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Reunion Recap

Destiny Gonzalez is on a bus glancing around nervously as it pulls into LA. Once it arrives at the station, Destiny goes to a payphone and calls a number, only to discover that it's been disconnected. She asks a man if he knows anywhere that she can stay, and notices another man watching her. Destiny then goes back to the payphone and dials another number, and the woman at the other end wonders if she's Stephanie and tells her to come home. Two creepers approach Destiny and start speaking Spanish. When one of them grabs her, Destiny runs into the street and a van from the Church of Gibborim brakes just in time to avoid hitting her. The men drag her off, but two women in the van get out and taser the two gangers unconscious. They invite Destiny to come with them and she gratefully accepts. There are other people inside the van, and the woman Frances asks Destiny to just come and check it out. She assures Destiny that they're not a cult and if she doesn't like it, she can leave. Destiny reluctantly gets in and the van drives off. Behind them, the two creepers figure that Destiny would have been safer with them.

Six Months Later

At the Wilder estate, teenager Alex Wilder is playing video games and his mother Catherine calls to him. Alex ignores her, and his father Geoffrey comes in and says that Catherine has been calling him to breakfast. Geoffrey points out that he hasn't seen Alex play the particular game in a long while, and Alex says that he used to play it with Amy". After a moment, Geoffrey offers to step in and Alex says that Amy was a lot better than him and walks away.

In the kitchen, Alex says that he'll just have juice although Catherine has made pancakes, his favorite. He tells them that they don't have to be extra nice to him, and Catherine tells him that after two years it's time. All he's been doing is spending time alone, and Alex insists that he's fine and he'll make new friends when he goes to college. When Geoffrey says that he needs to make friends when he's young, Alex points out that his father hasn't stayed in contact with his friends from the 'hood. Catherine says that she has to prepare for a PRIDE meeting that they're hosting, and Geoffrey insists that the school they're building will do a lot of good for poor kids. Once she leaves, Geoffrey tells Alex to think about getting together with his friends.

In her bedroom, Nico Minoru puts on goth makeup and clothes. Her mother Tina is in the kitchen making tea, and sees Nico on the security system monitor going into Amy's bedroom to get some tights because Nico's have a hole in them. Her husband Robert sees Tina going to their room and joins her. Nico says that she's leaving and Tina tells her that she knows the rules. Her daughter tells her that if Amy was there, she'd let her, and Tina angrily says that Amy isn't there. As Nico brushes past her mother, she knocks over a trophy and then apologizes as Tina gently picks it up. When Nico offers to fix it, Tina snaps at her to go.

Chase Stein is in his room working weights when his mother Janet comes in and says that breakfast is ready. She says that Victor is there as well, and after a few minutes Charles goes to the dining nook. Charles says that he had a big win the night before and Victor wasn't there to see it. Victor points out that Charles is getting a C in Spanish, and Charles promises to work harder. His father snaps at him, saying that if he was really afraid of him then Charles would get an A.

Leslie Dean is addressing the church members, and has everyone read from the Book of Gibborim that her father David Ellerh wrote. Afterward, her husband Frank says that he has to meet with an agent. Once he leaves, their daughter Karolina asks Leslie to sign a permission slip so that she can go to the San Francisco Art Institute. Leslie refuses, saying that they need Karolina as the millennial face of the Church. Karolina points out that they didn't even ask her to participate in an upcoming photoshoot, but Leslie still refuses. Her daughter snaps at her, saying that there's a lot going on with her but Leslie wouldn't notice, and walks off.

At Atlas Academy, Dale and Stacey Yorkes drop off their daughter Gert and their adopted daughter Molly Hernandez. Molly complains that she feels weird, and Stacey assures her that menstruation is a blessing, not a curse. When Molly points out that dance squad tryouts are that day, Gert complains that she's reinforcing hegemonic masculinity. Stacey tells Gert that her new meds are in her backpack and should have less side effects. As Gert goes in, she hands out flyers to the other students for her new club, but no one is interested. Chase is among them, and tosses away the flyer as he walks away. Karolina wishes him a beautiful day and takes a selfie of herself, then walks past Nico who is studying by herself.

