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Little Guy, Black Hair Recap

The Past

The Carderas couple is arguing outside as Arnold and The Boy watches. Marina goes inside and Hector goes after her. As she tries to make a phone call, Hector grabs her hand and Marina grabs a pair of scissors. She tries to tab him and then he collapses dead. Marina tells both of her sons that she's sorry, and then runs to the car. As Arnold yells after her as she drives away, The Boy stares at the scissors, while Marina's car flies into the sky. The scissors melt into blood and he passes out. A moment later, Hector's corpse disappears.


Priest and his men are securing the Carderas house, and Priest calls to Friedkin to report that they have a pocket dimension. Friedkin has no idea what he's talking about, and Ken gets on the radio to warn priest that he should be careful. Priest continues, saying that he hasn't found Todd or Dirk, and there's another portal in the house that he hasn't found yet. Ken warns that there's a convergence point coming soon, and tells Priest to be careful. Once Ken signs off, he tries to explain to Friedkin what's going on. According to the files, the government shut down Project Paper Clip but something slipped. Frustrated, Friedkin says that there's no way for a normal person to understand what's going on. Once he's done ranting, Ken asks what he knows about Project Lamia.

Farah returns to the station and Tina shoots at her before Farah identifies herself. Tina says that Suzie is like a witch and asks how it happens, and Farah gets her to put the gun down. The deputy explains that the Internet and phones are down and the government has taken over, and Farah gets her to calm down. She warns that Blackwing won't let them leave, and Todd and Dirk are in Wendimoor. That means that they have to arrest Suzie after they take her wand away. Tina figures that Farah is crazy, and asks where Sherlock is. She explains that she just took the job to hang out with Sherlock, her best friend, and Farah reminds her that they are the police.

In Wendimoor, Dirk is sitting in the forest when the Beast finds him. He tries to run and she chases him, and he goes past to a Kellum Corporation truck. A wagon goes by and Dirk leaps into the back.

Todd and Amanda are locked up in a barn at a town, and Todd wakes up Amanda and says that she passed out just before they got there. Amanda refuses to talk to him, and Todd says that he's sorry. His sister points out that a dozen people died, and Todd insists that he's been trying to rescue her since she called him. Amanda points out that they're still not okay even after Todd has found her, and wonders what has changed. Todd tells her that he has Pararibulitis since she called for help, and he figured it meant that he couldn't give up on her. He hoped that if he found Amanda and Dirk then everything would work out. Amanda chuckles and points out all the things that he said he encountered, and says that his normal life is over. Frija and Wygar come in and look them.

Ken takes Friedkin to the safe room and they get in the taxi. He then explains that Mona is Mona is Project Lamia, and she can become anything. Once she does, she forgets who she was originally, and when they brought her in she was a chair for six years. Ken brings up surveillance footage of Friedkin's stress toy, and says that its eye color changed every time that someone vanished. Relieved, Friedkin hugs Ken.

Suzie orders Wakti's council to show her how the well works. They say nothing, and Suzie is socked when she touches the well. Shrugging off the pain, Suzie jams the wand into the well and laughs.

The wagon enters the village of Inglenook near Dengdamor Castle and Dirk gets out. He puts on some local clothing to try and blend in, and the driver--the Executioner--tells him to help him carry some scissor blades to the nearby execution block. The Executioner explains that he's been called in to kill a brother and sister from another world, and sets up the giant scissor blades.

Wygar asks Todd and Amanda what weapons the Trosts have. Todd tries to explain, and Amanda offers her condolences to Frija on the death of her son Farson. She says that Farson ran away from home because of the fighting between the two families, and the Kellums captured him and spread rumors that the Trosts had captured Farson so war would break out. Amanda asks Frija to make peace with all of them and then maybe Dirk can save them all. Frija yells at her to shut up and walks away with Wygar. Silas is waiting outside, and Frija ignores him and tells Wygar to execute the Brotzmans. Dirk is hiding on the roof and hears it all.

Farah and Tina break into the Bozeman house and find the Scott-Todd and a mesmerized Bob watching the video Suzie made of herself on an unplugged TV.

Todd takes his pills, and Amanda slaps the bottle out of his hands and says that Wakti was teaching her how to weaponize her Pararibulitis attacks. She tells Todd to hit her so that it will trigger an attack and get them out. Amanda keeps hitting him and Todd finally hits her back. Nothing happens, and they slap each other and then laugh as they remember fighting on a car trip to Orlando. Laughing, they slapfight until they realize it won't work.

