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Orientation (Part Two) Recap

As Jemma and Melinda float in space, staring at the ruins of hurt, asteroids slam into the hull. Neither one of them has any idea what to do, and they drift toward a large asteroid. Jemma pulls out the key and the ship stops. She puts the key back in and hits the console, and the systems reboot. Melinda guides them past the asteroid

Coulson and Deke find Jemma and Daisy, and Deke says that he hasn't heard anything about a portal to the past. The agents figure that they're stuck there and have to stay alive, and Deke offers them Metrics. He tells them that the only way to live is to blend in and work hard, and Coulson reluctantly takes them. A woman, Tess, comes out and demands to know where Virgil is. Coulson tells her that Virgil is dead and Deke confirms that it's true. Deke says that Virgil was on a sealed-off level, and Tess angrily demands to know what Deke hired him to do. He tells her that the people from the past that Virgil were talking about are there, and Coulson shows them his pocket change to prove they're from the past. Tess notices the lack of scars on his wrist and figures that he's telling the truth, and wonders where the others are. Deke says that they're with the Kree guards, and refuses to go get them. As he starts to walk off, Tess offers to double Virgil's price. Deke agrees and tells her to help the three agents blend in while he rescues the others.

Deke finds Elena, Daisy, and Mack in the interrogation chamber. He realizes that they killed two Kree and says that the Kree will kill a herd of people in retaliation. Mack suggests that they hide them with the dead bodies they found earlier and Deke agrees.

Tess tells Coulson that no one knows for sure what happened to Earth. All they know is that some cataclysmic event tore the planet apart, and the Kree arrived and took over. the group merges with the humans, who are living and working in the Lighthouse, an underground storage unit from Earth. Tess explains that a group of elders claimed that a group from S.H.I.E.L.D. would come from the past to save them, and the Kree got rid of the elders. She agrees to take one of them to Virgil's quarters to see if they can find any clues as to his plan.

As they continue the Lighthouse, Tess says that everyone has a role to play in keeping the outpost going. A woman in white robes walks through. Tess explains that the Kree take some humans to serve them directly. Melinda suggests that they can fight since they have military training, but Tess tells them to keep a low profile while she takes Coulson to Virgil's quarters.

Deke takes Daisy, Mack, and Elena up to where the other bodies are.

As they go to Virgil's quarters, Coulson realizes that Tess has never been out of the outpost. She admits that she doesn't know much about post-cataclysm Earth. A man, Grill, tells Tess that the trawler went out but he didn't get the okay. Tess tells him that they're training a new pilot and Virgil is dead, and Coulson says that he's jus t passing through. Grill tells Tess that she has a double shift the next time, and walks off.

Mack and the others drag the two Kree corpses to the human bodies, hoping that the roaches will take them.

Tess and Coulson enter Virgil's quarters and find it filled with pre-cataclysm artifacts. She says that the surface of the planet will never be livable for humans again, and Coulson realizes that they were close. He finds a hidden journal and finds sketches, but neither one of them know what it means.

Melinda and Jemma see a Kress with a tablet, and realize that it's the first tech item that they've seen. Jemma figures that Fitz is still out there fighting, A Kree woman, Sinara, comes in with her escort and one of the human Servitors. The human says that Kasius has decided to feed the least unfortunate among them. Grain pours onto the floor and the humans scoop it up. They fight among themselves and one of them draws a knife and accidentally stabs the Servitor. He tries to run, and Sinara sends the metal balls in her hands after the man. They split open his skull and return to Sinara's hand, while Jemma runs to the priest and examines it, and says that she needs to cauterize his wound. Melinda finds a solder and gives it to Jemma, who goes to work. Sinara comes over and has her guards drag the Sergeant away and take Jemma captive.

Melinda finds the others and tells them that the Kree took Jemma. Deke talks to Tess privately and demands an explanation, and she says that the agents are different. She figures that the people that died may have died for something real, and Deke warns that if it is true then it will be a massacre.

Elena tells the others that she'll get Jemma, and Mack advises her and Daisy to keep their powers hidden. They figure that Deke knows where they took her and Daisy volunteers to follow him while Elena steals a tablet. Meanwhile, Deke tells Tess to get the agents to blend in and walks off. Meanwhile, Tess tells the others that they took Jemma somewhere that she's never been.

Sinara takes Jemma into a suite, and a Servitor greets Jemma into Kasius' quarters. She refuses to answer her questions, and Jemma notices Sinara's balls. She goes into the suite and finds Kasius pruning a tree. He admires the view out of the port and then asks Jemma if she's the one who saved the Servitor.

