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Home Recap

Dinah records Frank giving his witness statement after saying that he's made no deals or guarantees for his testimony. Frank then states that he was part of a covert operation in Kandahar run by Schoonover, Bennett, Carson, Rawlins, and Billy.

Micro and Leo watch Frank from the next room, and Micro assures his daughter that she's safe. She asks about Sarah and Zach, and Micro says that he's going to make sure they're okay as well. Leo asks what happened to him, and Micro explains that he was trying to protect her and he did a lousy job, but he's going to make everything right. She figures that Micro and Frank are going to go away and do something, and Micro tells her that they have to rescue Sarah and Zach.

A short time later, Dinah starts questioning Micro. He stops her and says that he wants his family safe in return for his testimony. Micro points out that she lost the video that he sent her, and figures that Dinah wants the video to serve justice... but there is no justice. Now Micro believes that the only way to get the people responsible is to become like them. Dinah doesn't believe it, and Micro says that she will in the end.

Sarah and Zach sleep while Billy watches his captives.

Dinah questions Frank about Ahmad. Frank says that Rawlins had them drag Ahmad out of his house and then he shot Ahmad dead. Shocked, Dinah realizes that Frank was the one who killed her partner.

Later, Frank and Micro go to the dock to wait for the conspirators. Frank figures that Micro got them leverage with their hacking, which is why Sarah and Zach are still alive. As they wait, Micro tells Frank that he won't forget what he's doing for his family. A van pulls up and mercenaries bring out Sarah and Zach, cut them free, and Sarah sees her husband who she thought was dead. The mercs douse the mother and son with gasoline, attach a can to Sarah, cut a leak, and light a flare, and Billy calls Frank from his sniper's position and tells him and Micro to get into the van. Frank figures that Billy didn't get what he needed from Micro's computers and agrees to cooperate.

The mercs send Sarah and Zach forward, and Frank and Micro walk past them. As they pass, Micro tells Sarah to keep walking. Dinah and her agents pull up and open fire. The lead merc tosses down the flare, and Micro tosses his jacket on the trail of gasoline to block the fire. Mercs grab Frank, and Dinah gets Sarah and Zach to safety. Billy tells his men via radio to get Micro as well, and they grab him and drag him to the van. Dinah orders an agent to take him down, and the man hits Micro in the back. As he goes down, the agents take down the two mercs with him and Billy orders the others to get out. Billy fires at the Homeland vans, taking out the tires so that Dinah and her people can't follow.

Frank dreams of dancing with Maria at their wedding. Billy wakes him up at the power station, and Frank discovers that he's tied to a chair. A computer tech is working at Micro's computers, and Billy wonders why Homeland was there. Frank suggests that Micro might have set it up behind his back, and says that he wanted Billy and Rawlins dead rather than arrested. Billy tells him that his only choice is how to die, easy or hard, and asks Frank how to get into the computers because Homeland got sloppy and killed Micro. Frank asks if Billy killed his wife and kids, and Billy says that he wasn't there. He admits that he knew about it but it wasn't supposed to go down that way. Frank vows to kill him, but Billy says that it's not going to happen.

After a moment, Frank tells Billy that he picks easy and invites Billy to shoot him. Billy refuses, wanting to get into the computers, and Frank tells him that all kinds of things happen when the countdown reaches zero.

Dinah meets with Micro, who they lugged out in a body bag after faking his death. He removes his Kevlar vest and Dinah assures him that Sarah and Zach are okay. Micro demands to see his family and Dinah takes him to the conference room where Sarah, Zach, and Leo are waiting. Furious, Sarah hits him and curses, asking why he isn't dead after they saw him die. Micro hugs her and apologizes, and Leo hugs him as well. After a moment, Zach comes over and hugs them all.

Billy says that the cars and women represent how far he's become, and Frank has lost. Frank tells him that he's lost his honor when he took the money from Rawlins. His former friend says that eventually Frank will break and give him the passwords. Rawlins comes in and prepares to beat Frank, who asks Billy if he trusts Rawlins. The CIA man says that he and Billy have mutual interests, puts on black gloves, and starts beating Frank. After spitting out a tooth, Frank laughs and tells Rawlins that he hits like a bitch.

Frank imagines making love to Maria to overcome the pain as Rawlins continues beating him. He tells Rawlins that it isn't so bad, and Rawlins continues beating him as Billy looks on.

