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That Is Not Miami Recap

Montana, 1966

Hector finds a slaughtered carcass in the field. Something flies at him, and Hector runs into the house yelling to Marina that Arnold is having a nightmare. Marina goes into Hector's room and whispers to the sleeping boy to make it go away or dream it into something nice. The creature breaks into the house and advances on Hector... and disappears.


In Wendimoor, the Beast is sitting on a throne in an abandoned castle, playing with a ball. A nearby fountain bubbles and steams, and then Dirk and Todd shoot out of it. Todd figures that they're in Wendimoor, but Dirk warns that he's jumping to extradimensional conclusions. He asks Todd what his plan is, pointing out that he got the Boy and all the people at the hospital killed. Dirk says that he's met Priest before and he kills people, and worries that they'll lose Farah and Tina like they lost Sherlock. He insists that the case is over but, Todd suggests that Hector might not be the Boy. His friend is unconvinced, pointing out that he can bring the Boy to Wendimoor if he's already in Wendimoor. After a moment, Dirk laughs and says that he quits being a detective. He refuses to be a participant in any more of what has happened to him. Todd reminds him that Dirk promised him that solving the case would find his sister, and everything will eventually connect. Dirk refuses to move, and Todd tells him that he'll solve it on his own and walks out.

The Beast peers over the throne and shrieks, and then crawls around and yanks Dirk off of the throne.

Amanda practices her visions with Wakti, and sees the Dengdamors and the Trosts killing each other. Wakti tells her that what she sees is only one possible future, and there are greater things to fear than death. The witch says that when the Boy returns, he will repair everything that has gone wrong... or they will all die. Amanda refuses to go home and pretend that everything is fine, and insists that she can fix it. Wakti explains that there is a war between Order and Chaos coming in Amanda's world, and she will be the one who unites people will powers. Amanda promises to come back but says that she can't let people die. Wakti tells her that when she returns to her world, she must gather the tools because the universe is broken and only Amanda can fix it.

Outside, Amanda tells Farson that he's going home. She points out that his running away made things worse, and explains that she's seen death. Amanda refuses to let him hide out, saying that it gives the problem all of the power, and if she doesn't take him home then something bad will happen.

Frija tells her family that the Trosts have kidnapped and murdered her son Farson, and they have all lost allies and friends. She vows to stand their ground and defend their place, and deal death to the Trosts. Silas looks on, concerned. Afterward, Silas prepares to send a warning to the Trosts. Wygar warns him that he is betraying his family, but Silas reminds him that Panto said that the Trosts didn't take Farson. After a moment, Wygar relents and Silas sends a message via parrot. He then warns Wygar that it's their only hope unless the Boy is found. Wygar says that there is no other world and no one is coming to save them, and Silas walks off.

Todd runs through the forest calling for Amanda. He sees a train fly over head, and then runs off as the Bobo watch from hiding.

Litzbitz Trost receives Silas' message asking to meet her at the bridge. Her warrior Bigby warns that it's a trap, and Litzbitz quickly hides the message as her father Jeppum and his warriors come in. Litzbitz says that they don't have to go to war, and Jeppum points out that they're already at war. He asks if Litzbitz will fight in Panto's name, and Litzbitz says that he's a fool. Disgusted, she walks out.

Dirk wakes up and finds the Beast staring at him. She has him leashed with vines, and says that he's her boyfriend now. The Beast isn't interested in his explanations, and offers him a hamburger that grew on a vine. She demands that he eats, and Dirk admits that it's really good.

Todd continues searching for Amanda and finds the wagon cage he saw in his vision at the Kellum camp. The Bobo capture him in a net and finally cut him down. He loses the air gun, but they run away when they see it. Silas arrives and holds Todd at scissor-point, and Wygar steps up behind Todd. They put him in Chinese paper handcuffs, and Silas and Wygar examine Todd and the air gun. Silas figures that Todd is in liege with the Mage, and Todd insists that he's anti-Mage. He explains about coming from Montana, and Wygar figures that he's insane. Todd offers to show them Dirk, and Silas realizes that it's Dirk from the prophecy. Relieved, Silas hugs Wygar and figures that they're all saved.

