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Cold Steel Recap

Billy treats his face and hair, gets dressed for the day, and checks himself in the mirror. He then goes to a hospital and the nurse, Katie, says that the female patient is doing the same. Once Katie leaves, Billy talks to the paralyzed woman Carla about how an old friend of his is back in town and plans to take everything away from him. He tells the woman that she's the only person in the world that he can be honest with, and gives her a drink of water. She starts twitching, and Billy talks about how she treated him hard growing up. Carla stares at him as Billy tells her that he's doing her a favor by giving her time to think, and whips off the sheets to reveal that the woman is strapped to the bed. He gives her an injection and Carla calms down, and then he takes her hand and says that he had given her the world if she wanted him. Billy then kisses his mother on the cheek, says that he'll see her in a week, and leaves.

At the warehouse, Micro runs the image of Rawlins from Frank's scope recording and confirms that he's the director of covert ops at the CIA. The Rawlins are old money and Micro worries that Rawlins is tracing them. Frank figures that he isn't or a hit team would already be there, and points out that Rawlins has covered up his invading a military base and Rawlins had Bennett dead, and they're sitting pretty. Micro discovers that the cameras in his house are done, and angrily tells Frank to go over and check on his family.

Billy and Dinah are having sex in her shower and afterward, she gets dressed and notices a scar on his stomach. He says that it's a battle scar and checks Dinah for scars, and talks about how one of his scars came from a volunteer at a group home that tried to molest him. Dinah says that he's sorry he had to go through that, and asks if he ever looked for her mother. Billy claims that he hasn't and warns that there's no such thing as storybook endings.

Frank peers through the windows of the Lieberman house, and startles Sarah as she comes out the backdoor. He offers her flowers as an apology for missing dinner, and Sarah invites him in for a drink. Frank accepts. She explains that she's relaxing by unplugging everything, and was trying to punish Zach. However, Sarah let him go out with his friends rather than listen to him complain about being unplugged from the Internet all day. She asks if Frank just turns off his phone because he hopes that it doesn't ring,

Dave nervously flicks his phone open and closed, and considers calling Frank.

At the ICE, Dinah tells Sam that Frank reached out to an arms dealer on the watchlist to buy ammo. They have to wait for Frank to set the meet. Sam comments that Dinah likes them pretty, and Dinah tells him to drop it.

Frank plugs the Internet back in. Micro is cursing when the surveillance cameras come back up. Sarah offers Frank another glass of wine and talks about how David used to disappear every Sunday night for every 20 minutes. He went to fill up her gas tank because he knew she hated it. Sarah points out that Frank never talks about his wife, and he says that she was a special woman and she's gone. She talks about how they still have their own lives, and Frank tells her that she's too hard on herself when it isn't her fault. Sarah invites him to stay for supper, and Frank tells her that he has things to do. Micro watches as she impulsively kisses Frank. He backs off and Sarah apologizes, saying that it was weird and blames it on the wine. Frank assures her that it's not a problem and leaves.

Back at the warehouse, Micro asks Frank why he took flowers. Frank says that he needed an excuse to be there, and they're the same flowers that his wife Maria liked. Micro pours himself a drink and says that he doesn't blame Frank or Sarah for kissing each other.

Rawlins meets Billy near shut-down factories and talks about how now the markets rule everything. He says that they have to go after Frank because he's the last witness, and Billy warns that it will put them in the middle of a government operation. He points out that it will expose the bug they have in Dinah's office, but Rawlins assures him that everything checks out and they have to take the chance. Billy warns that he'll have to hire outside operatives, and Rawlins wonders if he's worried about going against Dinah. His partner assures Rawlings that Dinah is a means to an end, and tells Rawlins that he's not worried about going up against anyone.

Dinah briefs her team warning that their targets won't come quietly. Afterward, she tells Sam that the whole thing is a setup and they'll see who shows up looking for Frank. Dinah has Sam put the fake tactical plan into the computer so that whoever is bugging her will pick up on it.

That night at the warehouse, Micro plays the guitar and Frank talks about how they always have a guitar in deployment to do something while waiting. He says that he was in the park playing his guitar when he met Maria, and describes how they met while he was playing in the park. Frank has Micro describe how he met Sarah, A drunk Micro warns Frank that it won't be easy to steal his wife but it was okay that he kissed her. He gets an idea and says that they give Dinah the video and she arrests Rawlins. Frank reminds him that he promised that Rawlins would die, and Micro tells him that everyone around Frank dies but he keeps on going. He picks up the phone, and Frank knocks it out of his hand and easily avoids Micro's swing at him. Micro passes out drunk and Frank dumps him on his cot.

Billy meets with Weems and his fellow mercs, and they admit that they can't get a gig after their last mission when they fired on Iraqi civilians. He offers them a job with him leading them, and big payment so they can go to a country with no extradition, and they accept.

Micro wakes up with a hangover and asks Frank to forget everything he said except for contacting Dinah. Frank tells him to forget Dinah, just as Sarah calls his phone. When Micro says that Sarah is Frank's girlfriend, Frank insists that there will never be anyone for him except Maria. Sarah leaves a voice mail, and Micro checks it. His wife says that Zach is planning to hurt someone, and she wants Frank to call her back.

Frank goes to the Lieberman house and finds Sarah in tears. She shows him a knife that she found in Zach's backpack, and Frank tells her to take a walk while he talks to Zach.

Billy and the mercs prepare for the hit, donning masks.

Frank talks about how when he was a kid, he wanted to hurt people and he did. He asks if that's what Zach wants to do.

Billy and his team enter the target site.

Frank describes how the knife Zach has is a KA-BAR. Micro watches on the surveillance cameras, and Frank grabs Zach and puts the knife to his throat. Zach whispers to him doing, saying that he wanted the knife because he was scared and doesn't have any friends. He breaks into tears and Frank hugs him.

The team enters the abandoned building, and Dinah and her agents order them to drop their weapons. The mercs return fire, killing one man, and take cover. Billy tells Weems and the others to take the Homeland agents down, and Sam provides cover fire, taking one merc down. Dinah yells that their opponents have nowhere to go, and then covers Sam as he flanks them. Billy shoves one merc out and Dinah shoots him, and Dinah goes after the survivors as they run. She hits Weems, and Billy shoots him dead.

Dinah goes after the masked Billy, who kills one officer. Sam arrives and tells Billy to drop it and got on his knees. Billy does so, and Sam rips off his mask and sees his face. The ex-soldier cuts Sam's throat with his sleeve knife, and Dinah arrives seconds later to find her dying friend. She tries to save him but he dies in her arms.

Frank and Zach are passing a football on the street and Frank sees Micro down the street, watching. Zach goes long for a pass, and Frank tells Micro that he'll go to Dinah if that's what it takes, but Micro has to leave before Zach sees him. Micro leaves and Frank tells Zach that it was just some guy.

At home, Dinah sits in the bathtub and washes the blood off of her hands. Billy finally turns the water off and sponges the blood off of her face.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 27, 2017

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