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A Dark Knight: Things That Go Boom Recap

At Arkham, the patients are in the general room. Pyg puts a new record on the gramophone and listens to Ave Marie play. One muscular patient says that he doesn't like the song because his mother beat him to it and it was playing when he killed her. Pyg asks why his mother beat him, and the other man punches him. Another patient holds the gates shut so the guest can't come in, and Pyg turns to his attacker and says that he wishes he hadn't done it. When the patient charges at him, Pyg breaks a record and stabs his attacker in the chest with it, and then cuts the man's throat.

After the doctors at Arkham take x-rays of Pyg, they send them to Lucius. He explains that Pyg had titanium bones grafted onto the bones of his face, changing his appearance. Pyg has had multiple plastic surgeries, making it impossible to identify who he really is. Jim wonders why Pyg isn't taking credits for his crimes, and asks Lucius to reconstruct Pyg's original face from the x-rays. Lucius agrees but warns that it will take.

Jim goes to his office and finds Sofia waiting for him. She says that she's surprised he didn't call in the last few days, and Jim tells her that they're not seeing each other again. Sofia tells him that she admitted to Oswald that she made Jim captain, and insists that she has it under control. Jim tells her that he doesn't see a way for them to be together whether Oswald is in the picture or not.

Lee holds a court to work out disputes, and two of the crime lords complaining start to attack each other. She stops them and says that they have to work together, and asks one of them how his daughter is doing. He admits that her fever is down thanks to Lee. Ed is at her side and complains that he's still a moron, and Lee tells him that she'll fix him in. A man staggers in and says that a gangster, Sampson, beat him up and demanded money. Edward warns Lee that Sampson is testing him, and she has to show him and the people that she can't be pushed around. Lee refuses to send Grundy and be a hypocrite, and Edward asks what she wants to do.

Sofia returns home and finds Oswald and victor there. He says that he's been continually suspicious of her, but now he has proof that Jim is Sofia's lover. Sofia claims that it was no kiss, but Oswald doesn't believe her and says that he learned that Jim visited Sofia in Florida. He figures that Sofia and Jim have been plotting to destroy her, and Sofia congratulates Oswald. She says that he's an easy mark, and Oswald tells her to explain the full extent of her plan. He brings out the Dentist, an "interrogator", to get answers for him.

Jim visits Pyg in Arkham and asks who he really is. Pyg says that he's a reflection of him, and Jim punches him. The prisoner shrugs off the blow and says that what Jim sees is what he gets. Jim wonders why he's concealing his true identity, and says that Pyg is a second-class psychopath compared to the others they have. Pyg doesn't believe him, but Jim tells him that the people have already forgotten him. Jim says that he's going to walk out the door and never think of him again, and Pyg warns that they're not done. He snarls in a southern accent, telling Jim that he'll never forget him, and Jim points out that Pyg finally slipped up.

Lee and Edward go to the alleyway where Sampson is dining among his people. He dismisses Edward as a has-been, and Lee sys hat she's just there for a friendly conversation. She tells him to honor the same truce he had with Cherry, and offers him ten percent of Fight Night. Sampson says that he's taking the whole damn neighborhood, and Edward suggests that they use Grundy. Lee notices that Sampson is coughing up blood, and says that there's a new virus--Narrows Lung--going around. In a few days people die of it, and she offers to treat his people for free. Sampson refuses and lee starts to walk off, and he offers 30%. Edward warns Lee not to take it, and she tells him to come by the clinic later.

The Dentist examines Sofia and says that he knows who she is. H explains that Carmine killed her brother, and Sofia points out that Carmine didn't kill the Dentist's wife and son. She warns that if she's ever tortured then her people have orders to kill his family. The Dentist says that no one will find her body, and Sofia tells him that she has spies in Oswald's organization and she will take him down. She invites the Dentist to drill away if he doesn't believe her. The Dentist tells the guards to tighten Sofia's restrains, and then kills him when he comes over. Satisfied, Sofia orders him to untie her and goes to her car. The door is locked and her driver is dead. Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina grab her.

The women take Sofia to Barbara's home and tie her up, She figures that they're going to use her to leverage Oswald to spare their lives, and Sofia says that Oswald tried to kill her because she's going to take his organization from him. Sofia complains that they're screwing things up, but Barbara doesn't believe her. She figure that Oswald will still make the deal and calls him.

Oswald gives Martin a throne and says that he sees a beautiful future ahead for the boy. He's eager to impart his wisdom, and says that one day Martin can rule it over. Martin shakes his head and writes out that he lied. He claims that Sofia wanted him to tell Oswald that she and Jim kissed. Oswald figures that Sofia wanted him to confront her, just as victor comes in and says that the Dentist is gone and Barbara is on the phone wanting to make a deal for Sofia. She demands complete autonomy, and Oswald agrees. He says that he'll send Victor over to collect Sofia. Victor leaves and Oswald tells Martin that their conversation is isn't over.

