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The Sinnerman Recap

In the line outside Lux, Joey Pileggi jumps the line and asks the bouncer if the big guy is in. The bouncer irritably Joey in, and Joey approaches Lucifer and asks for his help. Lucifer says that he grants people favor, and Joey asks Lucifer to hear him out. Intrigued, Lucifer invites Joey to sit next to him and asks what he desires

A few months later, Linda asks Lucifer why his gift is desire. He jokingly says that there's a school for angels, and Linda figures that he's using humor to deflect her question. She wonders if their powers shape their personalities or vice versa, and Lucifer doesn't are because his power is perfect for him. Linda wonders if there's more to it.

Chloe comes into Marcus' office and finds him removing his shirt to check his bandages. He says that he spent a late there catching up on cases, and Chloe thanks him for saving his life. She request a personal day and Marcus says that he'll take it under advisement. Later, Chloe tells Lucifer that it's only a personal day and Marcus is a jerk for not granting it right away. She refuses to tell Lucifer what she's taking the day for, and they go into the crime scene. Lucifer recognizes the dead boy: Joey. He tells Chloe and Ella that he did Joey a favor. Chloe talks to Lucifer privately and asks what it has to do with him. Lucifer says that Joey came to him a few months ago and asked for a favor. Joey wanted to become the new Godfather, and Lucifer got him an "internship" with the mob.

Ella tells them that Joey was shot twice in the chest and his legs were broken. She confirms that the legs were broken postmortem, and Lucifer figures that it was a commentary on the job that he got Joey for the mob: a runner.

Linda meets with Amenadiel and tells her what Lucifer told him. She wonders how it all works, and asks Amenadiel why his power is slowing down time. He suggests that God gave him his power so he could people without being seen, and Linda says that it sounds lonely because Amenadiel never gets the chance to know anyone. The angel says that he never saw the point of getting to know humanity until recently, and looks at Linda. Maze comes in and greets them, and asks what they're up to. She's surprised to see them together, and Amenadiel insists that they're just friends.

As the team meets to discuss the case, Charlotte comes in and says that she quit her job. Now she's a prosecutor, and Ella quickly says that they should get back to the case. She points out that Joey had expensive shoes and $10,00 0hidden in the apartment. They figure that a runner couldn't have made that much money, and Charlotte says that Joey's bosses wouldn't have liked it so they would have sent the man who brought Joey in to kill him. Lucifer confirms that he introduced Frankie Ferrante, aka Frankie the Knife, and they go to bring Frankie in.

Once Maze leaves, Amenadiel wonders if it's weird for them to be friends. Linda insist that it's okay for a woman to be friends with a handsome angel, and Amenadiel figures it's okay for an angel to be friends with a beautiful and passionate woman. After a moment they kiss, but then Linda draws back and says that it's a mistake and she can't. Amenadiel apparently accepts that and apologizes, and then they kiss.

Charlotte tells Chloe and Lucifer that she can help them question Frankie. Lucifer gets a text from an unknown caller, and suggests that Chloe let Charlotte join them. They go into the interrogation room and Frankie knows Charlotte on sight from when she defended him. He assumes that she's defending him, and Charlotte explains that she's a prosecutor now. Frankie denies knowing anything about Joey's death, and claims that he doesn't know Lucifer. Chloe shows him a photo of Joey, and Frankie admits that he might know him. Charlotte advises him not to talk and then corrects herself, and Lucifer uses his power on Frankie. Frankie says that he wants to find out who killed Joey and kill him, and explains that everyone liked Joey. He tells them that everything Joey got was from them, and he's glad to help them. Dan comes in and says that Frankie's alibi checks up. They also have another body, Frieda Marquez.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the new crime scene and discover that the new victim was also shot to the twice. Lucifer says that he did the woman a favor ten years ago and figures that it's a message to him. Ella checks the body and reports that the noose was made out of Frieda's hair. She was killed and then hung, and Lucifer explains that Frieda wanted to become a hairdresser to the star so he introduced her to a few celebrities. Ella says that Frieda had salons across the city, and Chloe wonders what the killer is trying to say. Lucifer explains that he started doing favors because of Sinnerman, and figures that he's the killer. Chloe wants proof that Sinnerman exists, and Marcus comes in and says that Sinnerman is real and dangerous. He ran into Sinnerman in Chicago but couldn't get his hands on him. However, he figures Sinnerman kills for power and influence and going after Lucifer seems small. Lucifer gets another call and abruptly walks out.

When Lucifer arrives at his penthouse, he calls Amenadiel's voice mail to ask for his help. Maze is there, and warns that Amenadiel is probably busy with Linda. Lucifer says that he needs her help, and Maze complains that he's not interested in her problems. Another call from an unknown caller comes in, interrupting her. Lucifer takes it and Sinnerman says that he's the one Lucifer has been looking for.

At the station, Ella tells Chloe that she got samples of Sinnerman's DNA from the skin underneath Frieda's fingernails. She scratched him when he killed her. The DNA matches a hair that Ella found at Joey's place. She also found a perfect match with a blood splatter sample from an old Sinnerman case in Chicago, proving that Sinnerman is also in LA. Chloe sees Marcus going into his office carrying a case, and insists that she and Marcus don't have any chemistry. She goes out and calls Lucifer, leaving a message, and bumps into Marcus. Chloe tells him that they got skin samples on Sinnerman and Marcus offers to help her. Surprised, Chloe says that she'll take Charlotte and Marcus admits that things have been crazy and he hasn't had a chance to check on her personal day.

