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Danger Close Recap

Frank sits among the homeless along the river, thinking over his life.

At the power station, Micro watches Billy do a TV interview saying that the man that he once knew is a monster.

Dinah watches the newscast as Billy says that he has a close relationship with law enforcement. Furious, Dinah throws her mug at the TV screen and mutters that he doesn't get to do it.

Frank returns to the power station, covered in blood. He goes into the restroom to bandage himself up, and Micro follows him in and asks him to bring him up to date on what he's been doing. Micro figures that Billy is dirty and says that Frank needs to talk to him, and warns against Frank going after Billy. Frank lets Micro help suture up his wounds, and Micro says that they have to be smart. When he says that they're friends, Frank accuses him of betraying him by talking to Dinah. Micro points out that they agreed to talk to her together, but then Frank ran off after Lewis. He says that they're done and walks out.

Sarah and the kids are at home watching a news alert about Frank. Leo wonders where "Pete" is, and Zach angrily says that Frank's name isn't Pete. He says that everything Frank told them is a lie, and blames Sarah for letting him in. Leo wonders if Sarah thinks Frank did what they said, and Zach angrily walks off as Sarah says she doesn't know.

Dinah summons Billy to the ICE and asks him to look at some crime scene photos. When he wonders why he's there and figures that it's unofficial, Dinah says that he's a murderer that's going to pay for what he did. Billy claims that he only went there to pick her up and take her home after Sam died, and Dinah asks him if he and Frank performed illegal covert operations in Kandahar. Billy denies it and figure that Dinah is trying to blame him after she lost Frank. She turns off the video camera and offers him a deal in return for Rawlins, and realizes that Billy didn't know that she had Rawlins' name. Unimpressed, Billy says that he figures she's still haunted over the deaths of her partners. Dinah says that she's looking for Frank, but might take her time finding him. She suggests that Frank will try to kill Billy and might be waiting outside the building with a gun.

Marion comes to NYC and meets with Rawlins. She asks why Rawlins is in NYC and he admits that he acquired a lot of his information through unorthodox means. Rawlins explains that Frank has information that could be injurious to the Agency, and refuses to let Frank undo what he's accomplished. Marion describes how she used to have panic attacks for two years because she lied to herself, and advises Rawlins to come to grips with his doing it. Rawlins warns that whatever hits him will affect her as well, and asks for CIA electronic surveillance to find Frank so his civilian asset can take Frank out. He dismisses Frank as a weapon they no longer have any use for.

Frank sprays a skull on his black Kevlar vest.

Dinah shows Hernandez the video of her interview with Billy, and Hernandez says she let Billy set her up for a conflict-of-interest case. She admits that she let Billy get close to her and that she got it personal. Dinah asks if Hernandez will let it stand, and Hernandez tells her to find Frank and Micro.

Officer Jack comes to the Lieberman house and says that they received a tip that Frank was there. Sarah glances at Zach and says she didn't call, and Jack asks Zach if he has anything to say. She refuses to let him question her and explains that her husband passed away a year ago. Jack asks how she knows Frank, and Sarah says that she doesn't. He asks where Leo is, and Sarah motions to Leo to stay upstairs. Sarah claims that Leo is staying with a friend, and Jack suggests that they come with him for their own protection. When Sarah refuses, Jack makes it an order and Sarah tells Zach to run. When Jack goes after the boy, Sarah hits him over the head with a lamp and runs into the kitchen. They struggle and Sarah grabs a meat tenderizer and hits Jack in the head. She grabs a knife and orders him out, just as another officer comes in with Zach, gun drawn, and tells Sarah to drop it. Sarah has no choice but to do so.

At the power station, Frank tells Micro that he wants them to see him coming. Micro explains that the skull is a memento mori: a reminder to Frank that he will die. Frank says that it sounds good to him, and Micro asks about Sarah, Zach, and Leo. As they talk, Frank sees the monitor showing the surveillance of the Lieberman house. Micro replays it and sees the two cops attack Sarah. It was less than an hour ago, and Frank figures that Billy and Rawlins are coming there after tracing his number from Sarah's phone. Micro points out that they didn't take Leo, and brings up surveillance showing that she snuck out the back. Frank tells Micro to call her on her phone and he wonders how he can do that.

