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A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight Recap

At the Iceberg Lounge, Mr. Penn tells Oswald's men to wait until Oswald sends instructions. The Sirens break in and take out the men, and then ask Penn where Oswald is.

Jim and his men find a black market doc apparently dead on the table where Pyg left him. As Jim calls for an ambulance, the doctor gasps for breath and Jim finds a message from Pyg saying that it's been a gas.

Barbara finds Sofia watching Tabitha torturing one of Oswald's men to get his location, and says that Oswald has all of the gangs looking for them. Sofia insists that they'll fall into line once they take out Oswald, but Barbara isn't convinced.

At the station, Harper tells Jim that Victor attacked her and took Sofia. The police have received reports that there was a shootout at the market and Sofia was involved. Jim tells them to focus on stopping the war even though Lazlo has a new face and is on the loose.

Sofia goes to Carmine's old office with Sirens. Carmine is waiting and greets his daughter, and greets Barbara. He angrily reminds Sofia that she wasn't ready to come to Gotham, but she came back anyway. Carmine wanted to see how Sofia would do on her own. He says that he doesn't want Gotham, and he used to love it but he's dying. Carmine figures that someone else can have Gotham, and cares about his family. Sofia insists that Gotham belongs to her, and carmine slaps her and asks how sleeping with Jim helped avenge her brother and recover Gotham. He says that she's dishonored the family name, and Oswald comes in and says that children are disappointments. Oswald's men grab the Sirens, and Carmine tells Sofia that if she was anyone but his daughter, she'd be dead.

Two policemen bring Bruce into the manor and say that the neighbors filed a noise complaint. Bruce is passed out unconscious with two girls on his bed. Alfred pours cold water on Bruce to wake him.

Jim arrives at the Falcone manor and Carmine comes out to greet him. He says that he made a deal with Oswald to take Sofia out of Gotham and she lives. Carmine insists that Oswald will keep his deal, and says that killing Jim would have been a kindness. When Jim finds out what he brought to Gotham, it will destroy him. Sofia comes out and says that neither Carmine nor Jim believed in her. She kisses Jim and says goodbye, and gets into her car. Carmine tells Jim that they probably won't see each other again and gets in the car.

Sofia says that she did everything she did out of love for him, and Carmine says that he still considers her his daughter. She goes to get one of the roses that her mother planted, As Jim and Carmine watch, Sofia pricks her finger on a thorn. A van pulls up and a man opens fire, killing Carmine and his bodyguards. Jim returns fire and Sofia takes cover, twisting her neck. When the killers drive off, Sofia looks at her father's corpse.

Three days later, Bruce comes in from an evening out and tells Alfred to clean up his rolls.

As Oswald watches a news broadcast about Carmine's death, Victor comes in and tells him that everyone on the street thinks that Oswald had Carmine killed. Oswald insists that his hands are clean.

At a church, mourners gather for Carmine's funeral. Sofia comes in via a wheelchair, and tells Jim that Oswald killed her father. He says that he needs evidence, much to Sofia's disgust, and she goes to bury her father. Oswald and Victor are among the mourners, and Victor goes to Carmine's coffin, takes out his gun, and puts it in the coffin. He then turns and walks out despite Oswald calling to him to come back.

Harvey sits next to Jim and Jim says that it'll be good to have Harvey back when his leave is up. Jim explains that Oswald still owns the judges and he needs ironclad evidence to convict Oswald. Harvey asks what good that will do, and Jim says that Sofia set him up to become captain. He refuses to allow Sofia to turn the GCPD into her private army, and Harvey tells him to get Oswald to start a war so that Jim can arrest him for. Harvey figures that it's all on Jim and tells him to finish what he started.

Oswald goes to the coffin and says that he won't forget what Carmine told him. He then goes to Sofia and says that he had great respect for Carmine. As he starts to threaten her, Jim interrupts and takes Sofia out. Oswald tells his men to stand down in the church, while Jim tells Sofia that he's finishing what he started.

