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Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4 Recap

Martin lies on the floor of the facility and the others try to get to him. Flash and Ray speed after Red Tornado, trying to stop him. Citizen Cold takes out the Nazis pinning down him and Arrow. Meanwhile, the dying Martin crawls toward the breach control. Another soldier shoots him and Jax runs to him, and Martin manages to throw the level. He activates the breach, destroying the Nazis on the platform.

Ray tells Flash to throw another lightning bolt. He does so and ray combines it with his own light blast to generate an EMP field which brings Red Tornado down. Meanwhile, Alex confirms that Martin's condition is critical and White Canary tells Jax to merge with Martin and stabilize him. The heroes go through the breach as Flash and Ray speed in and join them.

On Earth-1, Eobard prepares to remove Kara's heart as Fuehrer Queen looks on. The guards bring Iris and Felicity in, but a miniaturized Atom grabs the blade and holds it back. He enlarges and punches Eobard, then blasts him, Queen, and the soldiers unconscious. Atom frees Kara Iris goes to lock the time vault while Atom enlarges his hand and knocks out an approaching soldier.

The other Legends free the prisoners in the pipeline. Meanwhile, Queen recovers and wakes up Overgirl. He then tells Eobard to retreat to the troop carrier and prepare for invasion, while he stays with Overgirl.

As Arrow and the others arrive from Earth-X, the Legends and the prisoners gather in the breach room, and Metallo-X moves in to attack them.

Atom leads Felicity and Kara out, and Queen shoots him in the back, short-circuiting his office. Felicity tells Queen to go through to him to get to Kara, and even then then he won't win. She tells him to get off their Earth, and Queen prepares to kill her. Arrow arrives with the weakened Overkill and threatens to kill her if Queen kills Felicity.

Metallo-X blasts the Legends, and Ray and Firestorm attack it. The other heroes join in and bring the cyborg down.

Overgirl tells Queen to shoot, but Oliver says that he has friends who can save Kara without killing anyone. Reverse-Flash speeds in and whisks them both away. Felicity runs to Arrow and hugs him, and he tells her that the only thing that matters is that they're together.

In the medbay, Caitlin checks Martin and with Gabriel's help stabilized Martin. Jax collapses and Caitlin confirms that his vital functions are linked with Martin. The Firestorm connection is the only thing keeping Martin alive.

On Waverider, Barry and Iris embrace.

Alex finds Kara and confirms that she's okay. They hug and Kara points out that fighting their evil counterparts puts things in perspective.

Mick is drinking beer when Leo joins him and explains that he's from Earth-X. He calls Mick "friend" and says that the Mick on Earth-X is dead. He went back into a burning police station to rescue police officers, and Mick is less than thrilled.

Jax wakes up and Caitlin tells him that Martin is sedated. She goes out into the hallway and tells Ray that they're both getting worse. Caitlin explains that Martin is only alive because Jax bonded with him, acting as a human life support machine. Jax doesn't know that he'll die as well, and Ray says that the others will figure it out.

Amaya and Zari take Curtis to meet with Ray in the lab. They try to work out where the Nazi Waverider Wellenreiter went, and Curtis points out that Overgirl's readings show that soon she'll explode and destroy the entire Midwest.

Martin wakes up and tells Jax that he's dying. He figures that he's an anchor on Jax and asks him to help him drink the serum that will separate them. Jax points out that their separation will kill Martin, but Martin refuses to let Jax sacrifice himself. He says that it's time for Jax to let him go, and says that a father could do nothing less. After a moment, Jax gives him the serum and Martin drinks it. He asks Jax to stay with him as he dies, and to tell Clarissa and Lily that he loves them. Jax promises and Martin thanks him for the adventure of a lifetime and then dies.

Sara comes in and realizes that Martin is dead. Jax tells her that Martin did it for him and walks out. Sara gently kisses Martin on the forehead. The others soon receive the news and each mourns their friend in their own way. Jax goes to the Stein home and breaks the news to Clarissa and Lily.