When Leo goes to the park, Frank calls her and says that he'll help her. He tells her not to talk to anyone, and says that he's the only hope her family has. Frank tells her to take the battery and sim card out of the phone once he hangs up, and sends her to a pool she used to go to with Micro. Once Frank hangs up, he tells Micro that he has to go to Leo and then meet him at a terminal by midnight. If Frank doesn't get there then Micro should go to Dinah. Meanwhile, he'll wait for them to show up, make them tell him where Sarah is, and then kill them all.

Sam and Zach are tied to chairs in a warehouse, and she promises Zach she'll never let them kill him. Rawlins and Billy watch, and Rawlins says that Carson told him Micro was dead. He assures Billy that he's insulated and that he should go to kill Frank. Billy refuses to expose himself further unless Rawlins comes with him, and Rawlins refuses. Disgusted, Billy walks off.

Marion goes to the ICE and meets with Hernandez and Dinah. They take her to a conference room and Hernandez explains that they have evidence that Rawlins was running an illegal assassination in Kandahar funded with heroin, and when Ahmad found out they killed him as well. Marion insists that Rawlins is a highly-decorated agent and she'll look into it, and Hernandez explains that their agents were killed in a nearby operation. He warns that Rawlins has gone rogue and is killing their own people, and wants to deal with it between themselves. Marion warns what damage it would do if it were made public, and tells Dinah not to make it personal. She leaves for a meeting at the UN, and Hernandez says that now that they've rattled her, they'll see what happens.

Frank prepares booby-traps throughout the power station and readies his weapons.

Micro goes to the pool and calls to Leo. She comes out and hugs her supposedly dead father, crying in shock. He says that he'll explain later but they have to go somewhere safe.

The mercenaries enter the power station and search the place, and Punisher picks them off one at a time. Jack calls Billy at the warehouse and says that they've found no one there. Billy tells them not to touch anything, and Jack says that the phone they tracked is on the desk. As Billy realizes that it's a trap, Punisher tosses in the severed head of one of the mercs that he killed. There's a grenade tied to it, and it explodes. Punisher opens fire and several shoot him, hitting his Kevlar. As the remaining mercs move in, Punisher calls to Billy that he'll watch him die. He then sets off the booby-traps, grabs a hidden gun, and takes out the survivors. Punisher throws a knife into Jack's shoulder, and he grabs it and goes after his attacker. After a brief fight, Punisher takes him down and yells for Billy again, assuming that he's there.

One merc is barely alive and Punisher shoots him in the head. Jack crawls off, and Punisher removes his mask, confirms it isn't Billy, and asks where Billy is. When Jack says that he doesn't know, Punisher kneecaps him and asks where they took Sarah and Zach. Jack tells him that it was need-to-know, and Punisher shoots him dead. He then searches Jack's body and finds his phone, and calls the last number. Billy answers and realizes that it's Frank, and Frank says that the Billy he knew would have come himself. He says that it will come down to the two of them, but Billy says that it won't and they'll catch up to Frank eventually. Frank warns that Micro has everything on Billy, and if the Liebermans die then he'll take it all public. Billy offers Frank Sarah and Zach in return for Frank and Micro, and Frank agrees.

Marion arranges a meeting with Rawlins and tells him that ICE has his name. Rawlins says that it was all Billy's fault and anything that comes down will land on him. Marion warns him that he's crossed the line, and Rawlins asked if she's going to expose it all and go down with him. She tells him to hand over Billy to ICE and then Rawlins resigns. If Rawlins doesn't make it go away then she'll make sure he spends the rest of his lie in prison and walks away, disgusted.

As they wait in the van for Frank to show up, Leo talks about how she's a dancer. Micro says that he knows, and his daughter wonders how he'd know. He assures her that he never stopped thinking about her. Dinah arrives with Frank, and Frank says that he called her. Frank then goes over to talk to Leo, and says that he's Frank Castle. Leo says that Frank is much scarier than "Pete", and Frank agrees.

Billy takes more mercs to the power station and confirms that his men are dead. The execution video is playing, and Billy curses.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 30, 2017

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