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Super(hero) Tuesday Recap

Malocchio tells the Awesomes that Mr. Awesome is evil, and then goes to his daughter Hotwire. They hug and he explains that he's not evil anymore, but the team attacks him. Malocchio admits that their reaction is fair given how many times that he's acted in the past. He points out to Hotwire that if he was evil, he'd be using his mind control. Prock stops time and figures that he can impress his father by capturing Malocchio. He unfreezes time, the Awesomes jump Malocchio, and Hotwire secretly blows out the lights. When Hotwire turns them back on, the team discovers that Malocchio has escaped.

At Awesome Mountain, Awesome and the new Awesomes watch the news coverage of Election Day. Everyone is happy with Awesome now that Prock has taken over his campaign. Awesome's team confirms that the armed mercenaries are ready to enslave humanity once he wins the election, and explains that there's something he can only get as President. They wonder if the Awesomes will be a problem and burst into laughter. When Buffalo Wings asks about Perfect Man, they confirm that he's out on the pier skipping rocks and having an identity crisis.

At Prock's house, Hotwire suggests that her father might be right. Prock's teammates point out that Awesome has been acting strange, but Prock insists that his father has never been nicer. Hotwire wants to find Malocchio first and figure out if he's telling the truth, but Prock points out that they're second rate heroes and he has a campaign to run. As he goes, Prock says that he knows Hotwire blew the lights.

Awesome joins Perfect Man on the pier, and assures him that they all have identity crises. He takes him to the mountain lab where there's a "stress reduction pod" and convinces Perfect Man to get in. Once he does, Awesome freezes him.

At Prock's house, the Awesomes wonder what to do about Malocchio. Hotwire tells the others to find her father while she goes to Awesome Mountain to find any evidence showing Awesome is a bad guy. She convinces Concierge to help her get in, just as Jill and Jeffry return home from a feminist poetry reading. Jill makes them promise to clean up the mess and leaves, and Gadget Gal says that she knows exactly where Malocchio will go.

The next day, Lady Malocchio finds Malocchio in her apartment. She assumes that he's a ghost and wants to make sweet ghost love first and discuss things afterward.

At Awesome Mountain, Awesome's election team assure Prock that they have the election in the bag. Awesome comes in and tells Prock that he's proud of him, cutting off his questions about where Perfect Man is. Prock remembers his teammates' concerns and doesn't say anything about them. As Awesome leaves, Lady Maocchio texts Prock and says that Hotwire is at her home.

After sex, Lady Malocchio explains how their son turned evil. Malocchio finds his wife's papier-mache cuddle buddy in the closet, wearing his clothes. She assures Malocchio that sh still believes in him despite everything that he's done, just as Prock rings the doorbell.

At Awesome Mountain, Concierge sends a drone in with Hotwire. Two of the Awesomes head toward Hotwire, and Concierge directs her to an air duct. Hotwire then heads for Awesome's office.

Lady Malocchio greets Prock and tells her that Hotwire went to the store to get some sugar. She disaplays her rarely seen power of telekinesis to trap Prock, and Malocchio comes in. He figures that Prock has his own suspicions or he woudl have told Awesome already, and explains that Awesome is running for President to get his hands on the Destroyo Bullet. Malocchio and Awesome built the Bullet when they were young, as a last-ditch measure in case Awesome ever turned evil. Only the President can get to where it's stored away. Malocchio wants Prock to sabotage Awesome's campaign... just as the news comes on to announces that Awesome has won the election.

Prock has Malocchio describe everything that has happened to him, and suggests that they do a reverse transfusion. Malocchio warns that Awesome's blood is too strong, just as the Awesomes burst in and tackle Malocchio. Lady Malocchio attacks them until Prock tells everyone to stop. He explains that Malocchio is right, and says that they're not a second-rate group of superheroes. Gadget Gal explains that she remembered how Malocchio would always visits his wife after a mission, and they tracked him down there. Prock suggests that they use his blood to do the transfusion since it's the same type, and Muscleman punches Malocchio when he forgets he's not evil.

Hotwire enters Awesome's office and they find Perfect Man's paternity test. Awesome comes in and his teammate Centaur asks when they'll put Operation: Enslave Humanity into effect. As they talk, Awesome hears Hotwire with his super-hearing and tries to grab her. Concierge has her drone fire a burst of light so that Hotwire can escape into the vents. As the other Awesomes close in, Silent But Deadly grabs Hotwire and tosses her down a vertical shaft just in time to save her life.

Prock brings Malocchio home and gives him his childhood chemistry lab. Malocchio warns that he needs a genetic sample from Awesome. Prock turns to Jill, who insists that she doesn't have some weird scrapbook with a piece of her ex-husband's hair. When her son insists, Jill reuctantly gets the scrapbook from her secret shrine. Malocchio puts it in his serum and offers to make dinner while they wait.

Hotwire falls into sub-basement five, which holds the stuff no one wants anyone to find. Perfect Man's pod is among the items there. Hotwire hears Awesome and the others, and Concierge directs her to a drainage pipe and goes to meet her.

Malocchio makes Timballo and then analyzes the serum. If Prock's blood is an 80% match then it should cancel out the serum. There's only a 3% match, and Malocchio warns that the blood has to come from Awesome's genetic code. Prock points out that he doesn't have a sibling... just as Hotwire arrives and says that maybe he does.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 28, 2015

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