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The Bad Place Recap

A couple are dancing to the music in the man Derek Swan's studio. The woman, Paula, complains that one of Derek's pieces is looking at them. He says that someone called about his Examiner pieces, and is coming for a studio visit. The buzzer sounds and Paula lets in Jack. Derek is surprised that Jack is so young, and Paula leaves.

Inside, Jack tells Derek that he's a dreamwalker based on the article he read in an interview. Derek says that it was just for the interview, but Jack knows all about his lineage and wants him to dreamwalk for him. When Derek refuses, Jack offers to pay and puts a wad of cash on the table. Tempted, Derek asks Jack where he wants him to go. Jack points to a painting of the alternate reality that Derek has made.

Derek soon begins the ritual to prepare himself for dreamwalking. Once he reaches there in his mind, he tells Jack that it's not his favorite. Derek sees a fortress and approaches it, and warns that he's not strong enough. Jack touches his fingers to Derek's head, linking with him and seeing the apocalypse world. Derek begs him to stop and screams in agony.

Later, Paula returns and finds Derek's corpse on the floor with his eyes burned out.

Dean tries to call Patience and gets her voice mail. He leaves a message that he and Sam are looking for someone and need a psychic's help. Jody calls to say that she got a lead on a case where the victim had his eyes burned out. Paula gave a description of Jack and Jody recognized him.

James calls Patience to supper. She quickly hides her phone with the message from Dean, and her father comes in and says that Patience got a C on one test. He reminds her of their plan to get into college, and Patience says that Dean called her. She explains that the Winchesters want her psychic help, and she didn't answer. James asks if she's been having visions, and Patience claims that she hasn't. Once he leaves, Patience checks her phone again.

Sam and Dean drive to Bismarck and confirm with Paula that Jack was the man she saw. She says that he was a buyer and explains that his act was reportage rather than imagination. Paula explains that Derek was a dreamwalker and his painting was inspired by what he saw. Dean finds the painting of the other reality.

Back in the Impala, Dean asks Sam if they're going to talk about the painting and what it showed. He figures that Jack is looking for Lucifer and says that they have to be prepared to kill him. Dean admits that he likes Jack but they have to consider the worst-case scenario. Sam wants more information, and suggests that they talk to another dreamwalker, Kara Nieves. Derek was talking to her via email, coaching her in her powers.

At an addict support meeting at a facility, the counselor asks Kaia to share with the group. She says that mutters the homilies, and the counsellor points out that she overdoses on amphetamine. Kaia says that she bought the drugs, and the counsellor suggests that they talk about her scars. She refuses to discuss them and says that he doesn't know anything about her. Kaia tells him that she doesn't belong there and she's not an addict, and she takes the amphetamines because it keeps her from the Bad Place. The counselor doesn't understand, and says that they have to face their bad places eventually.

Afterward, Jack approaches Kaia and introduces himself. He claims that he uses cocaine, and Kaia doesn't believe him. Jack says that he knows who she is and Derek told him about her. He needs his help and offers to get Jack out of there and leads her off. Outside, the Winchesters pull up. Sam has checked Kaia's background and learned that she never knew her father. Her mother died in an accident when she was 12, and the aunt that took her in died of cancer.

The therapist finds Jack and Kaia, and Jack renders him unconscious with a touch. He leads her out a back door, but Kaia refuses to go any further. When she tries to walk away, Jack grabs her arm and says that he will hurt her. Sam and Dean come out, and Kaia hits Jack and runs. When he tries to go after her, the Winchesters grab her and ask what's going on. Jack says that he's doing it for them, and is surprised when they tell him that Derek is dead.

Jack explains that he wanted to prove he was good by trying to open doors to other worlds. He can't see into them, did the research, and found Derek. Through Derek jack saw the apocalypse world and entered the fortress. Mary was imprisoned inside and Jack saw her. Jack tells the brothers that Mary is alive but in danger, and touches their heads. They see what he saw: Mary being tortured in a spiked cage, calling for help. Jack explains that Derek wasn't strong enough to maintain the connection, but he knew Kaia was.

Kaia is hitching a ride and a car pulls over. A couple pulls over and invites her in, but then the woman knocks Kaia unconscious and they drive off with her.

Patricia is driving and gets a vision of Jody in a forest being stabbed, and Sam and Dean. She wakes up and finds herself in the middle of a parking lot, having spaced off.

