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Resupply Recap

Lewis goes out to his yard and digs a foxhole. He gets in with his gun, sets up a tarp, and goes to sleep the way he's used t.

Turk Barrett is leaving a cargo container, when Frank grabs him, shoves him inside, and pouts a gun to his head. He demands that Turk tell him where the weapons shipment is that he got from the dicks. Turk says that the Greeks dicked him, finding someone who could take the entire load when he couldn't. He shows Frank what he does have, and shows him a pink Ruger. Turk explains that he doesn't ship weapons with ammo to avoid being jacked. Turk suggests that he's just trying to make a living and Frank should let him go, and Frank pistol-whips him unconscious.

Micro is watching Sarah and Leo on the surveillance monitors. He gently strokes the screen where Sarah is, and hears Frank drive back in. Micro quickly shuts off the monitor, and Frank tells him what Turk said. Frank shows him the pink Ruger and tells Micro to find the guns.

Sam tells Dinah that the guns are due into New Jersey the next day, and suggests that they hit the Greeks when they unload. Dinah is busy looking at Carson's files, and finally says that she wants to catch the Greeks on American soil like Carson wanted. Sam asks for tactical support approval, just as Operations Director Rafael Hernandez comes in. Sam excuses himself, and Dinah and Hernandez hug. He claims that he just recommended her, and tells her that the Office of Inspector General is taking over the investigation into Carson's death. Dinah admits that Carson was dirty, which puts the whole field office under a cloud. Hernandez tells her to earn her stripes and then she can shape policy, but until then she has to play along. He advises her to focus on the greater good rather than Ahman's death, and wonders if the position isn't right for her. Dinah tells him not to play her, and Hernandez heads back to DC.

Micro is hacking files and notices that Frank is cleaning his pistol. Frank shows him how to take care of the gun--once--and Micro says that it's for show. His new "partner" says that where he comes from, guns are used for life and death. Frank insists that he wants to take the guns off the street, just as Frank's phone rings. It's Sarah, and Frank tells Micro that he has Sarah's phone number as leverage on Micro. He gives the phone to Frank and plays Sarah's voice mail back. She wants Frank to sign a statement for her insurance from when she hit him with her car, and Micro insists that Sarah has nothing to do with what they're doing. He says that he'll find the guns once Frank agrees

Lewis sits in his foxhole and makes notes from the flyers that he's collected. Curtis comes by and says that Clay told him what happened earlier. Lewis explains that he had a nightmare, and he doesn't have nightmares in the foxhole. Curtis tells him that Lewis didn't take rain into account and will drain if it does rain, and Lewis tunes him out for a minute. The older soldier tells Lewis that he has nothing to show that he's a soldier, and invites him back to the support meetings. Lewis says that the meetings don't help, and tells Curtis that he's going to sign on with Anvil and head back over to Iraq. He goes back to taking notes and Curtis leaves, cursing under his breath.

Frank goes to the Lieberman house and Sarah gets the paperwork. Micro watches on the surveillance monitors as Frank signs the release papers, and Sarah tells Zach to do his homework. She threatens him until he goes, and tells Frank that Zach is having a hard time. Leo is trying to fix the garbage disposal, and Frank offers to help. Sarah accepts and Frank has Leo help him. Micro watches as Frank bonds with his daughter, and tells her to have Leo do the work in the future. Once Leo goes, Sarah says that David died under a cloud and the kids have been cruel to Leo. Frank talks about how David let her down, and Sarah angrily snaps at him, saying he doesn't know who he's talking about. As Frank goes, he offers to fix the insurance so she doesn't have to deal with the insurance company. Sarah refuses to take his charity but Frank insists and she finally agrees.

Billy meets with the new Anvil recruits--including Lewis--and talks about how they invested their lives. He says that they're fighters and at Anvil, they'll have the opportunity to fight for a living because that's what they were trained to do. Billy explains that they joined up because they wanted to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and they'll find that at Anvil.

Micro hacks Homeland Security.

Sam reports on the upcoming tactical attack on the Greeks. Once the buyer makes the payment, the team moves in. Dinah steps in and lectures him on the errors that he made in setting things up. Once everyone else leaves, Dinah says that it was good but she made it better. She explains that Hernandez came to make sure she towed the line, and talks about how Hernandez recruited her as an American, not an Iraqi-born. Dinah tells Sam that he should be proud of the work he's done and leaves.

Lewis and the others undergo training and one trainee is unable to complete his exercises. As Billy looks on, Lewis helps him as best he can.

As Micro hacks the Homeland files, Frank plays the guitar that Micro bought at a pawn shop. The hacker finds the guns and discovers that Homeland has warned the other agencies off. Frank figures that they'll need a ride.

Carjackers are questioning prisoners when Frank comes in and pulls the pin on a hand grenade. He holds the lever down and tosses the pin on the floor, and then tosses the grenade at them and takes cover. The Greeks fire on him, and the grenade doesn't explode. Once Frank kills them, he regags the prisoner and Micro comes in and says that the Greeks were taking out a dead man in a wheelbarrow. Frank tells him not to puke and leave DNA at the scene, and tells Micro to get used to the violence. He then takes one of the cars and they drive off.

The next day, Curtis tells Billy about what Lewis has been going through. He warns that Billy won't be doing Lewis any favors if he puts him in the field, and figures that Lewis will snap eventually. Billy then talks to Lewis privately and asks him about the foxhole he dug. Lewis claims that it was a project to keep him busy, and insists that he's fine. Billy warns him that their business is based on trust and he can't take the risk, and Lewis wonders if Curtis told him. When Billy says that it doesn't matter, Lewis figures that Curtis spiked him. Billy says that Curtis saved his life and he'll find Lewis work if he needs it. Lewis doesn't buy it and tells Billy that he's another liar in command, and Billy orders Lewis to leave.

That night, Dinah is in a command van coordinating efforts.

Frank tells Micro that it's time to go. Micro says that he can't do it, and Frank tells him that it's a two-man job so Micro doesn't have a choice. He doesn't want to hear excuses, and says that Sarah told him that Micro never got his hands dirty before. Micro picks up his gun and leaves with Frank.

The Homeland teams move into position, and Dinah reports that the weapons are coming in. Micro is monitoring their communication, and then feeds music over their comms to jam them. Frank gets in the truck and tosses the driver and passenger out of the cab. Meanwhile, Dinah calls Sam and tells him that the operation is still a go.

The agents following the truck find it parked by the dock. They move in and find the cab empty, and Frank opens the rear, fires a flamethrower near them, and tells them to toss down their guns and dive into the water. They dive into the water.

Dinah sees the truck pass the same location twice and realizes that someone has put the video feed on a loop. She calls Sam and says that she's heading for the pier where the truck was going, and drives off.

Micro drives the truck off and Frank follows in the car. Dinah spots the car and follows, and Micro warns Frank. Frank sends Micro on ahead and takes off a different way, leading Dinah off. They race through the streets and Frank apparently loses her. However, Dinah gets ahead of him and they both stop, looking at each other from a block away. They then speed toward each other, playing chicken, but Micro comes out of a side street and slams into Dinah's car. Frank stops and goes over to the truck, and Micro tells him that he got his hands dirty. His partner tells him to go over, and then pulls the unconscious Dinah out of the wreckage of her car. He checks her for injuries and she realizes who he is. When Dinah tries to go for her gun, Frank easily takes it away and checks her ID. She asks if he killed Carson, and Frank tells her that he did and he was dirty. He advises her to stay out of his way and walks off, and her car explodes.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 25, 2017

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