otto says that he never thought that he'd see Reed again, and Reed tells him that they need to talk.

Marcos tells Lorna that he wants information as much as she does. He explains that he joined the underground so that he wouldn't have to torture people as part of the cartel, and insists that he went to the cartel to save her and the baby. Marcos realizes that Chloe is acting like an addict and figures that she's on something. Caitlin examines her visually and says that Chloe is acting like an addict. They figure that she's on a drug, Kick, which boosts mutant powers. Lorna warns against it, saying that they shouldn't be treating her, and Caitlin tells them to stop arguing and work on a way to restrain Chloe.

Clarice finds Norah with Zingo and says that the dog is particular about the people she likes. The older mutant says that the two of them are special because they don't look like normal humans. Norah finally explains that her and Mama D from the foster home were making dinner, and Clarice realizes that Norah was at the same foster home that she was. The girl says that men with guns came, and breaks into tears. Clarice hugs her and says that she's sorry.

Otto closes the store and says that Reed shouldn't have wasted his time. John introduces himself and Reed explains that the Underground has been helping his family. Otto says that the SS men came by and think that the mutants are terrorists. The old man knows what happened at the school, and he told SS that he has never met his grandchildren or talked to his son in years. Otto insists that his work at Trask was classified, and Reed tells him that Trask has opened back up and is doing anti-mutant research. John tells Otto that Trask is experimenting on mutants, and Reed asks Otto for his help. After a moment, Otto leads Reed upstairs while John stands watch.

In the upstairs apartment, Reed tells Otto that his mother Ellen is still alive. He explains that they questioned Ellen, and Otto asks to see a photo of his grandchildren. His son shows it to him, and Otto insists that his research was peaceful. He angrily says that everything he did in his life was for Reed, and then asks what his grandchildren can do. Reed explains that Lauren can make shields and Andy tears things apart. Otto mutters that he failed and it came back.

Roderick receives word that Chloe is gone and her surveillance beacon is inactive. His agent assures him that Chloe's conditioning will prevent her from saying anything, but Roderick figures that the mutants are desperate and will do desperate thing. He tells his agent to call headquarters for another "asset".

Lauren and Andy offer to hold Chloe long enough for Caitlin to drug her unconscious. Together they restrain her long enough for Caitlin to give her the injection. Marcos and Lorna secure her with metal bars, and Caitlin thinks that she's dying from the Kick that they gave her. She figures Chloe might confess knowing that she's dying.

Otto shows Reed photos of his father Andreas and his sister Andrea. He explains that they were terrorists and mutants, and has the same powers apart as Lauren and Andy. Together they were known as Fenris: The Wolf, and were more powerful than could be imagined. Otto explains that he is a mutant, and his parents tried to raise him to be like them but he ran away. He hid his powers from everyone, even Ellen, and their abilities set them apart from other mutants because they were too powerful. He worked as Trask on a project to eliminate the X-Gene. However, he made a version that worked on one mutant and gave it to Reed. Reed realizes that Otto gave it to him before his powers manifested, and that what was made him sick as a child. Otto hated himself for doing it and could never look him in the eye again, and the mutant powers manifested in Reed's children despite Otto's efforts.

Several of the refugees discover that they've taken Chloe out of the cage and demand that they put her back in. Andy comes over to confront the leader, and the building starts to shake. The hulking mutant backs off and tells them to be careful. Meanwhile, Sage confirms Chloe's identity from the Baton Rouge files. Her child got sick and the doctor wouldn't treat her, and Chloe went berserk and trashed the doctor's office. SS picked her up as result.

Chloe wakes up and Caitlin tries to get through to her. She asks what SS did to her. Chloe can't talk and Caitlin suspects a mental block, and brings Esme in. to read her mind.

Otto tells Reed that he was trying to give him a normal life. He insists that his parents were monsters, and he couldn't take the chance that Reed would turn out the same way. All Ellen knew was that Otto had secrets, and that's what destroyed what he had with her... and with Reed. Otto asks if Lauren and Andy have used their abilities together, and asks if they've held hands.

Roderick and his people pulled out, and Roderick figures that the mutants came to Otto. He gives Pulse an injection of Kick and tells him to lock down the area. Pulse uses his mutant ability to negate any mutants in the area, and John realizes that it's his former friend. Otto tells John and Reed that maybe he can do something because his family is different, and apologizes to Reed for everything. He asks Reed to tell Ellen that and to protect Lauren and Andy... and to protect the world from them.

Otto goes downstairs to confront Roderick and his men. Roderick says that it's an honor to meet him, and he dug up Otto's old research when Trask was reestablished. Otto's work led to his work enhancing the X-Gene. Pulse looks on, his eyes glowing, and Otto claims that he hasn't spoken to Roderick for years. He tells them that they should leave, but Roderick insists on searching the place. Otto summons his power despite Pulse's abilities, and the SS agents shoot Otto. As Roderick heads for the door, Otto explodes.

When Reed and John recover from the blast, they see agents taking an injured Roderick to the hospital. They go downstairs and find Otto and Pulse. Reed mourns his father and John mourns his friend. With his dying breath, Pulse apologizes to John and John vows to make them pay for what they did to him. Sirens sound in the distance, and Reed and John are forced to flee.

Esme scans Chloe's mind and gets images of need and pain. SS killed her husband and took her daughter, and Chloe gives Esme a vision of Trask Industries' location. Caitlin promises Chloe that they'll find the people responsible, and Chloe dies.

Clarice approaches Dreamer and apologizes for what she said earlier, then asks her to take Norah's memories of seeing her foster parents die. Dreamer agrees and takes the memories.

Reed buries his father, leaving a photo of his family on the grave. Meanwhile, John buries his friend.

Lorna goes to Marcos and sits next to him. After a moment, they hug, mourning Chloe's death.

Caitlin and Andy are playing cards when Reed returns. Caitlin realizes that his father died and hugs him, while Andy and Lauren hold hands.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 21, 2017

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