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Beebo the God of War Recap

In Central City on Christmas Eve in 1992, a young Martin goes to a toys Are We store to find a Beebo toy for Lily. Martin's colleague Chuck joins Martin in line, and a woman runs out and yells that she got one. A clerk says that they have plenty, but then receives word that they just ran out of them. Chuck points out one more Beebo on the shelves and all of the waiting people run to grab it. Martin grabs a toy bow and shoots a nearby sign, knocking it loose. It knocks the Beebo toy into his arms and everyone charges at him. he runs through the store and then disappears.

Martin finds himself in a forest and a horde of Vikings charge toward him. he runs and the Vikings run after him.

On Waverider, Leo meets with Amaya and offers to help the Legends through their grieving period. He asks Amaya what she'd like to say to the Martin puppet that he's made. She says that the way Leo is trying to help them cope is wrong. It doesn't go well with Ray, Nate, and Mick, and Leo finally gives up on the puppet. He calls in Jax, who says that he should have been strong enough to keep Martin alive. As he leaves, Waverider shakes and Nate confirms that it's a timequake caused by an anachronism.

Sara tells the team to seal away all of their feelings while they handle their job. The Anachronism is Level 12, and Gideon reports that the Vikings never left America after landing there. They conquered the continent, New Valhalla, and Leo points out that Mick has been drinking beers since breakfast. Mick says that drinking isn't a problem for him. Leo then warns Sara that the Legends aren't ready for the field, and she tells him that kicking ass is how they heal.

In 1000 AD in North America, Leif warns his sister Freydis that they should go home. Freydis insists that it's their destiny to conquer "New Valhalla". Nate and ax are watching from hiding, and Jax stares off into space. He finally tells Nate to stay on mission. Meanwhile, Freydis tells Leif that the Blue God has demanded war. Nate and Jax hear him, and tells Mick and Sara. They spot a man in his net and Sara realizes that it's a young Martin. Jax runs to the captive Martin, and Young Martin recognizes him from 1987. When Jax cuts the net free, it drops to the ground. A Viking attacks them and Jax knocks him out. The others arrive and stare at Martin, and Sara says that everything is fine. Martin explains that they have to go back for Beebo, but Mick grabs him and yells that they're not going back for some toy.

When Freydsis receives word that Martin has escaped, she says that it doesn't matter and strokes the stomach of the Beebo toy. She yells to the Vikings that their Blue God hungers for battle, and the Viking cheer.

On Waverider, Sara has Martin explain that the Vikings adopted Beebo as their god. Jax brings him his favorite toy, and he says that Freydis usurped his position as Beebo's translator and twisted the toy's words to her own agenda. Sara has Zari take Martin to get cleaned up. When Jax offers to help, she tells him that Zari can handle it. Meanwhile, Martin wonders where their Martin is, and Zari claims that he's with his family. Once Zari leads him off, Mick swigs down some beer and realizes that something is wrong with it.

In the study, Jax complains to Nate that Sara doesn't trust him. Nate figures that Jax was going to warn Martin that his older self was going to die, and Jax admits that he was. He figures that it's no coincidence that the Young Martin showed up. Amaya and Ray come in, and Jax says that it's Fate telling them to step up. Ray points out that warning Young Martin could undo the future. Jax doesn't believe it and storms off.

In the mess room, Mick tries to find real beer. Leo comes in and says that he adjusted the fabrication setting, and they won't generate alcohol. He says that if Mick can go without drinking for two days, he'll have proven that alcohol isn't a problem for him. Nate confirms that it's December 25 local time, and Leif is throwing a huge Yuletide feast that night. Sara figures that it's cover for their operation, and Gideon announces a transmission from Ava. Sara talks to her and Ava offers her condolences on Martin's death. She then says that the legends fixing a Level 12 Anachronism would be a Beebo Day Miracle. Ava realizes that Beebo Day is part of the Anachronism, and Sara reluctantly asks for her help. The agent portals in and asks what the plan is.

