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The Judas Goat Recap

The Liebermans and the Castles set the table for Thanksgiving, and they offer a toast to Frank, welcoming him home. Lisa gives Frank a paper hand-turkey, and it multiples into hundreds of butterflies. Frank discovers that he's tied to the chair, and three soldiers come in and gun down the two families.

Frank wakes up from his nightmare and realizes that he's in the warehouse. He remembers Gunner asking him to bury him on his land.

Curtis is asleep in his apartment when a man knocks on his door. After grabbing his gun, Curtis goes to answer it and discovers that it's Micro. He says that Frank is dying.

The two men go to the warehouse and Curtis discovers that Frank is septic. He tells Micro that they have to remove the arrowhead and that Micro has to hold Frank still. They roll Frank over and push the arrow out through Jack's back since they can't pull it out. Curtis removes it and pours alcohol on the wound, then staples the incision closed and cauterizes the wound. He offers Micro the alcohol and the hacker takes a big swig. Curtis asks why Micro went after Frank, pointing out that he's the one who got Frank in trouble. He wonders if it will make any difference.

The next morning, Dinah and Billy are having sex in her apartment for the second time. Once they're done, Billy goes to the bathroom and when he comes back, finds her using her phone. He notices an ICE file about Frank on the end table and asks what it is. Dinah says that it's work, and Billy figures that she's using him. He asks why she's pissing on the memory of a dead man, and Dinah says that she's just not telling Billy everything. Billy points out that they never found Frank's body, and Dinah gets dressed to go to work.

Micro is playing guitar at the warehouse and then goes to give Frank his regular injection. Frank wakes up and says that he has to get Gunner, and Micro tells him that Gunner is dead. He says that he took care of it and Gunner is going to get a proper burial. Frank thanks him.

At the support meeting, O'Connor says that he got spit on and got a service medal. He tells the others that they were lucky to get a thank-you, and Curtis asks why he's so angry when he did his duty. O'Connor says that the others need to hear an alternative, and Curtis asks him where Lewis is. The older vet says that Lewis knows the truth and that words aren't going to win the fight. Curtis describes how they gave him a goat, wounded it, and sent Curtis to save his life. He figures that they're going to get got eventually, and admits that he's all out of answers for them. As for the goat, he died eventually of just too much.

Micro watches Sarah talking to Leo about her math test. Leo says that Zach is outside on his skateboard, and Sarah yells at him to come in. Frank wakes up as Sarah figures that Zach stole the skateboard. He slaps Leo and says that she snitched on him, and if she didn't then she'll do it in the future. He hits the family picture and storms off.

Sam tells Dinah that Gunner turned up dead on a mountain in Kentucky. She calls the local sheriff and Sam figures that they're going to Kentucky.

Micro reapplies Frank's dressing, and Micros' radio picks up a recording of someone calling for "Raven". He explains that he's been monitoring radio chatter, and Frank explains that it's Billy and Frank's call-sign was Raven. Micro wonders if they have to worry about Billy if he thinks Frank is alive, and Frank says that Billy is a life-and-death friend. He admits that he doesn't know why Billy is calling him.

Lewis and O'Connor are outside a courthouse handing out 2nd Amendment pamphlets with O'Connor, A policeman comes over and O'Connor explains that a teacher is inside being tried for taking a gun into his classroom. When the officer tells them to move on, Lewis cites the law and says that they're free to hand out pamphlets. The officer makes it clear that they have to move on, and O'Connor is willing to move on. However, Lewis tells the officer that he's making up the rules and they pay his salary, and the officer claims that Lewis reached for his gun. He slams him to the sidewalk as O'Connor walks away.

Dinah and Sam examine where Henderson was killed, and Dinah figures that someone was there bleeding as well. She finds the shell casing and figures that a well-armed team showed up and got their asses kicked by Gunner and the man who carried him away. Sam realizes that Dinah thinks Frank was the other guy, and she tells him to check the blood DNA.

