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War of the Worlds Recap

Michael interrogates an imprisoned Lucifer's temporal lobe to find out about the reality he came from. Once Lucifer reverts to normal, Michael tells Lucifer that he'll leave him in the other reality forever. Lucifer ells him to eat him, and Michael impales him on the spikes in his cage and walks off as Lucifer screams in agony.

At the bunker, Sam and Dean try to find Jack and discover that he's off the grid. Castiel suggests that there lack of evidence is evidence that something has happened to Jack, and explains that he's going to find out where Jack is from the angel. He tells Dean that his contact won't talk in the presence of a stranger, and insists on handling it himself. Once Castiel leaves, Dean suggests that they work a case with three murders separated by hundred miles. Each one was tortured and had their throats slit, and they're not Hunter kills.

Asmodeus tries to find Jack, and a demon comes in and says that he news of Jack: there is no news of Jack. He says that the Winchesters don't have Jack, and Asmodeus wonders who is protecting Jack.

Michael tells Lucifer that he's pathetic, and Lucifer tells them that God is a paradox left while he is what humanity thinks he is. He points out that the rift to his reality is missing, and says that "we" have been exploring the concept of alternate reality. Michael has their Prophet Kevin brought in, and Lucifer says that the Kevin in his world is dead. Kevin says that he's annotated the angel tablets but warns that he needs archangel grace and Michael has refused to donate it. He figures that he can get it from Lucifer, cuts his throat, and extracts his grace.

Sam and Dean go to the town with the newest killing, and Sam finds surveillance footage of the last victim. Ketch is visible near her from just before she disappeared, They figure it can't be ketch since Mary shot him in the head. A woman, Daniela, comes up and addresses them by name. Daniela admits that she's a witch but knows that they help people in trouble.

Kevin works on the ritual and tells Lucifer that he has to work for Michael, and Michael is taking him with him. Michael comes in and Kevin begins the ritual. A rift opens, and Lucifer knocks out his guards and dives through. The rift closes behind him, and Michael tells Kevin to fix it.

Lucifer lands on a street and the pedestrians assume that he's homeless. He angrily confronts one woman, introducing himself, and discovers that his powers are gone.

Asmodeus questions a motel clerk, and points out that Jack and the Winchesters stayed in his motel. The clerk thought that they were FBI agents, and has one of his demons kill the man. Asmodeus is hit by a sensation of something powerful, and realizes that it's Lucifer.

Daniela takes Sam and Dean to the safehouse that the witches use, and she says that the serial killer had her and shows them the scars on her neck where her captor tortured her with a red-hot knife. Daniela managed to get a hand free and used a spell to disable him long enough to get away. Her captor asked her where Rowena was, and the brothers confirm from the photo that her captor was Ketch. When Daniela swears them to secrecy, Dean says that they want people to know where she is.

That night, Daniela is sitting in the cabin apparently alone. A gas grenade comes down the ceiling and she passes out. Ketch comes in shooting, spraying the inside of the cabin with bullets. Once he's satisfied that no one is there, he stops... and Dean shoots him with a tranq dart. They tie Ketch up and once he wakes up, asks why he isn't dead. Ketch asks why he should be, and Dean notices that he doesn't have the tattoo on his hand. Ketch explains that they have him confused with his twin brother Arthur and he's Alexander. The Winchesters don't believe him, and Alexander explains that Arthur was the family's success story. Alexander fled rather than initiate into the Men of Letters, and if they find him then he'll be dead. Arthur felt that he brought shame on the family so he worked twice as hard to make up for his "failure". Meanwhile, Alexander hid in the shadows killing monsters for a fee. He says that he's killing the witches pro bono, and insists that he's a Hunter.

Sam confirms that Alexander has a paper tray confirming that he is who he claims. Dean still doesn't believe it, and Sam tells Alexander that they still question his story. He says that Arthur was sadistic and loyal to no one, and Alexander insists that his brother was an incredibly good company man. Sam realizes that Alexander mires his brother and wanted to be like him, and Alexander says that if Arthur was there then he'd express regret for what he did to the Winchesters.

Castiel meets with an angel, Dumah, and asks if the angels have Jack Dumah says that they don't have Jack, and if they had him then they'd put him to work making new angels. The ranks of angels were reduced because of the Fall, and they need Jack to make more of them. They'd enslave Jack to force him to work for them, and two more angels arrive. They thank Dumah for delivering Castiel, and Castiel refuses to help them. Dumah asks Castiel to come with them, and he shoves her away. The angels attack and Dumah manages to get her blade to Castiel's throat... and Lucifer steps out and tells her to drop the weapon. Assuming he still has his powers, Dumah and the other angels flee., and Castiel realizes that Lucifer is weak. He says that they need to talk, and tells Castiel that everything on Earth is going to die.

Lucifer and Castiel go to a bar and Lucifer tells Castiel what happened to him. He says that he's not himself anymore and it's time to save the world, and asks Castiel to convince Jack to join forces with the two of them to drive Michael back. Castiel points out that Lucifer is the weak leak, and Castiel wonders what happens if they find Jack and Lucifer kills him again. Lucifer points out that Michael and Kevin are on their way, and Castiel wants to talk to the Winchesters. When Lucifer objects, Castiel points out that he just wants to lock him up. Lucifer then asks how Castiel hid Jack so well, and asks if he's awesome like his father. Castiel tells him that Jack favors his mother, and reluctantly admits that he doesn't know where Jack is.

The manager of the motel where the brothers stayed in Dodge City calls and says that his clerk disappeared and Asmodeus came to talk to him. Dean figures that they need to find Asmodeus, and discovers that alexander is loose but still in manacles. Alexander asks how Mary is, and Dean claims that she's good. He then tells Sam to lock Alexander back up. He then calls Jack, who tries to cover for the fact that he's talking to Dean. Lucifer realizes that he is, takes the phone, and shuts it off.

Sam and Dean head off, tracking Castiel's phone.

Lucifer complains about how the Winchesters lost Jack. Castiel explains that they tried to train Jack in how to use his powers, and Lucifer asks if Jack hurt them. Asmodeus and his demons come in and Asmodeus vaporizes the bartender with a gesture. Lucifer dismisses Asmodeus as a stooge and tells him that he can step down, but Asmodeus tells him that he's happy where he is and that should Lucifer come with him. He's well aware that Lucifer is weakened, and telekinetically knocks both Lucifer and Castiel back with a flick of his fingers.

Sam and Dean pull up to the bar and come in, guns drawn. The demons attack them and as they fight, Alexander shows up and helps them kill the last one. He explains that he had a lock pick and grabbed some of their weapons, and followed them. Dean draws his gun on him, figuring that he's Arthur since he recognizes his moves. Ketch admits that everything he told them is true except that he doesn't have a twin brother. He deserted and now works underground. The Men captured Rowena and Arthur made a deal with her to create a spell that would bring him back. In return he let her go, and now Ketch is looking for her to renew the spell.

Dean explains that Lucifer killed Rowena, sand wonders why Ketch didn't run. Ketch points out that they were soldiers in opposing armies at war, and Dean points out that his side won. Their opponent tosses down a flash grenade a, runs out to his motorcycle, and escapes.

As the brothers head back, Dean calls Castiel. Asmodeus is impersonating Castiel's voice, and says that he's following a lead. The demon then tells the imprisoned Castiel and Lucifer that he'll need Jack if Michael is coming. Ketch is with Asmodeus, and tells him that he doesn't need to worry.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 24, 2017

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