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Irreconcilable Differences Recap

At Oliver and Felicity's wedding reception, and Oliver tells Thea that Felicity hasn't arrived yet. Thea complains that Oliver only invited Diggle to the ceremony. Diggle comes over and apologizes because Lyla couldn't make it. Felicity comes in with her parents and Oliver goes to greet her. Donna welcomes Oliver to the family and hugs him, and dramatically forgives them for eloping. Oliver quickly escorts Felicity away and assure her that it's okay. They kiss, and Diggle leads a round of applause. Everyone dances and Oliver and Felicity chat with a couple, Laura and Adam, from Ivy Town. Oliver says that they won't be returning to Ivy Town because Star City is home.

Rene, Dinah, and Theo are drinking at the bar and Curtis talks about his marriage to Paul. His friends ask if he's okay, and Curtis assures them that he can handle other people's weddings even though he's divorced. She mentions her busted engagements and gets a text, and quickly leaves. Curtis tells Rene that Dinah has been secretly texting with someone for weeks, and Rene suggests that Curtis start dating. His friend says that he's been dating lots of guys.

Quentin offers Oliver his congratulations and gives him a wristwatch as a present. He explains that his gave it to him on his wedding day, and he doesn't have anyone to give it to

Oliver and Felicity cut the cake, and Curtis catches the bouquet. He gives a drunken speech about love and marriage, and Rene takes the mic. He then gives his own speech, talking about how he and his wife felt when they were married. The couple does their first dance and the others join in. Thea dances with Rene and says that she thought a friend would come but he didn't. Noah thanks Donna for letting him back into Felicity's life, and Donna says that their daughter needs her father in her life. Quentin comes over and Noah, realizing that it's awkward, excuses himself to get a drink. Donna and Quentin dance, and they admit that it's awkward. Oliver's lawyer Jean calls and Quentin excuses himself to take it.

As they dance, felicity tells Oliver that it's the perfect evening. Quentin tells them that the prosecution's smoking gun is a witness who testify that Oliver is Green Arrow. The information is under seal, and all they know is that it's someone on the team.

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity go to the bunker and Oliver insists that it's a betrayal. He doesn't think that they should have trusted the others. Felicity runs surveillance on all three of them, and Oliver wonders if it's just the surface of the betrayal. He warns Diggle that when he puts the hood back on, Diggle could be next.

Rene takes the drunken Curtis to Rene's apartment, and Curtis talks about how he'll be alone when he returns home. He notices sunflowers in a vase, wonders if the vigilantism drove Paul away or his lack of charm, and asks Rene if he ever thought his life would be easier without Team Arrow. Rene admits that he does, and Curtis says that Oliver is only concerned about getting his happy ending. He then passes out.

Dinah meets Vincent in an alley and he says that he misses her. She says that the man she knew would never kill an innocent people. Vincent insists that he would never kill an innocent person, and dismisses the cop he accidentally shot as collateral damage. Dinah says that Oliver brought her back from a dark place, and Vincent tells her that he's always cared about her and always will. She tells him not to contact him and leave town, and she won't let him get away a second time.

Quentin walks Thea home and find Black Siren waiting for them. She says that Cayden wants a word with Quentin. When Thea attacks her, Black Siren easily subdues her and knocks Quentin unconscious. She puts a phone in Thea's hand and then drags Quentin away.

At the bunker, Felicity picks up Dinah on street cams, meeting with Vincent. Oliver wonders what else she's lied to the team about, and Diggle insists that Dinah wouldn't betray them. He says that Dinah supported him during his injuries, but Oliver tells him that they have to protect themselves. Thea arrives and tells the others what happened, and explains that Black Siren left her alive to deliver the phone. Cayden calls and says that he wants a nanoaluminum amplifier. It's secured at ARGUS, and Oliver has to deliver it or Quentin dies. Cayden will send the text the next night, and tells Oliver not to tell ARGUS. Once Cayden hangs up, Felicity warns that they can't make a duplicate. They figure that Cayden is using them to avoid ARGUS, and Oliver tells them to bring Rene and Curtis in but not Dinah.

An agent lets Diggle into Lyla's office, and Diggle claims that he's leaving a present for her. Once the agent leaves, Diggle contacts Overwatch and plugs a flash drive into Lyla's laptop. Overwatch confirms where the amplifier is. Rene and Curtis are in the building posing as janitors, and wonder why Dinah isn't there. Arrow enters the building via the vents, and Felicity is in the trash bin that Curtis is pushing. She shuts off the security system and warns Arrow that he only has sixty seconds.

