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Eye of the Storm Recap

A hurricane is heading toward Houma, and Will warns Swamp Thing about it. Swamp Thing knows that it will be the worst storm in fifty years, and he can't do anything about it. He explains that he must stay with the swamp since he's a part of it.

Back at the Kipp house, Will is preparing to board the place up when Leslie Fonti arrives and tells Will that she has a sister. Tressa comes out and says that her sister died a long time ago, and walks inside. Leslie follows her inside and Tressa doesn't want to hear her excuses. She says that their mother was in the hospital and kept asking Tressa if she had found Leslie, and Tressa had to keep telling her no. Leslie insists that she never meant to hurt Tressa, and leaving home was not her idea. She admits that she did stupid things as a kid, and their mother kicked her out. Leslie explains that she had nowhere to go, and her husband Dmitri died. Tressa tells her that it doesn't change a thing between them, and Leslie reminds her sister that the house is half hers and she's staying there until they work things out.

Crying, Tressa goes out into the swamp and twists her ankle in a root. She blames Leslie, and Swamp Thing comes out to help Tressa. He offers to listen to her problems, and Tressa explains that a long time ago Leslie left a note and took off to see the world. Swamp Thing advises Tressa to let the pain go, and points out that Tressa may not have another chance to see her sister.

At the house in her guest room, Leslie calls Avery Winslow and says that she needs to speak to him about LDDB. The receptionist says that he's out, and Leslie says that she'll call back. She takes a revolver out of her purse, and then hides it as Will knocks on the door. He has extra candles, and Tressa comes in behind him. She says that she spent their mother's estate to look for Jim, and Leslie assures her that it's okay. Will and Tressa leave to finish boarding up the house, and Leslie takes out several computer disks and a photo of her and Dmitri.

At a hotel in Houma, Raul Espinosa makes a call and says that he met Leslie at a party with Dmitri. He assures her employer that he and his associate Gerard will find Leslie, as the other man cleans his gun.

Tressa tells Will that Leslie thrives in trouble, and he suggests that she just wants to ask Tressa for help but doesn't know how. Leslie comes out and asks to ride into town with Houma to help Tressa get supplies, and won't take no for an answer. In town, the sisters gather food and Leslie sees Raul. He sees her as well and heads across the street, and Leslie tells Tressa to go. They drive off before Raul can reach them, and he sees the "Swamp Tours" sign on the back of Tressa's jeep.

Will tells Swamp Thing that he caught a glimpse of Leslie's gun, and worries that Leslie is in danger. Swamp Thing warns him that they're all in danger, and Will should get home to help his mother and aunt.

That night, the hurricane hits Houma. Raul returns to his hotel room and tells Gerard to get dressed because he's found Leslie. When Raul hears the broadcast about the hurricane, he figures that Leslie is trapped in Houma.

Swamp Thing holds onto a tree as the storm sweeps through the area.

At the Kipp house, Leslie calls the station to try and find a bus out of town. Tressa comes in and Leslie claims that she's trying to visit old friends. Unimpressed, Tressa demands the truth and Will comes in with the gun Leslie hid earlier. They go down to the kitchen for tea and Leslie tells Will and Tressa that her mother told her not to come home. Eventually she backpacked across Europe and met Dmitri in Paris. They got married and later, Dmitri died in a car bomb. A few weeks earlier he gave her a key to a deposit box, and inside it were the disks. There's also a message from Dmitri to Leslie, telling her to contact Avery at Interpol and tell him that it's regarding LDDB. The disks have names and account numbers, and Leslie explains that Dmitri learned that one of his bank officers, Raul, was laundering money through Dmitri's banks. Dmitri convinced Interpol to let him infiltrate the cartel, but the cartel killed him. Will suggests that they stash the disks.

Swamp Thing continues holding on, trying to withstand the storm.

Tressa hides the disks in a secret hiding hole, and Leslie asks her to put the revolver there as well. Inside is the letter that Leslie wrote when she left. Tressa explains that she needed something to remember, and Will checks the television hooked up to the portable generator. A door bangs and Will goes to investigate. Raul and Gerard take Will prisoner and come in, and they quickly subdue Will when he tries to break free.

Swamp Thing calls to Will as lightning strikes nearby and his grip starts to slip.

As Tressa tends to Will's injuries, Raul says that he only wants the disks. Leslie doesn't believe him, and Raul threatens Tressa. Tressa claims that the disks are buried in the swamp, and Raul says that once the swamp is over, they'll go out into the swamp to get them.

Will mutters Swamp Thing's name, and Tressa warns him that their friend can't help them. he grabs a lamp and Tressa says that the eye of the hurricane is passing as everything goes quiet. Raul tells them that it's time to go out and get the disks. Tressa struggles with him, and Leslie grabs her gun. Raul shoots her as Gerard grabs Will.

Swamp Thing hears the gun shot and runs for the house.

Raul finds the disks and tells Gerard to take Will to the cellar. He tells Tressa that soon she'll be dead, but Swamp Thing grabs him from behind and throws him through the door. Raul runs off, and Swamp Thing goes to Leslie and heals her.

Once Leslie recovers, Will and Tressa take her to a bed. Tressa tells her that she doesn't have to worry about Raul, and claims that they had help from a friend.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 26, 2017

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