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Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2 Recap

Oliver and the others go to the pipeline cell to confront their prisoner. He unmasks to reveal that he's Tommy Merlyn, who died on their Earth four years ago. Oliver explains that Tommy is Thea's other brother and his best friend. He asks the others for a moment alone.

In the S.T.A.R. Labs Cortex, the Legends explain about alternate timelines. However, they realize that Dark Arrow and the others are from a parallel earth. H.R. says that there's a fifty-third world, Earth-X. it doesn't have a designation because it's a place so awful no sane person would travel there. On Earth-X, the Nazis won World War II and conquered the world. Hitler died in 1994 and the Nazis have set out to rule other earths. Alex figures that they're operating from a staging area in Central City, and the team goes to work finding them.

Oliver tells Tommy what happened to him on his earth, and Tommy tells Oliver that he was born into the Reich and didn't have a choice. When Oliver asks where the staging area is, Tommy explains that Oliver is his best friend on his world. Oliver says that when he lost his Tommy, it was like losing his limb and Tommy sacrificed himself for the woman they both loved. He believes that Tommy still can be a good a man, but Tommy warns that the Fuhrer will kill everyone that he loves. Oliver promises to stop him from doing that, and Tommy tells him that he's an idiot. He dismisses Oliver's naiveté as weakness, and asks if everyone is swayed by sentiment on Oliver's Earth. Tommy says that the weak will be eliminated and the entire world will be enslaved, but Oliver won't be around to witness it. Chuckling, Tommy takes a cyanide tooth and dies before Oliver can stop him.

Dark Arrow receives a signal confirming that Tommy is dead. He tells Overgirl that Tommy died for her, and tells Eobard to focus on locating the prism. When Eobard tells him to watch his tone, Dark Arrow slams him up against a pillar. Unimpressed, Eobard reminds Dark Arrow that he can end his life before his birth. Overgirl promises to break every bone in his body if he tries, Eobard backs off and Dark Arrow asks him to locate the prism and then he will devise a plan of attack. Once Eobard leaves, Overgirl offers her condolences on Tommy's death. Dark Arrow says that he should have died in the church, and Overkill tells him to trust in his plan. She assures him that she trusts him with all of her heart and they kiss.

Felicity contacts Curtis and has him work from their end on finding the staging area. Oliver joins Felicity and he brings up how she turned down his marriage proposal. Felicity says that she loves him but doesn't want to be married to anyone. He points out that they got engaged two years ago, but Felicity asks him not change what they have. Oliver says that he wants to move forward, and Felicity insists that she'll always love him but asks him to respect her decision. After a moment, Oliver agrees.

Jax tells Caitlin and Eobard that Waverider is in the Stone Age, and with Cisco unconscious they have no easy way to find the invaders. Martin comes in and asks to talk to Jax privately. Once the others leave, Martin asks why Jax is upset with him. Jax explains that he'll have to give up Martin, but still can't be Firestorm and can't be a Legend without Martin. Martin is the closest thing Martin has had to a father, and now Martin is leaving.

Sara asks Alex if she's okay. Alex says that she is, and Sara asks if it's going to be a thing as she leaves. Kara finds Alex and asks if she's okay, and Alex says that the whole thing with Sara was a mistake. Her foster sister points out that she came to the wedding to have a good time, and Alex says that she's never has a one-night stand before. She wonders if she made a huge mistake and what she had with Maggie was real, but she chose to let her go. Kara tells her that the two of them were amazing together, and Maggie showed Alex how to be true to herself. Alex wonders if she was wrong.

Iris asks Felicity how long it will take for them to find the invaders. Felicity snaps at her and then apologizes, saying that she's dealing with Oliver stuff. Iris asks what happened between her and Oliver, and Felicity says that they're just as good as the last time they got engaged and then she got shot. It was the beginning of the end for them, and she doesn't want to tempt fate again. Before she can continue, they get an alert about a break-in at Dayton Optical Systems. The Nazis are on the surveillance camera.

Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow arrive at Dayton and Dark Arrow and his fellow villains step out to say that Dayton had something that they needed. They remove their masks and Dark Arrow asks how they feel about them. Eobard explains that he took Harrison's face again, and says that through time travel, he's there before Flash killed him. Overgirl explains that they've been watching all of them squander the potential of two worlds, while they've developed a meritocracy. She says that Kara was weakened, and Oliver tells them to go back to their earth. Dark Arrow says that his allegiance is to the Fatherland and his wife, and looks over at Overgirl. The two sides attack each other, and Arrow fires a kryptonite arrow at Overgirl. It scratches her as she catches it and Supergirl attacks her.