Lucius finishes the reconstruction and Jim tells him to send it to the Southern states based on Pyg's accent.

Edward asks Lee why she doesn't let Sampson died, and Lee says that there's no such thing as Narrows Lung. They go to her apartment and find the place torn up. Edward tells Lee to take Grundy and end it, but she says that she has a better idea.

Sofia tells the women that they need to get out. Barbara refuses to work for anyone but themselves, and Sofia promises to give them everything that they want from Oswald. Selina sees Victor out front on the monitors, holding a rocket launcher. He fires it at the building and blows the place up. The women have already ducked out the back, and Barbara vows to kill Oswald.

Sofia goes to Jim's office and claims that she underestimated Oswald and he tried to kill her. She asks Jim to use the position to end it by taking the fight to Oswald. Jim figures that it was her plan to start a war. Sofia insists that they crush Oswald.

Oswald tells Mart that he betrayed him, and martin writes that he's sorry. Unimpressed, Oswald says that it's time for him to go to the orphanage. Victor returns and Oswald orders Martin out. His henchman then says that he blew up Barbara's place, and Oswald tells him that they're going to unleash a crime wave to teach Jim a lesson. Jim comes in and says that Sofia told him that Oswald tried to kill her. He says that he came to make a deal: he's putting her on a train home and he wants Oswald to promise he won't get involved. Oswald refuses but Jim promises that he'll put her behind bars if she returns to Gotham. If Oswald doesn't agree than Jim will have the GCPD tear apart Oswald's organization. Oswald agrees and Jim says that Oswald is to get rid of the licensing program but at least Sofia will be gone. He extends his hand, and Oswald shakes it.

Sampson is drinking when Lee returns, and knows that Narrows Lung doesn't exist. Lee tells him to get out of the Narrows by the end of the day, and holds up a vial. She says that it's the antidote to the poison she slipped into his drink thirty minutes ago. Sampson starts coughing and orders his men to kill them, but Lee threatens to destroy the vial if they shoot. They hesitate and Lee tells Sampson that if he leaves by the end of the day he'll live. As she leaves, Lee tosses the vial to Sampson.

Jim meets Sofia at the station and tells her that if she stays in Gotham than Oswald will kill her. She tells him not to blame Oswald and tells Jim that they both want power. Unimpressed, Jim puts handcuffs on her and has Harper take her to the train station.

That night, Victor tells Oswald that Jim did what he promised. Oswald goes to find Martin and discovers that he's gone. There's a note saying "Kidnapped" on it.

Tabitha and Selina escort Martin to Barbara's waiting car.

As Harper and Sofia sit on the train departing Gotham, Victor comes in posing as a conductor and knocks Harper out. Sofia tells him that Martin is alive for now, and if he wants to keep the boy alive then he'll meet with her in an hour.

An hour later, Oswald arrives at the rendezvous and Sofia and the Birds waiting with Martin. Sofia tells Oswald to turn over control of the city to her, and says that her father will be proud of what she's done. Oswald says that his parents were proud of him, and Sofia tells him to shut up or she'll kill Martin. He tells her not to hurt the boy and submits, and Sofia sends Martin to him. Oswald tells the boy that he's sorry about what he said earlier, and tells him to wait in the car. Once the boy is safe, Oswald says that he won't allow Sofia to use Martin as a pawn in her game. He hits a detonator and blows up her car, and then victor and his men open fire on the women. They take cover while Oswald shouts that now that they wanted a war, they have one.

At the club, Edward complains that he did nothing to help. He tells lee that he wasn't meant to be a sidekick, and admits that he's a has-been. Lee says that there's nothing wrong with his brain. She explains that his condition is psychological, and she likes who he's become so she didn't tell him the truth. Edward wonders who he is, and Lee tells him that he's acting like her friend.

Sofia and the others go to their refuge, and Sofia says that they can still make their play. Barbara and others tell her that they're going alone, and Sofia points out that they need her.

At the Lounge, Victor brings an unharmed Martin in. Oswald prepared an escape route through the bottom of the car. He tells Martin that Victor will take him to a safe location. Martin writes that he doesn't want to leave, and Oswald tells him that he's doing what he has to to protect him. The boy hugs Oswald, and Victor sys that they should finish off Sofia. Victor wants to stay and finish off Sofia, but Oswald tells him that he has something much better planned for her.

At the station, Lucius tells Jim that a Southern precinct identified Pyg as Lazlo Valentine. He was a serial killer but it had nothing to do with police officers. Pyg escaped, and Jim has Lucius call Arkham to put a guard on Pyg's cell while he goes there.

A guard goes to Pyg's cell and hears metal clanking inside. He goes in to check it out and Pyg chokes him from above.

Edward is in the restroom washing his face and looks at himself in the mirror. He hallucinates Riddler standing behind him, laughing.

Jim arrives at Arkham and finds the dead guard. The words, "It's beginning. Lazlo" are written on the wall in the dead man's blood.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 1, 2017

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