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Virtue of the Vicious Recap

Lewis goes to Isaac's apartment and shoots him through the peephole. He then shoots out the lock, goes inside, and starts to take off Isaac's Anvil uniform. Lewis notices Isaac's pet parakeets in their cage and tries to let them out the window. They refuse to fly off, and Lewis goes back to Isaac's corpse.

Later at Ori's hotel suite, Detective Sergeant Mahoney interviews Billy about Lewis. Billy says that he didn't think Lewis could mentally handle contracting work and offered to find him something else. Mahoney points out that Lewis breached Anvil's security and found Isaac. Billy points out that he lost four of his men and Ori is alive, and asks if Mahoney served. He says that they expect to lose people but complete the mission, and Ori is alive. Mahoney points out that the coincidence of Billy knowing Lewis and Frank is huge, and Billy tells him to arrest him or let him go so he can call the families of his dead employees. As Billy leaves, Mahoney asks him when was the last time he talked to Frank. Billy says that it's been a couple of years, and until the day before he thought Frank was dead.

Six Hours Earlier

Ori meets with Billy and says that he wants to do the interview downstairs to show that he's no intimidated. Billy points out that if Ori wasn't intimidated, he wouldn't have hired Anvil. Billy goes to take a call from Frank and says that his offer to get him out of NYC still stands. Frank isn't interested, and warns that Lewis is coming after Ori. He says that he and Lewis have unfinished business, and tells Billy to get Ori out of there while setting up a trap and he'll set it. Billy asks to meet with him so they can do it together, but Frank tells him to keep the Anvil team out of his way and he'll handle it. Karen arrives for the interview and Billy introduces himself.


Mahoney has Ori talk him through what happened. Ori says that he's never held a gun before that day, and asks how it felt when Mahoney was shot at. The senator says that it seemed so fast, but now it plays in slow-motion in his head.

Ori's Story

Ori tells Karen that he wants to take all guns away from certain people. A gas-masked Lewis blows open the door and then tosses in a gas grenade, and shoots down Ori's security team. As Lewis shoots at Ori, the senator takes cover behind a sofa and grabs a discarded gun. Frank comes in to join him as Ori returns fire at Lewis, shoots at Frank, and runs out yelling that he'll get help. Lewis grabs Karen and holds a gun to her head.


Karen laughs at Ori's story as Mahoney relates it, and Mahoney tells her to tell him her story. He points out that Lewis and Frank came up different ways at the same time in a pincer move, and Karen tells him that they both know Frank doesn't bomb innocent civilians. She figures that Frank was there to look out for her and he's not a terrorist. Mahoney points out that the Bulletin says that Frank is a terrorist, and Karen insists that if it wasn't for Frank, Ori would be dead. He figures that Frank is crazy.

Karen's Story

Karen arrives via the elevator and Billy meets her. He points out that Karen has a concealed-gun permit and takes her gun, and assures her that she'll get it back when she goes downstairs. She points out that Ori hired an ex-military contractor for his security, and says that he served in Afghanistan.

Lewis enters the hotel wearing Isaac's Anvil uniform via the lobby and quickly walks the other way to avoid Billy, unware that Dinah is seated nearby. The vet takes the stairwell and kills the Anvil mercenary guarding the door.

Karen interviews Ori, who asks her how it felt when Lewis threatened both of their lives. He insists that the fund-raiser is for the families of the bombing victims, while Lewis kills the guard outside in the hallway. He then wires the elevator open for his escape, plants the explosives on the hotel door, and blasts his way in. Lewis kills the two Anvil mercs guarding the room and then confronts Ori as he tries to crawl away, begging for his life. The vet kicks him in the face while Karen discovers that her gun fell out of her purse. She begs Lewis not to kill Ori, just as Frank comes in and takes the shot meant for Ori on his Kevlar vest. Karen grabs her gun and leads Ori out, while Frank returns fire on Lewis.

Ori shoves Karen into Lewis and runs out, and Lewis reveals that he's wired with explosives. Using Karen as a shield, he tells Frank to drop his gun. Lewis backs out and Frank follows him, and cops arrive at the other end of the hall. The cops drop their guns when Lewis threatens to set off the bomb, and Frank promises Lewis that he'll come for him. Lewis backs into the open elevator with Karen and leaves, and the cops open fire on Frank. Frank uses the dead merc as a shield, gets around the corner, drops the body, and runs.


Mahoney questions Dinah, who figures that if Frank had meant to kill Ori and Karen then they'd be dead. The detective wonders why Frank was there, and asks why Dinah was on administrative leave until that day. She says that someone killed her partner, and Mahoney offers his condolences. Mahoney asks for her theory, and Dinah says that he worked Frank the first time around and figures that he's having trouble with the narrative. She tells Mahoney that she came to talk to a guy.

