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Crosshairs Recap

After killing O'Connor, Lewis washes the blood off of his hands and takes off his blood-covered shirt. He then grabs the shower curtain and goes to the corpse.

Later, Lewis drives home and finds Clay there instead of at work. Clay wonders what happened to Lewi's shirt, and Lewis conceals his blood-covered hands behind his back. His father gets him some coffee and warns that Lewis is going to hurt himself or someone else if he keeps going, and tells him that he'll do whatever he needs. Lewis tells Clay that there's nothing he can do, and Clay offers him some pills he took when his wife died to help him sleep. Lewis takes them and Clay says that he's a hero as far as he's concerned. As Lewis goes down to his basement room, Clay sees the pistol tucked into Lewis's pants.

Once Clay leaves, Lewis rubs at his hands in shock. He takes out the gun and puts it in his mouth, but removes it after a minute.

At the warehouse, Frank is doing chin-ups and Micro advises him to not overdo it. They then review the plans of Fort Bryon and how to get in to get Bennett. Frank figures that Rawlins was watching him, and knows that Bennett knows his true identity.

At ICE, Billy comes to see Dinah and Sam notices him. She asks what he has for him about Frank, and Billy says that he's heard nothing. Dinah insists that Frank is alive, and she explains that Frank was the only survivor in a firefight. She doesn't know who he was fighting, and Billy promises that he'll find Frank if he's alive. He hopes that once he finds Frank, they can go back to the naked thing.

Sam goes into Dinah's office, figuring that she told Billy about Frank. He's angry that she didn't tell him, and warns that she's compromising the investigation and him. Sam wonders if she's dating Billy, and she says that she won't do it again.

Micro assures Frank that he knows exactly where Bennett is. He assures him that Bennett entertains at home every Saturday night, and wonders if Frank is going to kill Bennett. Frank sarcastically suggests that Micro go in instead, and Micro tells him that he appreciates everything that Frank is doing. His partner wonders if one of the guards will try to stop him, and if he's supposed to kill him for doing his job.

Dinah looks at the photos of Gunner's corpse and then looks around her office, suspecting that it's bugged. She then talks to Sam outside her office and points out that Gunner turned up dead a day after they identified him. Dinah tells Sam about her suspicion that there's a bug in her office.

Billy meets Rawlins at a CIA safehouse in the country, and Rawlins figures that they don't have to worry about Dinah now that Gunner is dead. He assures Billy that if he goes down, Billy will go down with him. Rawlins tells Billy to use a sniper to take out Frank. Billy talks about how he figured that Rawlins is a hands-on guy from when they worked together overseas. He saw the same look on Frank's face when Frank took Rawlins' left eye, and Billy was the one who pulled Frank off of Rawlins. Rawlins sarcastically thanks him and says that Billy was only protecting his meal ticket. Unimpressed, Billy figures that Rawlins wants Frank dead so he can pretend Frank didn't make him feel like a man who wanted to die.

Changing the subject, Billy asks if they're going to warn Bennett is a coward. Rawlings figures that if they tell him, he'll either run or talk. If they kill him there'll be too many questions, so Rawlins plans to let him stay where they are and save his life when Frank goes after him.

That night at Fort Bryon, Bennett is having dinner with his mistress. He talks about his work, and his mistress pours her wine on the floor. She tells him to clean it up, and Bennett licks it up.

Frank cuts through the base fence and Micro tracks him via his drone. The hacker directs Frank past the soldiers.

The mistress engages in BDSM with Bennett. Frank comes in and the mistress yells an alert via an earbud to Billy and three mercs outside. Meanwhile, Bennett goes for his gun and Frank easily takes him down while Micro hacks Bennett's phone. Frank draws a gun on Bennett, who begs Frank not to kill him and says that they made him do what he did. Micro tells Frank that four hostiles are heading his way, and Frank drops two smoke grenades and tells Bennett not to make a sound.