Lucifer drives to the address that Sinnerman gave him and enters the abandoned slaughterhouse. Sinnerman calls him into a room and remains in the shadows. He slams the door shut behind Lucifer and shows himself via a V. Lucifer approaches the TV and Sinnerman says that he killed Joey and Frieda to see a trap for Lucifer. He explains that the door is reinforced steel and says that it takes a lot to hold the Devil. Lucifer asks how Sinnerman took his face and gave him his wings back, and Sinnerman tells him that Lucifer will have plenty of time to consider answers because the place has been abandoned for ten years. Lucifer suggests that Sinnerman remove his sunglasses, but Sinnerman knows about his desire ability and says that he doesn't have time for parlor tricks. The Devil promises Sinnerman that he'll find out what he really wants and use it to destroy him. Sinnerman briefly lowers his sunglasses, taunting Lucifer, and tells him that he'll see why he's doing what he's doing.

Chloe takes Charlotte with her to put pressure on Frankie with the new evidence. They enter the restaurant where Joey is eating, and Chloe tells him that their prime suspect is Sinnerman. Joey claims that he doesn't know him, and Charlotte promises them some influence at the DA's office if he helps. When Joey still professes ignorance, Charlotte snaps at him but Chloe pulls her out and excuses them. Outside, she assures Charlotte that she played her role perfectly. Chloe figures that Joey will find Sinnerman on his own to get revenge, and then she'll be waiting. Charlotte asks why Chloe didn't trust her with the truth, and Chloe tells her that she'll have to earn her trust. She offers to call Charlotte a cab, and Charlotte says that she'll find her own. Marcus calls Chloe and says that he brought food, and Chloe realizes that Marcus is across the street.

Lucifer flips the channels on the TV and hears Maze outside calling to him. She opens the door and says that she tracked him down because he blew her off and hid in a freezer. Lucifer explains that Sinnerman trapped him there, and Maze slams the door shut so that Lucifer has to listen to her and act like he cares. Exasperated, Lucifer plays along and Maze says that Linda and Amenadiel are a thing. She figures that they were about to bone when she found them talking, and Lucifer points out that Linda's job is talking. He wonders why Maze cares, and figures that she's still hot for Amenadiel. Maze hastily denies it and wants to know what's going on, and Lucifer asks what she would do if she did know. He tells her to ask herself what she truly desires, and after a moment Maze unlocks the door and thanks Lucifer for his advice. He hastily runs off.

As Chloe and Marcus watch the restaurant, Marcus tells Chloe to say what she wants to say to him. She asks why the case is so important to him, and Marcus claims that he needs to demonstrate leadership to his authorities. Chloe figures that the case is personal, and Marcus explains that Sinnerman killed his brother. He thought he could escape Sinnerman and the pain, but he can't so now he plans to make him pay. Chloe tells Marcus that she asked for the personal day because the anniversary of her father's death is coming up and he was killed on duty. She found the killer a few months ago, and did the right thing when she found him but it wasn't easy. Chloe explains that she doesn't tell anyone about it because I's too personal, and advises Marcus not to do something that he'll regret later.

A man leaves the restaurant, and Lucifer calls Chloe. He says that Sinnerman grabbed him okay and describes the man he saw on the V screen. Chloe realizes that the man coming out of the club is Sinnerman, and she and Marcus go in. Lucifer hears gunshots over the phone and drives to the restaurant.

Chloe and Marcus enter the restaurant and find Sinnerman standing over a wounded Frankie with Frankie's dead bodyguards nearby. Sinnerman shoots at them and runs into the kitchen, and Chloe chases after him. They exchange shots and Chloe calls on Sinnerman to surrender, but he says that it's fun. She shoves a cart out to draw his fire and spots his reflection in a metal bowl. Sinnerman runs outside and Marcus shoves him to the ground and aims his gun at him. Chloe arrives as Sinnerman tells Marcus to do what he has to do, and offers to help Marcus. After a moment, Marcus tells her that she already did, handcuffs Sinnerman, and leads him away.

Lucifer arrives at the restaurant a few minutes later and Chloe tells him that Marcus got Sinnerman. Chloe tells Lucifer that he'll get his chance to talk to Sinnerman, unaware that Sinnerman is secretly picking his handcuffs.

Maze goes to Linda's office and discovers that the door is locked. She knocks on the door and after a minute, Linda comes out and says that she's alone. Maze points out that she's acting strange and comes in, and tells her that it was strange seeing her and Amenadiel so chummy. The demoness insists that Amenadiel isn't anything special to her, but she feels left out so she doesn't want Linda and Amenadiel getting together if that's possible. Linda tells Maze that she has nothing to worry about, and Maze talks about how deep she went with Amenadiel. They hug and Maze tells Linda that she's the best.

At the station, Dan finds Charlotte in the men's restroom crying. She admits that she's not fine, and explains that she just keeps screwing things up. Charlotte tells Dan that she was good at being the old her, but she needs to make a change and she sucks at it. Dan tells her that no one expects her to change overnight, and says that he's made plenty of mistakes but doesn't quit. He points out that Charlotte is trying, and Charlotte thanks him for his advice. An officer comes in and Charlotte realizes that she's in the men's restroom.

In the squad room, Lucifer waits until Chloe and Dan leave, and then goes into the interrogation room to confront Sinnerman. He reminds Sinnerman of what he said about looking him in the eyes, and tells him to look at him. He realizes that Sinnerman has poked out his own eyes with a pencil, and Sinnerman says that Lucifer will never know what he wants. As the officers come in and call for a medic, Sinnerman laughs.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 5, 2017

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