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A Small Step for Manly Recap

Wray puts on a spacesuit and then goes out... on the sound stage. Bobbie announces that he's there, and nobody cares. She says that she's there to manage him personally, and is dresses in a Spanish dress. Bobbie explains that she's there to impress the director, Diego Alfonso, so he can see her as an ex-dancer for the part in Doctor-Cop-Lawyer. Wray reminds her that she's supposed to get him a part, and Bobbie talks about how she's been in dancing productions before.

Bobbie advises Wray to squint to look more manly, just as Diego comes over. He introduces himself to Wray, and Bobbie cheerfully introduces herself. She dances off to find a ballet bar, and Diego assumes that she's Wray's grandmother. He has Wray wave to the clients, and says that they were expecting someone else. Wray tries to turn the conversation to Doctor-Cop-Lawyer, and Diego tells Wray that he's not right for the part because it must be played by a manly man with more men inside of him because he has spoiled many men.

Diego calls over Randy Lane, the stunt coordinator. Randy explains that he'll be doing Wray's stunts, and Wray insists that he can do his own stunts. The stunt coordinator calls a safety meeting and Wray tags along. Wray steps in and starts talking about pain to impress Diego, and Diego and Randy insist that he talk about what happened to him when he got injured on set. Everyone figures that Wray is joking, and Randy shows everyone the scar he got on Reading Rainbow.

As Randy strings Wray up, Diego tells him that he's a brave astronaut punching space debris because the Astro cereal has made him strong. Wray insists on doing his own stunts, and Randy pulls Wray up by wires in front of a green screen. Diego has him kick with a silent battle cry, and then lift his visor to say the line. Bobbie is in a dancer's outfit and brings Wray a chair when the scene is over. Wray complains about the suit until Randy comes over, and Wray insists that he can handle it.

Diego tells Wray that they've got his close-ups and now Randy will do the stunt work. Wray insists on doing it, and Randy warns Wray that the asteroids have heft to them. He wouldn't let his 9-year-old son do it, and he doesn't get paid if he doesn't do the stunt. Wray apologizes but insists on doing it, and he lifts Wray up while the new stage hand throws asteroids at Wray.

Diego brings in a satellite while Bobbie gives Wray homemade smelling salts and Randy asks if Wray is doing okay. He warns that the harness is cutting off Wray's blood flow to his lower extremities, and Bobbie insists that Wray will be manlier with one testicle than Randy with two. Randy repeats that he won't get paid if he doesn't do the stunt, and his son goes to an expensive school. Diego comes over and says that Wray reminds him of a bullfighter and asks if Wray wants to go on. Wray insists on doing it, and Randy lowers the harness up and down to "test" it.

Diego begins filming again, and Randy helpfully throws rocks at Wray. They slam satellites into Wray and Randy angrily tells Wray that he needed the money. Diego comes over and tells Wray that he's courageous, and Wray insists that he'd make a great addition to Doctor-Cop-Lawyer. Wray's mouth is so injured that he's lisping and one eye is bruised shot, and Diego knows just the part for him.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 26, 2017

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