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Memento Mori Recap

Dinah and Micro take the badly-injured Frank to her parents' apartment and Dinah asks her father Hamid to help Frank. Farah recognizes Frank but Hamid doesn't care and goes to work. Micro explains that Frank was beaten and tortured, and Dinah tells Farah that Frank isn't who they claim. She tells Hamid that they didn't take sides when they dealt with freedom fighters in their homeland. Hamid determines that Frank has tension pneumothorax from his broken rib and if they don't treat him, he'll die. He drains the fluid from Frank's lungs so that he can breathe.

Billy removes the bullet from his arm and bandages the wound. He then gets his sleeve dagger and his hidden stash of money and hears two Homeland agents outside. A minute later they come in and Billy shoots them dead from behind. He then takes one of their radios and leaves, using the radio to monitor the other agents and take them out as he finds them. Billy makes his way out and hits a detonator, blowing up the apartment building behind him.

The next morning, Hamid confirms that Frank is better. Frank wakes up and asks if Dinah got Billy, and she admits that he escaped.

Hernandez and Marion take a team to the power station and secure Rawlins' body, and Hernandez tells Marion that he hasn't heard anything from Dinah. Marion figures that Dinah has Frank.

Micro helps Frank get dressed and gives him the money he hacked from criminals. He tells Frank to use it to get out of the city and have a life. Frank says that he has to finish it, and Dinah comes in. He thanks her for her help and apologizes for involving her family, and Dinah advises him to take the money and disappear. She gives Frank his battle clothing and warns that if she sees him again, all bets are off.

Later at Homeland, Hernandez and Marion confront Dinah about letting Frank go. She points out that it took two supposed criminals to do what they couldn't, and claims that Frank overpowered her and escaped. When Hernandez calls her on it, Dinah implies that she'll go public with the whole thing and tells them to arrest her or let her do her job. Hernandez asks if she knows where they are, and Dinah says that she didn't but it's for the best because no one them in custody telling their story. Marion agrees with her, and Hernandez tells her to write up her report and if she does anything else, she's finished there.

Micro goes to the safe house apartment where Homeland is keeping his family. He tells Sarah that Frank is alive but gone.

That Curtis wakes up and finds Billy in his bedroom. He discovers that Billy has taken his hidden gun, and Billy assures him that he's not there to kill him because Curtis hasn't done anything to him. Billy asks Curtis how long he knew Frank was alive, and Curtis admits he knew when they were getting drunk at Frank's grave. Curtis tells him that he needs to get help, but Billy says that he didn't get turned around. They go to get coffee in the kitchen, and Curtis says that Frank thought he was protecting Billy. Billy says that Frank is responsible for everything that happened, and the drugs would come in no matter who was involved. Curtis says that the difference between Frank and Billy is that Frank would never betray a brother, and Billy tells him that he's going to make him betray Frank. He asks where Frank is, and threatens to shoot Curtis in his good leg until he talks.

Billy comes over to take the coffee mug that Curtis has prepared, and realizes that it's a set-up. He ducks as Frank fires through the window and shoots Curtis in the shoulder. Curtis takes cover behind the kitchen island, and Billy holds up his knife so that Frank shoots it, indicating he's still there. He then calls to Curtis, saying that he's starting to take it personally. Frank calls Curtis and asks to talk to Billy. Curtis slides the phone over to Billy, and Billy says that he'll hurt everyone Frank cares about. Frank gives Billy his word that he'll let Billy go if he doesn't hurt Curtis, and threatens to call Homeland. He says that they can finish it however Billy wants, and Billy tells him to eject the magazine and cartridge from his rifle. Frank does so and Billy tells him to meet him at midnight at the park where Frank's family was killed. He then tosses the phone to Curtis and tells him to call himself an ambulance before leaving.

Frank and Maria watch as Lisa rides ride on the park carousel. Billy is getting food with Frank Jr. and talks about how he was named after Billy the Kid, and they were both orphans who survived on the wits and bravery. Lisa, Frank, and Maria come over and Maria asks who he knows he was named after Billy the kid if he's an orphan. Maria assures him that they're all family he needs.