Dinah's Story

Dinah returns from administrative leave and sees Sam's empty desk. Hernandez is waiting for her and gives her her badge back. He wonders if Frank being alive vindicated what happens, and Dinah points out that if people had listened to her then the men would still be alive. Hernandez points out that she filed false tactical plans and asks what she's hiding and from who. Dinah says that she knew Frank is still alive and he's connected to Kandahar, and she found a bug in her office. After deactivating it, she explains to Hernandez what she and Sam did, and she didn't tell Hernandez because they didn't know how deep the corruption went. Hernandez points out that she doesn't have anything, and Dinah tells him that she has the name Rawlins as the man who killed Ahmad. Her mentor says that he's the director of covert operations at the CIA, and Hernandez says that all of the dead merc at her sting were ex-Special Forces. He says that she'll need her badge and leaves.

At the hotel, Dinah meets with Billy in the lobby. He says that he's busy protecting Ori, and she shows him the photos of the mercs who killed her team. Dinah points out that they work for Anvil, and Billy says that they work under anyone for the right price. He agrees to ask around about the fifth man, the one who killed Sam and escaped. Billy offers to see her that night, but Dinah tells him that it's not a good idea. She points out that he's guarding Ori from Frank, and asks if he believes that Frank is a terrorist. Billy figures that if Frank has beaten down long enough he'll change.

An alarm goes off and Billy checks in with his team. He quickly excuses himself, and Dinah starts to leave as Billy calls over the radio for more men. After a moment, Dinah heads upstairs.

After the shootout, Frank runs down the stairs and hides as a merc check the stairwell. Once the man goes back, Frank continues down and Dinah gets behind him and tells him at gunpoint to surrender. When he says that it isn't on him, Dinah says that she believes him but repeats her order. Dinah wants him to stand up in court and tell the world about Cerberus, Rawlins, and everything. Frank realizes that she's been talking to Micro and starts to walk away, and Dinah fires a warning shot. He walks toward her and tells her to shoot him, because otherwise he's walking away. As Dinah hesitates, Billy shoots Frank and the bullet grazes Frank's forehead. She demands to know what Billy is doing, and Billy says that Frank was going to shoot her. Aiming her gun at Billy, Dinah tells him to stand down or she'll charge him with obstruction. Frank hears Billy's voice as Billy says that it dies with Frank. He tells Dinah to walk away, and Dinah realizes that he killed Sam. Police come in behind Billy and arrest him, and more of them capture Dinah. Frank knocks out two of them, grabs a firehose, and rappels down the center of the stairwell.


Mahoney asks Dinah why she and Billy were pointing guns at each other, and she claims that it was a difference of opinion. She insists that she had the situation under control but Billy was going to shoot Frank. When Mahoney points out that Frank killed several of Billy's men, Dinah asks him if he has any proof that's what happened. She figures that Mahoney doesn't think Frank innocent, and asks if anyone will give Frank the chance to prove it before they shoot him down. With that, Dinah walks out.

In the hallway, Dinah draws Karen aside and figures that Karen knew Frank was alive the day that they talked. The agent says that she doesn't want powerful people to use what happened as an excuse to kill Frank, and asks Karen to help her get in touch with him. Dinah gives Karen her card, and Karen insists that Frank isn't who they say he is.


Lewis takes Karen down the elevator and orders the workers to stay away. Two cops come in, and Lewis backs away holding up the dead man's switch to the bomb on his chest.

Frank drops to the bottom of the fire hose, dislocating his shoulder, and continues on.

Lewis enters the hotel kitchen and lets Karen go. She asks what they're going to do, and Lewis insists that he's not going to go to jail. Furious, he says that he sent her letters and thought she understood. Karen tells him that it's over, and Frank staggers into the kitchen. He says that he's unarmed, and figures that maybe they are the same. Frank reminds Lewis that he told him how to defuse the claymore on Curtis, and tells Lewis to do the right thing again and let Karen go. He describes how everyone will abandon Clay because he was the father of a terrorist. Frank says that Lewis is a creature of habit, doing the same thing over and over again just like him. He says that it's just like women and their bags, and Karen picks up on his hint that she has her pistol in her bag. Karen grabs the wire from the switch to the bomb and yanks it, and then shoots Lewis in the foot as he hits the switch.

Frank pulls Karen away, and Lewis locks himself in the nearby walk-in freezer. Sobbing, Lewis rewires the switch and Frank, seeing him, tells Karen to go. Frank gets her away just as Lewis triggers the bomb, blasting the door out. Mahoney and the other cops gather outside, and Karen yells at them not to shoot. Frank leads her out as a shield, training her gun on her. He takes her into the elevator with him and leaves, and Karen hits the emergency stop. Frank gives her her gun back, tells her to take care, and then climbs out through the roof hatch.


After Karen tells Mahoney the story, she points out that it doesn't make it sound like Frank is a terrorist and they both know it. She says that if Frank is a terrorist then she's just a victim, and Mahoney figure that's not the truth. Mahoney asks where Frank is, and Karen says that she doesn't know.

Frank takes a zipline across to a neighboring building and limps off.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 30, 2017