Ark Arrow has Overkill use her heat vision on a nearby construction site, and Supergirl flies to rescue them. Flash takes Arrow there as well, and the three of them rescue the workers and stabilize the building. The villains get the prism and escape, and Felicity and Harrison confirm that it uses quantum entanglement to provide a stable fusion reaction. Harrison tells the others that it can be converted to a neutron bomb, and Flash returns with the kryptonite arrow. He explains that the Earth-X villains are Oliver and Kara from those world, and Eobard is working with them. The arrow has Overgirl's blood on it, and Alex determines that the blood cells are infused with solar radiation. Felicity goes to work tracking the radiation.

Eobard confirms that the prism will work with a few adjustments and a sufficient power source. He tells Overgirl that Dark Arrow will have to choose between her and the Reich, and he'll choose Overgirl. Overgirl insists that Dark Arrow won't abandon their plan, and says that she'll make Dark Arrow choose the Fatherland by taking the choice out of his hands if necessary.

As the team's scientists work on tracking the radiation, Mick asks Caitlin how she brings out Killer Frost. When she explains that it happens when she's scared or angry, he tries to scare her. Harrison says that whatever is happening with Overgirl's blood is intensifying.

Barry and Iris go to the time vault to look at the files that Eobard gathered, and Barry wonders if he'll ever be done with Eobard. He can't escape the image of Eobard killing Nora, and Iris assures Barry that he'll stop him. Oliver comes in and says that they won't let Barry do it alone, and they're getting close to a location. He tells them to recognize and cherish what they have, and let it make them stronger. Barry tells him that it's the same for Oliver and Felicity, and Oliver figures that if she loved him the way that he loved her then she'd marry him. His friend assures him that Felicity loves him, just as Felicity comes in and says that the staging area at a shipping depot near Danville. Once Barry and Iris leave, Oliver tells Felicity that they'll talk later but he has to get his head in the game.

The heroes move into position and take up positions, and they prepare to go after Overgirl. Meanwhile, Iris approaches Felicity and asks if she's okay. Felicity admits that she isn't, and Iris tells her that everything will be okay. Mick comes in and admits that he missed the whole thing while he was getting a sandwich.

Arrow and Flash take out the first squad of Nazis, but more soldiers attack. Reverse-Flash speeds in, and Arrow, white Canary, and Alex attack the soldiers while Flash goes after his counterpart. Overgirl flies through, and the heroes wonder where Dark Arrow is.

Dark Arrow arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Caitlin gets Mick mustard, and Harrison is in the hallway when he runs into Dark Arrow. Harrison sounds the alarm before Dark Arrow knocks him out.

At the depot, the heroes continue fighting.. Overgirl punches Arrow, knocking him away.

Mick tells Felicity and iris to hide, and Caitlin to stay with him.

Arrow wakes up sees Overgirl choking White Canary. Fires a kryptonite arrow at Overgirl. She catches and breaks it, then fires a blast of heat vision at Arrow. However, Supergirl knocks her back.

Dark Arrow enters the cortex, and Heat Wave attacks him. the villain pins him to the wall with an arrow, and Killer Frost grabs Arrow and freezes his bow and his arms. Dark Arrow sets off an explosive charge in the bow, knocking her back, and Black Canary, Mr. terrific, and Wild Dog attack him.

Alex tries to get a bead on Reverse-Flash. He knocks her back and Flash catches her.

Dark arrow fights off the three heroes and takes them down.

At the depot, the heroes finally drop the Nazi soldiers. A Metallo comes out and hits Supergirl with a kryptonite blast. Alarms go off, and Firestorm attacks Metallo. The cyborg hits him and knocks him back, where he splits into Jax and Martin. Reverse-Flash sends the other heroes flying, and Metallo knocks out Arrow as he tries to fire an arrow.

When the heroes wake up, they discover that they have collars on them. Eobard greets them and says that it's fun for him and points out all the times that Barry has killed him. Overgirl interrupts his gloating as Dark Arrow comes in, and she warns that she doesn't know how much more she can bear the pain. He says that now that they've found her, they'll take her home and the nightmare will be over. Overgirl stands up despite the pain, and Dark Arrow says that S.T.A.R. Labs is theirs. They need Supergirl's cooperation and the others are valuable as leverage. Overgirl explains that they need Supergirl to save her life. Eobard explains that Overgirl is dying because she's been exposed to too much solar radiation. All they need is a new heart, and Supergirl is the perfect donor. Barry realizes that they stole the prism so that they could duplicate red sun radiation and operation on the two Kryptonians..

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Felicity and Iris recover from Dark Arrow's attack. Iris wonders what else is coming, and tells Felicity that she gets to sleep because she has Barry at her side. Felicity hears footsteps and they find the Nazis dumping the unconscious heroes in pipeline cells. Iris wonders what they're going to do.

Oliver and the other wake up in a concentration camp, and discover that Supergirl is gone. The heroes realize that they're on Earth-X

Written by Gadfly on Nov 28, 2017

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