Arrow descends into the room via a line and grabs the amplifier. Meanwhile, Rene spills his mop water to slow down the two approaching guards. Curtis hides Felicity just in time, and the team meets back at the bunker. Checking the amplifier, Curtis confirms that it will magnify Cayden's bomb twenty-fold. Oliver tells Curtis to sabotage the amplifier so they get Quentin out. Dinah comes in and realizes that the team just got back from the field, and Oliver says that they have to speak in private. When she objects, Oliver tells her that he knows she's been meeting with Vigilante. Dinah says that it's none of his business, and Oliver tells her and the others that somebody on the team is betraying him. She asks Diggle if he trusts her, and he says that he's sorry. Disgusted, Dinah says that she's finished and starts to leave. Oliver snaps at her, and Curtis points out that it could be anyone of them. Diggle says that the others checked out, and Oliver admits that all of them were under surveillance. When Curtis objects, Rene says that he's the on testifying against Oliver.

Rene explains that Samanda came to him and said that he had proof that he was Wild Dog. Unless Rene testified, she'd make sure that he never saw Zoe again. Oliver tells Rene to get out and after a moment, he leaves.

Quentin wakes up and Black Siren points out that he shot her and left her for dead. She explains that Cayden sent someone for her, and Quentin asks if she sees her own father when she looks at him. Black Siren says that she doesn't because her father died on her 13th birthday in a drunk-driving accident. Quentin say that she's just stuck knowing him, just as Cayden in. he reminds Black Siren that she kills Quentin if Arrow reneges on their deal.

The next day, Rene is eating at a food truck with Curtis and Dinah. He admits that he screwed up and Oliver was right to kick him off the team. Curtis points out that just the three of them were targeted for surveillance, and says that it crossed a line.

Thea approaches Oliver in the bunker after Felicity told her what happened. He points out that Rene kept a secret and put his daughter ahead of the team, and wonders how he can feel betrayed by someone doing what he's done. Thea notes that he's never sold out anyone on the team, and tells her brother that he's doing the right thing looking at things through Rene's perspective. She tells Oliver that Rene betrayed Oliver but also gave the speech at the wedding. Thea suggest that Oliver forgive Rene because Quentin needs the entire team. Diggle comes in and Oliver tells him to have the entire team suit up.

The team goes to the rendezvous and Wild Dog thanks Arrow for bring him back in. Overwatch reports that it's a digital black hole, and Arrow tells them to put their issues aside and get Quentin back without handing over the amplifier.

Cayden and his men are waiting inside, and Arrow demands to know where Quentin is. The hacker agrees to let him talk to Quentin by radio if Arrow sets down his boat. The others are in the rafters, and Wild dog wants to search the building. Overwatch tells them to stay where they are, and Mr. Terrific points out that if she bugged Quentin like she bugged them, they'd know where Quentin was. Wild Dog heads off and after a moment, Mr. Terrific goes with him.

Arrow puts down his bow and Cayden gives him the radio. Quentin tells him not to endanger the city on his behalf, and Cayden tells Arrow that he knows the amplifier is sabotaged. He tells Back Siren to kill Quentin and his men to kill Arrow. Arrow triggers flares in his bow, grabs it, and attacks the mercenaries. Diggle and Overwatch tell the others to back up Arrow, and Black Canary joins in. Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific says that they're on their way, and come across Black Canary and Quentin. She sonic-cries them and they take cover.

Cayden escapes, while Arrow and Black Canary take down his men. Overwatch gives them Black Canary and Quentin's position as they leave the building, and Arrow heads after them.

More mercs pin down Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific, and the vigilantes engage them.

Black Canary stops and tells Quentin to run, cutting him free. Arrow arrives and Black Canary blasts down some nearby barrels. Arrow retreats and by the time he returns, he finds Quentin alone. The others arrive and Arrow tells Diggle and Overwatch that they're good there.

Back at the bunker, Felicity reports that Cayden and Black Siren have disappeared. Oliver asks Curtis and Rene where they went, and Rene says that he made the call to move off the position. He says that he wasn't going to let Quentin die because Oliver didn't trust them, and Oliver tells him that Rene had a second chance and broke their trust again. He says that Rene is off the team and Rene walks off. Dinah tells the others that they need to believe in each other, and she doesn't believe in Oliver anymore. With that, she walks out.

Later, Vincent finds Dinah and asks why she reached out to him. She explains that she needed a friend, and Vincent says that he can do that.

Rene returns to his apartment with Zoe, and she sees the sunflowers: her favorite. He promises that he'll never let anyone split them up again.

Diggle says that they can still undo what's been done, but Felicity sides with Oliver. Curtis tells them that they can't have a team without trust, and they all spied on him. It means that he can't trust them, but he's done with the team. Once he leaves, Oliver says that they need to move forward. He figures that they need to find out who told Cayden that they sabotaged the amplifier.

Cayden, Black Siren, and Boots are watching the bunker on the minicam that Black Siren planted during her assault two months ago. Anatoly, Vincent, and Dragon join them and Anatoly says that Oliver always pushes away his friends. Dragon asks if that's all of Cayden's master plan, and

Written by Gadfly on Dec 8, 2017

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