Daisy follows Deke but loses him in a dead end. She vibrates the wall open, revealing a secret door, and finds unconscious humans beneath projecting devices. Deke is beneath one of the beams, and when Daisy approaches him she enters the beam and collapses. She finds herself on a street on Earth, and realizes that she's in a Framework program. Zeke walks into a nearby bar, and Daisy goes after him.

Kasius tells Jemma that her actions caused quite a stir, and that they were quite elaborate. She says that she's from Processing, and Kasius asks where she learned her medical skills worked in sewage. Jemma tells him that her mother taught her, and Kasius reminds her of the law: "A life spent, a life earned." She says that she only did what she thought would make him happy in the end, and tells Sinara to have the guards give the humans breathing room for mercy's sake. Once Sinara leaves, Kasius tells Jemma that he's elegant compared to other humans, and offers her some grapes. When she takes them, he takes her hand and confirms that her Metric is gone. Jemma says that she removed it and apologizes, but Kasius notes that there's no scar. He wonders if she's really from Processing, and says that he wants to see if the Servitor survived.

Melinda approaches the cage with the tablets and leads Tess off. Coulson opens a valve, spraying hot steam into a worker. Elena steals the tablets and Coulson joins her and Mack. As he hands out the tablets, the Kree order humans to go to Metric inspection. The agents quickly try to slip away but find Kree inspecting lines of humans. Elena suggests that they put on the Metrics Deke gave them. Coulson spots Grill and offers to make a trade: a Kree tablet for three Metrics, installed. Grill figures that anyone who can steal tablets is worth it, but warns that the work won't be fun. The Kree approach and Coulson quickly agrees, and Grill ushers them into his quarters, chuckling.

Daisy approaches Deke, who is arguing with the programmed bartender Rick. Deke spots Daisy and invites her to join him, and explains that she got too close to his transmitters when he stalked her. He explains that he rebuilt the software from scratch after acquiring the servers, and admits that he's selling escape. When Daisy objects, saying that it's a temporary escape from the Lighthouse, Deke tells her that prison is nice compared to the Lighthouse.

Tess sees the Kree inspection and tells Melinda that it's a Renewal.

Grill's men put install the trackers.

Tess tells Melinda that some people will be selected in the Renewal and then they owe a life: their own, or someone else's. Sinara leads her guards away, and several of the humans' Metrics flash red. They run while the humans attack the ones with the red Metrics. They kill one, and another chosen, Zev, grabs a gun the Kree left and opens fire.

Coulson hears the gunfire, and Grill magnetizes their Metrics to the wall. He says that if the Kree come, he'll make sure that they find him first.

Once the chosen are killed, their metrics revert back to blue. Zev chosen walks down the hall, shooting everything that moves. He enters Grill's quarters and yells that the man owes him a life. Grill yells back that he left Zev three lives, and Zev prepares to shoot them. Melinda arrives and they fight. He says that he owes a life and charges her, and Tess arrives and shoots him dead. She says that someone had to die. Zev comes in and releases Coulson, Elena, and Mack. The Kree Watch Commander comes in and Grill comes out, telling him that Zev's is the last life needed. He scans the Metrics and realizes that Coulson's is unprogrammed. Grill says that they work for him to pay off his debt and he's been reprogramming their Metrics,, and after a moment the commander leaves with his guards. Grill has his men take away Zev's body.

The Servitor staggers into Kasius' quarters with Sinara and reveals the scar in his stomach. Jemma says that it will heal and that with advanced technology they can get rid of the scar. Kasius insists that his Servitors must display perfect when they represent him, and notices a cut on the Servitor's face. Jemma says that it can be fixed, but Kasius insists that he'll know and has Sinara kill the Servitor. She asks what's wrong with Kasius, and Kasius orders her to remain silent. He removes a slug from the dead Servitor's ear, says that Jemma must learn silence, and puts the slug into her ear, deafening her.

Deke tells Daisy that it's too dangerous to try and rescue Jemma. She wonders if Deke is worried that they'll mess it up for him, and Deke tells her that the Kree know what he's doing it and let him do it to keep the humans placid. As they argue, a newscast in the Framework plays a story about Daisy. Deke pauses it and tells Daisy that he pieced the history together. As Quake, Daisy destroyed the planet.

Grill's men Holt shows Coulson, Elena, and Mack around Grill's operations.

Melinda looks on as Zev's corpse is taken away, and goes over to Tess.

The other Servitors paint Jemma as one of their own.

Deke tells Daisy that S.H.I.E.L.D. tried to save the world, and shows her the live feed of the ruined Earth. he says that it's already been quaked apart.

The Servitors take Jemma to Kasius. He says that his guests have arrived, and a spaceship pulls up to the outpost.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 2, 2017

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