Micro makes food for himself and Frank, and Frank asks how he and Sarah cooked for Thanksgiving. Frank remembers the Thanksgiving meal in his nightmare, and talks about how Maria always did the cooking. He describes how he can always see Maria when he closes his eyes, and explains that they were far from perfect but when he thinks about her, all the shitty stuff goes away. Micro asks if Frank is going to call Billy, and Frank tells him that Billy was part of his second family. He and Billy served together and they got each other's backs, and Frank doesn't believe that Billy would be tray him.

Dinah is going over photos of Gunner's shooting when Sam tells her that the blood on the scene matches Frank's DNA. She figures that whoever doesn't want Kandahar to come out sent a death squad to kill Gunner and Frank. Dinah tells Sam that they have to find Frank, and gets an idea.

Curtis is setting up the meeting room when Lewis comes in and asks why Curtis bailed him out. The older vet figures that there wasn't anyone else, and tells Lewis that his going back into a warzone is the worst thing he could do. Curtis asks where O'Connor was, and figures that he didn't call when Lewis called. He explains that he pulled O'Connor's records, and he never served in Vietnam or served in combat. As the other vets come in, Curtis invites Lewis to stay. After a moment, Lewis turns and walks out.

Dinah meets Billy on a pier and asks him to tell her about Frank. He asks what she knows, and Dinah tells him that Frank is alive. Billy figures that she's telling the truth, and Dinah says that she has to bring Frank in. She asks Billy can do it, and explains that Frank went after the Kandahar case himself and got hurt, and now he needs help. Dinah warns that Frank will get killed, and Billy says that he'll put out feelers. Billy says that he likes that he trusted her with it, and she jokingly says that he's not getting a key to his apartment.

Billy goes to the community center and asks Curtis if he's seen Frank. Curtis avoids the question and Billy tells him that Frank is alive. He says that he needs to find Frank and help him, and the government is after their friend. Billy wants to get Frank out free and clear for failing him before.

Later at the warehouse, Curtis tells Frank that he lied for him. He advises to take Frank whatever Billy is offering, and Frank tells him to do what he thinks is right. Exasperated, Curtis walks out as Billy keeps putting out the unit call-sign on the radio. Micro asks Frank if he trusts Billy, and if he does then he should talk to him.

O'Connor is at home drinking and watching TV when there's a knock on his door. He answers it and lets Lewis in, and Lewis reveals that he knows all about O'Connor's Army records. When O'Connor tries to deny it, Lewis questions him about something he would have known if O'Connor was in Vietnam. O'Connor claims that he forgot, and Lewis starts beating him. O'Connor goes for a knife and the two men fight, and Lewis ends up stabbing O'Connor in the stomach. He keeps stabbing and watches as O'Connor dies.

Frank meets Billy at the pier and finds him there with two beers. Billy hugs his friend and they sit down to drink, and Frank says that the less people that knew he was alive. His friend warns that Dinah figures that Frank is alive, and explains that Anvil did work for the government. Frank figures that it was more than just talking, and says that the CIA was selling heroin out of Kandahar. Gunner found out and tried to blow the whistle, and they killed him for it.

Billy asks why Frank does let Homeland handle it, and if it's what Maria wanted for him. He offers to get Frank a new identity if he works for him.

At the warehouse, Micro looks around the empty rooms. He fiddles with the radio and sees Frank meets with Sarah on the surveillance monitors. Frank apologizes for missing dinner and claims that he had an accident, and she says that she trusts him. Sarah gets a glass of wine for herself and says that it's been a rough week. She talks about how Zach is a bully and Leo beats herself up if she gets less than an A. Sarah tells Frank that she doesn't know how to stop the hurt and they're bleeding out, and Frank tells her that things are going to get better for her. He admits that he prefers being alone and hides in it, and the only way out is to find something that she cares about. Sarah asks if Frank has found something to do that for him, and he tells her that maybe he has. He then says that things are going to get better for the Lieberman family real soon, and glances up at the hidden surveillance cameras.

At the pier, Billy and his men are loading cases onto a ship. Billy checks his watch and gets into his SUV, drawing a gun. Rawlins is inside, and Billy tells him that Frank isn't coming.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 25, 2017

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