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Gunner Recap

Dinah wakes up in her apartment and remembers the truck that blindsided her. She checks her injuries and remembers seeing Frank, then gets dressed.

At the warehouse, Micro complains that Frank shouldn't have rescued Dinah. Frank doesn't want to hear it, and Micro warns that their lives got a lot more complicated. When he complains that if Frank got captured, he never sees his family, Frank tells him that he's going to see Sarah and leaves.

As he works on Sarah's car replacing the broken headlight, Frank talks with Leo. Zach comes up on a skateboard and asks why Frank is there. Leo points out that he didn't have a skateboard when he left that morning and asks where her brother got it, and he ignores her. Leo goes in and says that Sarah should invite Frank to dinner to show their gratitude. Micro watches on the surveillance cameras as Frank comes in and Leo invites him to dinner. Sarah agrees, and Zach comes in and says that it's been a while since Frank needed a home-cooked meal. He runs off, and Sarah tells Frank not to mind her son. Frank accepts the invitation as Micro watches.

Hernandez and Sam are working on the case, and Hernandez wonders why they left Dinah alive. She comes in and talks about how someone "killed" her car. Dinah says that she isn't going to let it go, and Hernandez asks her what she's bringing to the table. She sends Sam out and then tells Hernandez that she led her team into an ambush and she isn't going to sit at home. Hernandez assures her that she did it all by the book, and warns that OIG going to investigate. He says that the agents think that Dinah is a badass, and asks if there's anything she needs to tell him. Dinah doesn't mention that Frank was involved.

That night, Dinah looks at a photo of Frank being decorated to confirm that she's the man she saw. Billy calls and leaves a message on her voice mail inviting her on another date. Dinah ignores it and looks at photos of Karen and Ahmad.

Micro is looking at the footage of Ahmad being executed when Frank comes in and says that Zach is an asshole just like Micro. The hacker shows him the footage and says that someone in Frank's unit risked his life to film it. Looking at the filming angle, Frank realizes that Gunner was holding the camera. He explains that Gunner knew what they were doing was wrong, and Micro suggests that he knows who Agent Orange is.

At CIA HQ, Rawlins is lecturing agents about how they defend American citizens by identifying threats to the American way of life.

Dinah brings in Karen, and Karen asks if her injuries have anything to do with the accident at the docks. She points out no police report was filed, and asks Dinah if she cares to comment. Dinah asks her not to report anything until the full story is clear, and Karen asks if she trusted Carson. Off the record, Dinah admits that Carson was dirty and that was what was probably got him killed. Karen avoids saying that she knows who killed Carson, and Dinah asks her if she tends to get involved. She notes that Karen was part of Frank's defense team, and he abducted her but left her alive. Karen says that she had nothing to fear from Frank, and his story is a tragedy. Dinah asks her if Frank ever talked about Kandahar, and explains that she was there and Frank might have been the person she needed to talk to. Karen insists that he's dead and they should leave it that way.

Later, Dinah calls Sam in and tells him to track down all of the soldiers who might have been in the room when Ahmad was executed. Frank and Gunner are on the list among others. Sam points out that Dinah is chasing down a case that no one cares about and refuses to check the soldiers. Dinah goes after him and tells him that Frank stole the guns and pulled her out of the car. She wonders why Frank saved her life, and Sam warns that with the guns Frank stole he's going to kill a lot of people. He tells her that if they ask him a direct question then he's not going to lie.

Rawlins listens to a recording of Dinah and Sam talking about the list.

Micro shows Frank an email from Karen, and after reading it Frank tells him that he'll be back. They meet on the river and Karen tells Frank about Dinah's questions. He admits that he pulled Dinah out of a burning car, and that Micro is alive and faked his death to protect his family. Frank talks about how he came home early from his second deployment, and discovered that his son Frank Jr. has painted a picture of a Marine on the wall. Frank Jr. said that Marines scare off bad guys, and when Frank isn't there it was his job to protect their girls. Frank figures that his family was better off without them, and he needs to find the bastards who killed them and kill them himself. Karen wonders where it ends, and what he'll have after he's done. She tells him to use her or Dinah expose them rather than turn them into martyrs, and Frank says that he can't go after them and keep Karen safe. He refuses to let what happened to his family happen to her, and gently kisses her on the cheek before walking off.