That night, the Legends and Ava join the feast claiming to be Vikings from Europe. Once Sara says that they brought booze, the Vikings gladly accept them. Leif asks Amaya about their group, and she says that they're from all over and recently lost a brother. When Leif sympathizes, Freydis tells him that it's made him soft. Meanwhile, Ava and Sara argue about the Legends' approach.

Mick tries to grab some booze, and Leo stops him and warns that he has thirty-five hours left. Freydis watches as they argue. Meanwhile, Mick finds Beebo, which says "Beebo thirsty". As he finds a nearby offering of mead and prepares to drink it, Freydis and his men knock him down and Freydis says that Beebo will decide the punishment for his insolence.

Back in the great hall, the other Legends are drinking with the Vikings. Ava and Odin best the Vikings in drinking contests, and one of them ask who their husbands are. Ava says that she's not the husband type, and they ask for two out of three before they take them to Beebo. Freydis brings Mick in and says that he was caught stealing mead from Beebo. They bring in Beebo and the toy says "Beebo hungry". Freydis interprets it as feeding Mick to the flames. Sara sends Amaya and Nate to get Beebo while the rest of them save Mick.

As they go to the pyre, Leif tells Freydis not to ruin Yuletide. She ignores him and has her men stoke the fire. Sara has Leo secretly freeze the flames, and Ava yells that it's a sign that Beebo doesn't want their clansman to be burned. As they sneak out with Beebo, Amaya accidentally squeezes Beebo, setting him off. Freydis and her men draw their swords, and Sara and Ava attack them.

On Waverider, Jax and Zari play video games. Jax figures that she's trying to distract him. He still wants to warn Martin, and Zari tells him that she'd do the same if she could warn her brother. Martin comes in and asks to return to Clarissa and Lily. As Jax prepares to take him in the timeship, Zari tells him to find a loophole like she did with Helen of Troy.

The other Legends join in on the fight while Nate runs with Beebo. The Vikings surround him and he tosses it to Ray. Ray gets tackled and Beebo flies up into the air... and Mick fries it with his heat gun. Leif declares Beebo a false god, and says that it's time to go home. Ava says that the Legends have saved Odin Day, and the Legends realize that they haven' fixed the Anachronism. Odin and a Valkyrie appear in a burst of lightning, and Sara realizes that it's Damien and Nora. Ora says that Odin will lead the Vikings into battle and they will conquer the New World. Sara orders the Legends to retreat because they're outmatched, while the Vikings bow down to Damien.

Back on Waverider, Ava wonders why Sara retreated and says that she's glad that she's proceeding carefully. Another timequake hits the timeship, and Sara asks ava to call the Time Bureau for backup. Ava goes to speak to Director Bennett, and Zari comes in and says that Jax and Martin are on their way back to Central City.

The jumpship lands in 1992 and Jax gives Martin a letter and tells him to open it in 2017. He says that it could save Martin's life, and Martin refuses to take it. Martin has realized that the team was lying about where his future-self was, and Jax tells him that the letter is a loophole and nothing will change until the date on the letter. The young Martin takes it and walks off.

Mick is searching for booze when Leo comes in. Leo points out that Mick has to resist drinking and numbing himself to pain. He says that he and his Mick grew up in the Resistance, and he was crushed when Mick died. Leo came aboard to process his loss. Mick isn't interested, and Leo says that his Mick was the kindest most selfish person he's known. Mick tells him that his Len was a cold ruthless killer, and says that Leo doesn't fit in and should go back to Earth-X. Leo agrees to go as soon as they return from Vinland.

Ava checks in with Bennett and he gives her clear orders. As he signs off, Sara comes in and Ava tells her that the Time Bureau has decided the mission is a waste of resources. She explains that the Bureau is in disarray since Rip has gone to prison for his actions, and Damien has recruited Grodd. The Bureau has lost scores of agents trying to stop Damien, and they can't afford to lose anyone else. Ava apologizes and says that she has to follow Bennett's orders. Sara says that she needs her there, and Ava tells her to leave Vinland if she's concerned about her team.