Kaia wakes up and the couple--angels--tell her that they want Jack. They explain that they tortured Derek and he told them that Jack was going to Kaia, and then killed him to cover his tracks. The angels decided to use bait.

As the trio drive in the Impala, Sam confirms that the police are looking for Kaia as well. Dean admits that Sam was right and they'll find Mary no matter what it takes. Jack is shocked that they thought he could kill Derek, and wonders why he would look for Lucifer. He says that Lucifer is no one to him, and Sam, Dean, and Castiel are his family. Dean agrees with him and says that he did a good thing. Suddenly Jack clutches at his head when he hears the angel radio. He tells the Winchesters that the angels have Kaia.

Patience packs to leave and tells James that a friend is going to be in danger. She admits that her visions never stopped, but she's been able to ignore them until now. Patience tells James that's who she is, and James admits that he was wrong to lie about Mississippi. Patience says that James raised her to do what was right, and she's doing what's right. As she leaves, James tells her that if she chooses the life then she doesn't come back. After a moment, Patience leaves without a word.

The male angel goes outside the building where they're keeping Kaia to check on things. Meanwhile Kaia tells the female angel that no one will come for her. The angel tells her that Kaia doesn't matter but the Winchesters think that she will. The trio comes in holding a knife to the male angel, and tell the other angel to hand over Kaia. The angel says that Jack belongs with his own kind and asks him to come home with them. Jack says that he is home, and the male angel breaks free. The female draws her blade, and Jack blasts her back. When the other angel grabs his blade and tries to stab Dean, Jack turns and forces him to stab himself. They tell Kaia that they're Hunter and Jack is Lucifer's son. The female flees, and the trio takes Kaia out.

Sam explains that they need Kaia and she can tell Jack where he is so that they can save Mary. Dean asks Jack what the plan is, and Jack explains that Derek said that there are sacred sites where the wall between worlds are thin. One such place is the wind Caves. Kai refuses to go, saying that her dreamwalking is a curse. She only goes to one place: the Bad Place. She shows them the scars on her arms and explains that she got it and others from the creatures in the Bad Place. Dean draws his gun and orders her in the car. He then tells Jack and Sam that they're going to the Wind Caves in South Dakota.

The brothers drive to the Wind Caves and Sam asks Dean if they're going to force Kaia to dreamwalk at gunpoint. Dean insists that they'll do whatever they have to so that they can get Mary back. Jack apologizes to Kaia and says that he was like her, afraid of her powers. He explains that Derek thought that Kaia could help him and he could help Kaia. Kaia points out that Derek is dead because of Jack, and Jack asks for five seconds to show her everything that he saw through Derek. She agrees and gasps in awe with what she sees. Jack tells her that their powers can be good and they can do good in the world.

The surviving angel, driving a car, suddenly drives at the Impala. Dean swerves just in time, and then drives off with the other drive after them. They pull over at a nearby shipyard and head for an old ship, and Jack hears the angel radio again. Meanwhile, the angel pulls up and Dean turns to face her. She says that they need Jack because Heaven is running out of angels. More angels arrive and Dean runs for the others. He enters the boat and Sam wards the doors.

The group heads up into the boat, putting down wards as they go. Meanwhile, the angels reach the first ward and blast through it. Up above, Dean says that they'll go down fighting and apologizes for dragging Kaia into it. Kaia suggests that they get out, and Jack admits that he's not sure if he can get them to Sam. Jack and Kai begin as the angels smash through the wards. Kaia sees the Bad Place and creatures approach her. Jack tells her to let go and finds a portal to the apocalypse world.

Sam shows Dean the melting wards, and they tell Jack to hurry. Jack sees Mary but then Kaia's attention returns to the Bad Place. She screams in agony and light fills the boat, then blasts out and vaporizes the angels as the portal opens.

Later, Jody is trying to reach the Winchesters when Patience arrives at her door. She says that something bad is coming.

The next morning, Kaia is unconscious on the side of the road.

Mary looks down and sees Jack on the floor. He wakes up and looks at Mary.

Sam and Dean wake up in the Bad Place. They check out their surroundings, and unwittingly enter a huge three-clawed footprint in the ground. As the Winchesters move off, the creature that made it roars in the distance.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 8, 2017

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