The OIG agent questions Sam and Dinah. She says that she's confident that she did everything she could, and Sam claims that he set up the operation. Dinah insists that she has no idea who the man she chased was. The OIG agent asks if Sam has any suspects, and he hesitates.

Sam comes out of the interview room and Dinah joins him in the elevator. He figures that she knew he wouldn't tell, and Dinah says that once they find the soldiers on the list, one of them can give them Frank. Sam agrees to check it out for a week and then go to Hernandez.

CIA Director Marion Jones presents Rawlins with the Distinguished Intelligence Medal, and thanks him for his sacrifices to take targets out of the game. Rawlins asks her to come by and see her later.

Micro tells Frank that Gunner is off the grid and the only thing in the system is the deed to his family's land and the cabin on it. Frank packs to leave and tells Micro that he isn't coming. He warns that he doesn't have time to look after Micro, but Micro won't take no for an answer. As they drive to Gunner's land, Micro talks about how Cerberus means "Spot" in Greek. They eat en route and Frank complains that Micro didn't make him a sandwich.

Rawlins visits Marion in her office and offers him a drink. She admits that she's moving up to a Cabinet post and wants Rawlins as her deputy director. Rawlins warns that State and Defense won't like it, and Marion asks if there are any skeletons in his closet. He assures her that there isn't, and says that he'll be honored to work with her.

The next day, Frank and Micro arrive at Gunner's property and Frank tells him to stay at the van while he goes in. Micro gives him a radio so he can reach him if necessary, and Frank goes in on foot. Meanwhile, Micro waits at the van and reads a book.

Frank comes to a tripwire and avoids it, and continues to the cabin. He calls to Gunner and puts down his gun, and yells that he just wants to talk. No one answers and Frank peers into the window. Gunner shoots him in the shoulder with an arrow, and Frank breaks the shaft off. When Gunner approaches him, Frank yells that he wasn't part of it and they killed his family, and he killed Schoonover. After a moment, Gunner apologizes for shooting and about Frank's family. Frank asks him if he knows who Agent Orange is, and Gunner admits that he doesn't. He explains that a kid on the base loaned him his knife, and when the kid got killed Gunner went to pay his respects. The CIA was using the corpse to move heroin, and a man named Bennett ran the mortuary with Agent Orange.

A chopper approaches, and Gunner and Frank hear it. Micro hears it as well and warns Frank via the radio. Soldiers move in and Rawlins in his office monitors the operation via their helmet cams. Gunner shoots and kills one of them, and takes cover with Frank as the soldiers open fire on them. A punji trap takes out one, and Frank glares into his helmet cam and then uses the wounded man as cover to shoot another.

Micro sends up a drone to check the area.

A soldier wounds Gunner, and another hits Frank in the side. They move in and Gunner tells Frank that he can still fight. Meanwhile, Micro picks up everyone on the drone and tells Frank where their opponents are. Gunner and Fran kill the first two and run. Then Frank takes the next two out with sniper shots.

As the last two men move through the shoulder, Gunner takes out one and Frank emerges from hiding to kill the last one. He glares at the camera and says that he's coming for Rawlins, and Gunner collapses. Frank helps him up and carries him to the van.

Sarah and her children wait at the dinner table and stare at the empty place set for Frank. Zach wonders how long they're going to wait, and Sarah says that they can eat as she looks at the disappointed Leo.

Gunner finally can't go any further and tells Frank that it's okay that he can't get him out. He asks Frank to bury him, and Frank tells him to stay there while he gets help. Frank continues on and finally collapses from his own wound. The last thing he sees is the drone overhead.

Dinah meets Billy at a bar and he asks if she had a tough day. She says that she doesn't know if she made the right call on a tough decision, and he says that he also had a shitty day. Dinah asks him what they're going to do about it, and Billy asks what she has in mind. They end up at her apartment, rip off each other's clothes, and have sex with Dinah on top.

Micro goes to Frank's position and finds him unconscious on the ground. He carries Frank to the van and treats his wound, then drives back to the warehouse and tells the unconscious Frank that everything is going to be okay. Frank wakes up and admits that there might be hope for Micro yet.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 25, 2017

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