Micro is playing Go Fish with his kids and Sarah watches, smiling. She finally talks to him privately in the bathroom, closes the door, and they make love on the counter. They finish quickly and laugh together.

That night, two workers Hayley and Carl are closing down the food stand at the park. As they kiss, Billy comes in, draws his gun, and says that he needs their help.

Dinah is in her office writing her report and claims that Frank overpowered her.

Punisher crawls through the park to the carousel and sets up a sniper position. There's no sign of Billy, and Punisher moves in.

Dinah gets a message identifying Frank in the park. She checks the files and confirms that it's the park where Frank's family was killed, grabs her gun, and leaves, ignoring Hernandez when he calls to her.

Billy starts up the carousel and Punisher spots Carl and Hayley tied to horses. They've been cutting and are slowly bleeding out. Billy calls Frank and tells him that two more kids are going to die for Punisher. Punisher fires grenades into the area and runs to the carousel, shooting. Billy fires back and hits him in the thigh, and Punisher takes cover. He tourniquets his leg while Billy hides behind the carousel.

Dinah arrives at the park and gets out of her car.

Punisher jumps onto the moving carousel and remembers his children riding on it. Billy gets on the other side and yells that fighting is all that the two of them are good for, and they're not good people. He fires at Punisher, who ducks behind a horse. Billy yells that no one will mourn either of them when they're dead, and Punisher fires. A ricochet goes through Billy's cheek while Billy hits Punisher in the chest. Billy spits out the bullet, shuts down the carousel, and yells for Punisher to come out or he'll kill the workers.

Punisher comes over holding a gun and tells Billy to let them go. Billy tells him to toss the gun and knife, and Punisher does. Dinah arrives outside as Punisher tells Billy that he had them. Billy insists that attachments are a weakness and shoots Punisher in the Kevlar chest. Dinah comes up behind Billy, who turns and shoots her. Punisher jumps him and the two men struggle. Billy goes for his knife and Punisher manages to take it and pins Billy against the central mirror column. Smiling, Billy impales Punisher's arm with his sleeve knife and knocks him back. The two men continue fighting and Billy finally pins Punisher and prepares to finish him off. Punisher grabs a piece of broken mirror from the pedestal and stabs Billy in the stomach. Billy pulls out the glass and tries to fight back, but Punisher shoves him into the mirror column. Punisher then drags Billy's face across the broken mirror, breaks his arm, and puts the knife to Billy's throat. Billy begs Punisher to kill him, but Punisher says that he's going to let him live so he can look in the mirror every morning and live with his mangled face. He slams Billy's face into the mirror column repeatedly, leaving shards of broken glass in it.

Punisher frees Carl and Hayley, and then goes to Dinah. He confirms that Billy's shot grazed her head but didn't kill her. Hayley and Carl come over and thank Punisher for saving their lives as Homeland agents arrive.

Three days later, Marion and Hernandez go to Dinah's hospital room and have Frank brought in and uncuffed. They tell him that he's done a service to his country that they can never repay, and they've replaced his files with those of a dead man. Marion wants Frank to stay silent, and everything's been blamed on Lewis and Billy. Frank wonders why they didn't just kill him, and Hernandez says that it's what Dinah wanted for Frank. As for Billy, he survived but they don't know if he has any brain function. Dinah hopes that he remembers everything so that he knows that she played her part.

Later, the Liebermans are at home and Sarah is cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving. Frank and David pull up outside after three days of David testifying to Homeland, and Frank refuses to go in with him. David goes in and tells his family that Frank won't be joining them.

When Curtis arrives at the community center, he finds Frank setting up the chairs. Curtis assures him that his secret is safe because they keep each other's secrets. Later, Frank tells the others that when he was at war, he never thought about what he would do when it's over. He admits that now that he no longer has a war to fight, he's scared.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 4, 2017

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