Micro tells Sarah that he was just reacting and trying to win. He admits that it doesn't make up for letting her think he was dead, and explains that Frank sacrificed himself so he'd have the chance to kill their enemies. Dinah comes in and tells them that they have no idea where Frank is. She brings Micro into his office and shows him the tracer that fell off of Frank. She wants to know why Frank screwed her, and Micro suggests that it fell off when they grabbed him. Dinah doesn't believe him, and Micro says that he owes Frank rather than Dinah. She tells him that Frank was the one who killed Ahmad, Micro explains that it haunts Frank and he's resigned to dying, and refuses to tell her where Frank is.

Billy wipes the blood off of Frank's face and tells him that everyone Frank is protecting is dead. He tells Frank to tell him what he knows and then he'll give him a clean death. Frank says that he's ready and asks Billy to kill him and make it clean, and not let Rawlins do it. He says that he has to be at the console for it to scan his eye and so he can enter the passcode. They take Frank over, and Rawlins comes in to ask what's happening. Billy cuts Frank's right hand free and says that they found the gun under the table.

Frank does the procedure and the countdown resets, and Rawlins says that he's disappointed. Meanwhile, Frank secretly draws a knife from a second holster taped under the table. He stabs Rawlins in the chest, yanks him down, and rips his throat out with his teeth. Billy pistol-whips Frank until he lets go, and Rawlins kicks Frank in the face.

Dreaming, Frank remembers Maria waking him up. She says that he's not really there, and asks him if home is there or overseas. Frank tells her that it's there with her, and that he has to go to the park and then he's not going back.

While the computer tech goes through Micro's systems destroying the files, Rawlins beats Frank and tells him that a mere grunt won't take him down. Billy finally stops him and says that they're done there and he's going to keep his promise and give Frank an easy death. They're unaware that a surveillance camera is active and trained on them.

Micro goes to Dinah's office and tells her that he has to access her computers. Once she does, he explains that he promised Frank to give him the chance to kill Billy and Rawlins. With Micro "dead", Frank was there only option and there's only one place they could take him. Micro brings up the surveillance camera at the power station and they watch a recording of Rawlins beating Frank. The hacker explains that Frank figured that it would give Dinah the evidence she needed to put Rawlins and Billy away, and they have to go get Frank.

Billy pulls Rawlins away as he continues torturing Frank. The vet tells Rawlins that none of it would have happened if Rawlins hadn't gone after Frank, Rawlins says that he set up everything for Billy and has all of the evidence proving it, and Billy is still just a stupid grunt. Billy prepares to shoot Frank clean in the head, and Rawlins draws his gun and order Billy to stand down. As Rawlins talks, Billy secretly cuts Frank's wrist ties. Billy then steps away and Rawlins insists that Frank owes him an eye.

Maria tells Frank that it's time to choose if he's going to come home or not.

Rawlins tells Frank to wake up and gives him a shot of adrenaline. The computer tech comes out and says that all of the information is destroyed. The merc take her out to pay her and Billy goes to the control room. Rawlins tells Frank that it was always going to come down to just the two of them.

Maria tells Frank to come home. He smiles and takes her hand, but stays where he is.

Rawlins prepares to cut Frank's eye out, and Frank rips free of the weakened ties

Frank says that he is home.

Frank knocks Rawlins down and advances on Rawlins. Rawlins stabs him in the stomach, but Frank ignores the wound, knocks the man down, pulls the knife out of his stomach, and stabs it repeatedly into Rawlins. Billy picks up his gun and watches as Frank tells the dying Rawlins that he's a reminder. He beats him, looks up at Billy, and then drives his thumbs into Rawlins' eye sockets.

As Frank collapses on the floor, Billy comes over. Frank says that he wishes he could see Billy's face when he realized that he's done. As Billy says that it's not his gun and he was never there, Homeland Security breaks in and Billy aims the gun at Frank. A shot hits him in the shoulder before he can pull the trigger, and he runs off. Micro comes in with the agents and tells Dinah that Frank is still breathing, and they can't take him to a hospital. He tells Frank that he brought them there and taunts the dying Frank, inviting him to call him a traitor

Frank stand in the darkness calling to Maria.

Gasping, Frank moves and Micro says that he's got him. Frank looks around and mutters one word: "Home".

Written by Gadfly on Dec 4, 2017

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