Alex is standing on the balcony watching Nico, and takes out his phone with a photo of himself, Nico, Karolina, Gert, Molly, and Chase. He looks at it and then calls Catherine and asks if he can have a get-together at the house. She says that they'd love to see the kids and agrees. Once Catherine hangs up, Geoffrey wonders if having the kids in the house will be a problem and Catherine figures that they don't care what their parents are doing.

Leslie goes to a secure bedroom and looks at the figure on a bed inside.

Catherine and Geoffrey go to a chamber filled with red robes.

Leslie sits down next to the withered figure on a respirator, and says that they're ready and soon another will become eternal.

In class, Gert announces that her new club that will dismantle the patriarchy. The other students aren't interested. Gert only needs four members for the school to recognize the club, and she hands out her literature. Alex approaches Chase and finds him working on prosthetic hands. He wonders why he's talking to Alex, and Alex suggests that they get together that they like to. Gert overhears them and figures that Alex is joking. He says that he hoped to get Chase onboard first to convince Gert, and Gert insists that she isn't interested in Chase. Karolina overhears them and says that she has a church thing. She insists that what she believes in is positive and life-affirming, and points out that her mother runs the church. As the bell rings, Chase's friends come in to get him. Alex points out that Chase used to make fun of kids like them, and Chase says that now they make fun of kids like Alex. As Gert walks off, Alex says that he wanted to hang out for Amy.

In the gym, the girls audition for dance tryouts. Molly performs but has cramps and quickly leaves.

Chase is talking about his grades with his Spanish teacher Walter, saying that he wants to change and asks to retake the midterm. He tells Walter that he can't get a C, and Walter says that there's nothing he can do. Once Walter leaves, Chase hits a nearby locker and notices that Gert is watching him. She tries to commiserate with him, and offers to tutor him. Chase agrees, just as Chase's friends come over and says that they're going to a club that night and want Chase to come along.

Karolina is walking through the campus and notices the other students staring at her. She checks her phone and, shocked, walks off.

Nico looks at the trophy case in the hallway, and Alex approaches her. He says that he wanted to get everyone together and misses the others, particularly Nico. Nico taps her earbuds to indicate she hasn't been listening and walks away... turning on her music as she goes. Meanwhile, Alex looks at the trophies in the case, including a tennis trophy for Nico's sister Amy.

In the girl's room, Karolina is in a stall and looks at a photo of herself that has been going around, with the word "brainwashed" hashtagged on it. Nico comes in, crying, and Karolina comes out and asks if everything is okay. Nico claims that she's fine and asks how Karolina is doing, and Karolina claims that she has allergies to explain her trying. She tells Nico that she doesn't need the makeup to hide who she really is, and Nico says that some people hide behind a smile.

Molly goes to the school nurse's office and the woman gives her some medicine. The girl says that she's adopted and she doesn't know if her birth mother has the same medical problems, and she and her father died in a fire. Molly complains that none of Stacey's treatments are working, and the nurse steps out. Once she's alone, Molly screams in pain and her eyes glow yellow. She crumples the med table in her hands and after a moment regains control of herself.

Karolina films the photoshoot and says that she's never taken off her bracelet that all of the church members wear. Destiny comes over and tells her how grateful she is that the church took her in. She says that her parents weren't there for her and says that Karolina is lucky to have her mom, and she did a lot of rebelling. Destiny walks off and Karolina goes after her and asks about rebelling and what it's like.

Molly returns home and confirms that Dale and Stacey aren't there. She goes to the garage and tries to lift the van up on a ramp with her bare hands. When she can't, Molly tries to bend a tire iron. The van rolls off the ramp toward Molly, and her eyes glow yellow as she reflexively pushes it back onto the ramp. Once she's done, Molly laughs in triumph.

At the Wilder home, Geoffrey and Catherine meet with the other parents. Robert compliments Janet on her hair, and Victor says that he's too busy changing the world to notice. Stacey asks Tina to look at her phone, and Tina dismissively says that she's a CEO, not tech support. Robert offers to help, and Dale comes over to talk about Stacey's music tastes. Nico is watching with Leslie, and wonders how the Dales were let into PRIDE. Leslie tells her that everyone is there for a reason.