Sara tells Oliver that she'll cry at the funeral, and Oliver tells her that they have to gather everyone to stop Overgirl from exploding and use Wellenreiter to leverage the explosion to force them to hand over Kara.

On Wellenreiter, Overkill apologizes to Queen for her weakness. Gabriel-X reports that Overkill will be dead within an hour unless she gets a transplant, and Queen assures Overgirl that she has more strength than every human on Earth-1.

Curtis tells the others that they've tracked Wellenreiter to the vicinity of Central City. Arrow insists that losing is not an option, and Gabriel says that Wellenreiter is hailing them. It's Queen, who offers a truce. They will return to Earth-X peacefully if they hand over Supergirl. Arrow refuses, saying that he doesn't abandon his friends. Atom vows to protect the city that he loved, and they vow to fight for Martin.

Wellenreiter opens fire on central City and Queen leads his troops through the streets. The heroes engage them and Citizen Cold objects when Heat Wave kills the soldiers. Felicity, Iris, Cisco, and Harrison in Waverider opens fire on Wellenreiter and realize that they have to take down their shields.

Reverse-Flash enters the battle but Flash attacks him, matching superspeed to superspeed. Arrow attacks Dark Arrow and the two of them fight atop a car.

Supergirl intercepts Wellenreiter and calls Overgirl out. Overgirl flies out and the two of them fight in midair.

Felicity tells the others that the only way to take out the shields is to get someone aboard Wellenreiter. Killer Frost flies Vixen and Zari aboard, and together they take out the command crew. Felicity sends them the source code and they shut down the shields. Harrison opens fire while Vibe breaches over to get their friends out.

Supergirl and Overgirl continue fighting, while Flash and Reverse-Flash streak through the streets.

Harrison opens fire, destroying Wellenreiter, and Vibe returns to Waverider's bridge with their comrades.

Flash pins Eobard but refuses to kill him. When Eobard taunts Barry, saying that he's above killing, Barry tells him to get out. Eobard wonders what face they'll be wearing next time they meet and speeds off.

Overgirl's body about to go nova, and she screams in pain. Harrison tells Supergirl to fly her up, and Supergirl grabs her and flies her into orbit. Overgirl detonates harmlessly, and Queen screams in anguish at the death of his wife. He turns to kill Arrow... who shoots him in the chest.

A stunned Supergirl plummets down to Central City... and Steel catches her.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry thanks Leo and Ray for their help. Leo insists on hugging Barry, and then tells Ray that he's going to stick around for a while but promises to come home to Ray. They kiss and Ray goes through the breach.

Everyone gathers for Martin's funeral, and Jax says that he can still heart Martin inside of his head. He tells Clarissa that he's sorry for failing to save Martin and tells Martin's family that he just wanted to come home to them. Clarissa assures Jax that he's family as well, and each of them shovel a bit of the dirt onto the coffin.

Afterward, Sara and Alex awkwardly hug and say their goodbyes. Alex thanks Sara for putting things into perspective, and says that she's going to trust her instincts and find someone out there for her. Mick comes over and tells Sara that Waverider is ready. The timeship takes off, and Kara asks Alex if she's ready. They thank Barry and the others for inviting them to the wedding, and Barry says that they're just going to have a simple wedding. Everyone hugs and the Danvers return to Earth-38.

Barry asks Oliver to marry them, and Oliver says that they'd have to be in Star City for it to be official. He tells them that they'd need an ordained individual to perform the marriage, and sends Barry to get Diggle. Diggle has Oliver and Felicity as the best man and bride of honor. They recite their vows, but Felicity interrupts and asks Diggle to marry her and Oliver as well. She says that she doesn't believe in marriage but she believes in Oliver, and Oliver says "I do:" Oliver recites the vow he said when they faked a wedding, and Diggle declares them all husbands and wives.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 5, 2017

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