Sara assembles the Legends and asks Jax how taking Martin back to 1992 went. He says that it went fine, and Sara tells the team that the Bureau doesn't think that they can beat Damien. Sara doesn't want to lose anyone else, and tells them to take Waverider and leave while she faces Damien.

The next day, White Canary enters the Viking camp and goes to talk to Damien. She tells him that she's there to make him an offer, knocks out his guards, grabs a crossbow, and says that if he leaves, she'll let him live. Damien casually snaps her throat with a magical gesture...

Nate points out that Sara's plans sucks, Zari suggests that White Canary go in with others.

The next day, White Canary enters the Viking camp and goes to talk to Damien. She tells him that she's there to make him an offer, and the guards reveal that they're the Legends in disguise. Zari unleashes an air blast at Damien, who shrugs it off. . More Vikings attack them, and Damien temporarily freezes Steel. Steel is able to resist him, and White Canary shoots Damien in the chest with a cross bow. Nora leads the other Vikings to attack them…

The Legends say that they do it together or not for all. Sara agrees and tells Gideon to plot a course for Vinland.

The Legends attack Damien as planned, but Damien catches the crossbow bolt and knocks Steel back. Beebo floats in front of the Vikings and says that it has risen from the grave. Atom is inside levitating the toy, and he has Beebo tell the Vikings to go back to Greenland. Nora shoots the toy, but Atom swerves the toy out of the way. Citizen Cold and Heat Wave open fire on Nora, who manages to hold back both of their blasts. They join their beams and the impact knocks Nora out.

Damien realizes that Nora is unconscious.

Freydis orders her men to attack, and Vixen and Jax join Heat Wave and Citizen Cold. Damien goes outside and knocks everyone to the ground, and then goes to Nora. As he teleports away, White Canary arrives and grabs him. She teleports away with them and finds herself in a void. Mallus is nearby and says that he will soon be free and her world will know unendurable pain. Ava grabs her and pulls her back through the rift. She says that they needed her so she came back, and says that it's a Christmas miracle... confirming that they finally fixed the Anachronism.

Later on Waverider, Sara has Gideon scan her for any medical problems but finds nothing. Sara then tells Ava that the only thing in the void was Mallus. Ava goes to tell the Bureau, and tells Sara that it was worth disobeying orders. Gideon confirms that history has been restored, and Sara figures that there work is done.

Jax has Gideon confirm that Martin died in 2017. Zari figures that Martin didn't read the letter. Jax goes to 1992 and the Stein house. A little Lily answers the door and Jax gives her a Beebo. Martin and Clarissa come to the door and greet him. Once Clarissa leads Lily away, Martin tells Jax that he burned the letter. He says that he was tempted but figures that by that time, he'll have watched his daughter grow up and made a friend who would risk everything for him. Martin tells Jax to let him go and refuses to cheat death. He wants Jax to live his life and have the happiness that he deserves. Jax tells him goodbye and they shake hands.

After Jax returns to Waverider, he finds Sara waiting for him. She knows what he tried to do, and says that she's sorry that he failed. Jax figures that he'll never be able to move on if he stay son Waverider, and insists that he needs a different kind of adventure. They hug and Jax asks Sara not to tell the others until he's gone. Sara agrees and Jax goes to get his things from his quarters. He then goes to the lab and finds everyone waiting to surprise him with Christmas party.

The team sits down and Mick admits that he and Leo teaming up reminded him of old times. Leo admits that he reset the synthesizers and apologizes for trying to change him. he offers a toast to the ones they lost and Mick joins in. Everyone calls on Jax to make a speech, and he says that he originally didn't want to be on Waverider. But they all came together and now they're a family. They all share in a toast.

Later, Waverider lands to drop off Jax. Sara escorts him out and they hug, and Jax figures that they'll meet again someday. she says that the honor has been all hers and Jax goes home. When Sara goes back onboard, she finds John Constantine waiting for her. He tells her that he needs her to do something for him. There's a demon possessing a little girl, and the demon knows Sara's name.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 8, 2017

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