Alex comes into the house and hears the PRIDE meeting. Dale is busy complimenting Geoffrey on how he's doing since he got out of the 'hood. Geoffrey advises him not to bring it up, and then calls the PRIDE meeting to order. As Alex comes in, they offer a toast to PRIDE. Catherine asks where the other teenagers are, and Alex says that none of them came and he'll be eating pizza for six. Once he leaves, Tina tells the others that Nico has never been the same since Amy's death, either.

As Alex plays video games, Karolina has a Lyft driver bring her back through the city to the Church.

Gert is at the coffee shop waiting for Chase. When another boy comes over to ask for the chair next to her, Gert says that someone is sitting there and will be there soon.

Chase and his friends party.

On the online game, Alex sees that none of his friends are online.

On the beach, Nico sets up candles.

Karolina sees a poster for the Church with herself and her parents on it, smiling.

Alex looks at the photo of the six of them.

Karolina goes to the party and Chase sees her. A man, Furry Bear, approaches her and asks if she wants to party. He offers her a pill and Karolina accepts it.

Gert considers texting Chase to ask where he is, but then doesn't. She texts Molly, who has dozed off in the garage, asking her to feed the pets.

After taking the pill, Karolina dances to the music. She sees two women kissing and looks at her bracelet, and then tears it off. Karolina's hands and arms start sparkling, and then she passes out. Chase's friends see her and take her upstairs, and Chase sees them go.

Molly goes to the basement and enters her parents' lab. She feeds the various animals, and her eyes turn yellow as she hears something move in a sealed chamber marked "Warning Keep Out". Molly looks through the window in the door into the room beyond filled with plants, and a dinosaur growls at her. Panicked, Molly runs to the door and pulls it off its hinges as she opens it.

Gert realizes that Chase isn't coming.

Molly runs to her room and calls Gert, and says that something weird is happening at the house. She asks Gert to come get her and take her somewhere--anywhere--else.

Chase goes upstairs and finds his two friends preparing to rape the unconscious Karolina. He yells at them to get away from her and attacks them, and they yell at him that he's dead and leaves. Chase puts the bracelet back on Karolina's wrist and it glows briefly. She wakes up and he takes her out. Karolina says that she's fine and the last thing she remembers is the lights. Chase tells her that it was the drugs, and calls a Lyft car so she can go home. Karolina tells him that she doesn't want to go home and invites Chase to come with her. Before Chase can see, Karolina tosses away the pill that she never took. Chase gets in with her and they leave.

Nico casts a ritual to summon the Triple Goddess. Nothing happens and Nico tosses her spell book into the fire.

Chase, Karolina, Gert, and Molly go to the Wilder estate in response to Alex sending them the photo. Nico joins them and asks if they have room for one more. Alex lets them in, and they come in and stare at each other nervously. He tries to get them to do something and sits in a chair, and Molly points out that it was Amy's chair. Nico tells him to sit wherever he wants because Amy is good, and the others figure that they don't work without Amy. Alex says they can't blame her for the fact that they don't hang out anymore, and Chase says that he blames him because he didn't come to the funeral. Gert sarcastically wonders who wouldn't show up when a friend is expecting them, and Karolina says that they were just friends because their parents were friends. Nico says that whatever she is now, she isn't Amy.

When Gert says that they all moved on and were doing fine, Karolina points out that none of them are doing fine. She tells the others that they need to sit together and talk it through. Chase agrees but says that he'll need some alcohol, and goes to the main house to get booze. When Alex objects, Nico stops him and asks why he didn't come to the funeral. She figures it wouldn’t have made a difference because it wouldn't have brought Amy back, and thanks Alex for bringing them back together. Chase checks the house and says that their parents are gone, and the others go in with him.

Inside, the teenagers discover that their parents' things are there. Chase finds a decanter of whiskey, and apologizes to Gert for missing their meeting. He admits that he was a douche and suggests that they try again, and Gert says "No" in Spanish. Alex grabs some coasters and triggers a switch, opening a hidden door. Chase figures it leads to a wine cellar and they go down to find out what it is.

There are ancient tunnels beneath the estate, and the teenagers descend the stairs and find a chapel. Their parents are all dressed in the red robes. There's a soundproof force field between the teenagers and their parents, and Leslie brings out Destiny. The parents force her to drink from a chalice and then put her in a glowing metal cocoon. Molly takes a photo with her phone, and the parents see the flash. As the teenagers run off, Geoffrey wonders what happened.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 5, 2017

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