Amanda and Farson head through the forest and Farson finally tells Amanda that she doesn't know what it's like being with Frija and talking about war and retaliation. Amanda isn't impressed and points out that he'll be a hero for ending the war. Litzbitz and her warriors confront them and realize who Farson is, and that he's alive. She says that she's on her way to meet Silas, and tells them to come with her to meet Silas. Lord Triangle is nearby and sees them go.

The Beast works on Dirk's hair and then jumps into his lap. Dirk talks about how he never got ahead of the case, and figures that he's missing something. He mentions the boat in the field, and the Beast takes him to a ruin of the boat on the wall. There is another mural showing the Purple People Eater.

Todd tells Farson that Panto is back in his world, and realizes that Farson and Panto are a thing. Farson admits that they're in love even though their families are at war, and Todd suggests that they find Dirk and he'll explain everything. However, first Farson tells him that they have to meet Litzbitz.

The mural shows what happened in Bergsberg, and the Beast tells Dirk that it's been there forever. Dirk finds a sketch of the Cardenas with a second boy, and figures that Arnold wasn't the Boy.

As they wait at the badge, Amanda asks the warriors what they like. Silas, Todd, and Wygar arrive and Todd and Amanda see each other. Amanda figures that Dirk is there nearby, and Silas finally interrupts. He says that someone among the Trosts must answer for Farson's disappearance. Farson steps forward and explains that he ran away, and Todd says that Panto is in Bergsberg. He mentions Dirk, and Silas insists that he loves Panto and didn't take him.

As Silas says that they fulfill the prophecy, Jessup and his men arrive armed with rifles. Frija and her warriors arrive, and Wygar admits to Silas that he betrayed him to protect him. The two sides face off, and Amanda yells at them that they're all being played. Farson insists that there can still be peace, and the Kellum army is coming. The Mage provided the rifles to further incite the violence. Lord Triangle shoots Farson from hiding, and each side assumes the other is responsible.

The fighting breaks out and Litzbitz is killed as she frees Todd. Todd and Amanda climb down the vines hanging from the bridge and run off. Amanda wants to go back to the village, insisting that they have to find Wakti. Todd wants to find Dirk and leave, and Amanda disagrees and runs off.

Suzie arrive at the village and Wakti steps forward to greet her. The Earth woman says that the Mage quit and she's going to be Queen of Wendimoor. The tome says that Wakti is the only other magical being in Wendimoor, and Wakti tells Suzie that she will eventually feel small again. Suzie tells her to kneel, and attacks with the wand.

As Todd and Amanda arrive, they find the villagers running in terror. They enter the village and find it torn apart, Wakti's corpse in the wreckage. Amanda blames herself for fleeing, and tells Todd that he came there out of guilt. Todd says that it could just be a drawing, but Amanda refuses to abandon people like Todd has. Wygar and his men arrive and accuses Todd of betraying all of them.

Silas returns to the Dengdamor castle and Frija says that Silas stood by while they killed his brother. She asks what is wrong with him, and says that she wishes that they had shot Silas instead of Farson. Frija vows that there will be much more blood, and Silas leaves without a word.

Triangle and his soldiers step onto the bridge and look at the corpses, and Triangle says that it has come to pass just as the Mage foretold. Suzie arrives and tells them that she has taken the Mage's place as their rightful ruler. Triangle realizes that she holds the apprentice's wand, and Suzie transforms herself into an evil queen. The Kellum troops bow to her as she laughs in triumph.

Dirk tries to work out what he's still missing. The murals match the drawings in the Cardenas house, but Arnold never mentioned a brother. Dirk sees one of the figures snoring, and remembers that Arnold said it was going to be real, not that it was real. He figures that the Boy could make things real while he dreamed, and realizes the solution. He then apologetically yanks the Beast off of her feet and runs off.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 26, 2017

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