The merc mask up and storm in, and Frank takes out one of them and then another. A third merc finds Bennett, and Frank knocks him out with a statue and takes his gun. Billy opens fire on the rifle with the laser site, only to discover that Frank put it on a table and moved off. Frank takes down the masked Billy with shots to his Kevlar and advises him to stay down. Micro completes the clone, and Frank jumps out a window and runs. Billy recovers and shoots at him, hitting him once in the shoulder. Realizing that Frank has escaped, Billy goes back to Bennett's quarters and tells him to say exactly what he tells him to say.

Frank takes cover in a storage depot until the soldiers move past, and Micro guides him to a tunnel. A soldier is there and orders Frank down on his knees. Frank removes his mask and walks forward, saying that he's not his enemy and doesn't want to kill him. He tells the soldier to do what he has to do, and after a moment, the soldier orders him to stop. Frank reluctantly turns and shoots him in the shoulder, and then continues on. He gets to the van and tells micro to drive.

At home, Clay is watching a replay of the Ali-Foreman fight when Lewis comes home from work. He says that work was okay and joins his father for cold pizza. When he says that boxers know who their enemy is, Clay tells him that Ali took the pain and says that Clay isn't at war anymore and life isn't a fight. Lewis wonders if Clay thinks that he's quitting, and Clay admits that he doesn't know what he needs. He tells his son that it's time to fight for himself.

Micro pulls over and Frank complains that he should have killed Bennett when he had the chance. His partner tells him that the operation was a success and they outthought Rawlins. Micro continues to monitor Bennett's phone, and Frank talks about how he had to shoot the soldier because Bennett abused the man's loyalty. He vows to kill every single enemy he comes across. Bennett's phone starts moving and they drive after him.

Lewis goes to a hardware store and buys supplies. Back home in his basement, he makes shrapnel bombs while O'Connor's body sits nearby in a chair.

The next day, Bennett complains to Billy and Rawlins that they knew Frank was coming for him. Rawlings claims that they just got the intelligence, and he had to dismiss the whole thing as a secret training exercise. Bennett wonders why Billy and his team were already there if they just got the intelligence, and figures that they used him as bait. Billy points out that Bennett would be dead without them, and Bennett says that Frank didn't say anything or take anything. He asks what they're going to do, and Rawlins says that he'll set him up with a new identity and make a new life with the money Rawlins made him. Billy has Bennett empty his pockets, including his phone.

As they drive to Rawlins' home, Micro talks about getting back to his family and their reaction. Frank says that he left a pregnant wife at home and came back to find a son who didn't recognize him. He knows that Micro has been secretly watching his family, and advises him not to let Sarah find out about it. Micro asks if he regrets refusing Billy's offer, and Frank figures that it'll be there when they're done.

Dinah and Sam search Dinah's office for bugs and finally locate one. Out in the hallway, Sam admits that he missed a date. Dinah warns him that she'll always play second fiddle to the job, and tells him that the job isn't compatible with family or friends. Sam tells her that she reminds him of Frank, and she insists that she's about the law.

That night, Frank and Micro arrive at the safehouse and they figure that Bennett ran to Agent Orange. Frank grabs a sniper rifle and goes in.

Billy takes Bennett to a cheap apartment they're using as a safehouse. Bennett says that Special Forces soldiers always bugged him, and finds the mistress' corpse on the bed. Her throat is cut, and Billy stabs Bennett with a retractable knife his sleeve. Bennett tries to crawl to a phone, and Billy rips it out of the wall and admits that he never liked him, either.

Frank finally gets a bead on Rawlins and recognizes him from Kahandar. Meanwhile, Billy calls Rawlins and tells him that Bennett is dead. Frank fires the shot... and it hits the bulletproof glass in front of Rawlins' face. The lights and alarms go up, and Frank runs for the van as Rawlins looks out into the darkness.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 27, 2017

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