The Beast finds Dirk and chases after him.

Todd finally tells Amanda that he and Farah are involved. She smirks, pointing out that Farah is out of his league, and insists that she didn't do anything with the Rowdy 3. Amanda tells Todd that he hurt her when she looked up to him, and wonders how she can get her brother back.

Tina and Farah pull the pins out of Bob's face, and they figure that the TV is entrancing him. The Mage appears on the TV screen and says that he can see them. Farah says that they want to talk to Suzie, and the Mage tells them that she's gone to Wendimoor and he's focusing on their world. He uses the TV to order Bob to kill Farah and Tina, and he attacks them. He knocks Farah down and prepares to kill her, but Tina slams a painting on his head. Bob turns and chokes her, and Farah grabs Tina's shotgun and shoots the TV. The spell broken, Bob wanders off.

Dirk runs into the forest and bumps into the Rowdy 3. The Beast arrives to protect Dirk, and Dirk punches Martin. He apologizes to the Beast for being rude to her and becoming violent. Vogel says that they're looking for Amanda, and Dirk explains that her and Todd have been captured and will be executed. The Rowdy 3 prepare to go to Inglenook to beat up everyone, and Todd warns that there are too many people. Vogel wonders if he has a better idea, and Dirk says that he has a plan. Martin slaps him and says that he's in charge.

Wygar leads Todd and Amanda to the executioner's block as the villagers boo and throw cotton candy. Todd gives them the finger and Amanda joins in.

Farah tries to get through to Bob. He just grunts, and Tina takes over and plays Tequila Talk with him. He grunts for "Yes" and doesn't grunt for "No". They work out that Suzie is in Wendimoor and the Mage is still in their world, but Bob doesn't know what the Mage is doing. He does know where Sherlock is, and Tina reminds him of when she let Scott go on a D&D. She begs Bob to find the words to tell them where Sherlock is, and Bob finally says "Quarry".

The Executioner puts the Brotzmans in the scissor blades, and Amanda tells Todd that she's scared. He says that he is as well, and Frija comes up and tells the villagers that the Trosts are the true threat to them. The Rowdy 3 drive in on the Kellum truck and attack everyone, and Frija orders her guards to attack. When she reaches for the execution lever, Dirk--dressed as the Executioner--stops he while the Beast terrorizes Frija. As Frija runs, Dirk frees the Brotzmans and they hug. Silas orders them to surrender, furious that Dirk touched his mother, and says that he has to be brave. Dirk tells him that he has to be the brave one and challenges him to fight.

Martin and Wygar square off.

Silas and Dirk fight.

Martin and Wygar fight.

When Wygar knocks Martin down, the other Rowdy 3 join him in.

When Dirk is wounded, Amanda calls his name and Silas realizes who he's been fighting. Amanda and Todd punch him, and the Beast leaps on Wygar. Everyone gets into the truck with the captive Silas and drives off, and the Beast leaps on as they leave the village.

Later, the group stops and wakes Silas up. They untie him and confirm that Dirk is really Dirk. He explains that the family feud has been going on for three generations since the beginning of time. Dirk explains that in the 1950s, the Cardenas found a baby in a boat in the middle of nowhere. They took him in but the baby had god-like reality-warping powers that triggered when he was asleep. Blackwing's predecessors noticed, and Kellum Corporation was trying to buy the farm. Marina agreed to sell the farm to Kellum. When she came home in the car she bought with the money, she and Hector argued and she killed Hector with a pair of scissors. The Boy retreated into a dream state. He launched Marina into the sky and put Hector's body in a tree, and Arnold turned the Boy over to Blackwing.

The stress caused the Boy tried to make his fantasy real and created Wendimoor. Dirk assures Silas that he and the others are real people with real lives, and the world fell into chaos and will continue to do so until the Boy is returned there. He admits that he doesn't know what Suzie has to do with any of it, but he knows that the Boy is Project Moloch and has been in Blackwing the entire time. Amanda mentions Wakti saying that she had a friend in Blackwing, and Dirk realizes that it's Mona. Vogel points out that Amanda can get them in and out of Blackwing, and Todd realizes that everything is connected. Suzie steps out, laughing, and agrees.

Farah and Tina drive to the quarry and find the Mage with Sherlock's car. He teleports up to them and knocks them both unconscious with his wand, and says that they're going to have fun.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 3, 2017

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