Later, Oswald arrives at the station and gets everyone's attention over the PA. He tells Jim that he wants Sofia, and Jim refuses to give her up. Jim insists that he's upholding the law and tells Oswald to get over it or face the consequences. Oswald says that whoever brings Sofia to him will be greatly rewarded. Harper and the others angrily say that they don't work for Oswald, and Jim lets his officers to drag Oswald and his men out. Once they're gone, Jim tells his people that he was told that the city and the GCPD was corrupt, but they've showed him different.

Soon, the police are arresting Oswald's men, taking them down when they shoot at them. Oswald's men make a stand in his office, and Barbara suggests that they let him go. They refuse, and Tabitha manages to free herself. The police gun down Oswald's men as Barbara and Selina tell Tabitha how to get free.

In Jim's office, Jim explains that he has to keep pressing Oswald until he does something he can't deny. Sofia says that Oswald had Martin killed She says that she has a witness who just called her.

At the Lounge, Oswald asks how Victor is beating them. Victor suggests that Jim has great leadership decisions, and Oswald tells him to do something horrific. Jim comes in and puts Oswald under arrest, and tells Oswald's people that they only want Oswald on a murder charge. Oswald insists that he did not kill Carmine, and Jim tells him that he's arrested for Martin's murder. Chuckling, Oswald tells Jim that he faked Martin's death so that Sofia couldn't use the boy against him. He orders Victor to produce Martin from where he hid him, and Victor says that Oswald killed him and he'll testify to that. Victor holsters his gun, and the police take Oswald away as he yells at Victor that he's a traitor. Jim warns Victor that it doesn't give him a free pass, and Victor tells him not to bring it up now.

As the police lock up Oswald, Harper tells Jim that he won and the officers applaud him.

Victor meets with Sofia and says that Oswald is weak. He pledges his support to Sofia, who tells the Sirens that it's a new day.

Later, Sofia gives the Sirens the club back. Barbara tells Selina that it will be there baes of operations. Tabitha tells her to have fun and leaves.

Bruce calls Alfred into his study sand points out all the pamphlets Alfred has put up for a trip to Switzerland. Alfred figures that a trip will snap Bruce out of his mood. Bruce tells him that he hasn't thought of Ra's and his parents since he's been partying. Alfred tells him that there's no life without pain, but Bruce tells him that he's okay with what he is. He prepares to go meet Tommy, and Alfred steps in front of him and says that he can't let him do it. Bruce attacks him and Alfred easily shoves him back. They continue fighting and Alfred easily shoves Bruce down. He finally puts Bruce in a hold and tells him to stop. Bruce agrees but then hits him and Alfred punches him down. Angry, Bruce was out as Alfred tries to apologize.

Edward stares at the mirror and insists that he's in control. His Riddler hallucination figures that Edward is in love with Lee. Angry, Edward smashes the mirror. Grundy comes in and asks if Edward is angry at himself. As Edward leaves, Grundy hears the children's chant that gave him is name He finds a gramophone playing a record with the chant. Tabitha tosses a gas grenade at him and Grundy passes out.

Tabitha ties Grundy up and when he wakes, she explains that she kidnapped him. She points out that he called her "Tabby" when they were fighting before, and tells Grundy that Edward electrocuted him and cut off her hand. Grundy doesn't remember, and Tabitha kisses him and tells him to remember her as his Tabby. When he doesn't, Tabitha picks up a pipe and figures that hitting him in the head is the only way to get him to remember her.

Sofia calls Jim, who comes and says that they need to talk. He asks her not to unify the gangs and put the Falcones in charge of the underworld. Sofia points out that was their deal, but Jim warns that if she tries to take over then he'll come after her. She tells him that he's predictable, and Lazlo steps out of the shadows and trains a gun on Jim He still has his Pyg face, and Lazlo explains that Sofia had heard of a serial killer who hunted the police. Sofia continues, saying that she sent Lazlo to her city posing as Pyg and let him improvise. Jim realizes that Sofia had Carmine killed, and Sofia insists that if Carmine had shown her any appreciation then he's still be alive. Lazlo shot her from hiding to make it look convincing.

Jim grabs Lazlo and says that he's sending him to prison. Sofia shoots him and tells Jim that it's his choice now what to do. She points out that Jim is the one who got the police officers killed, and she needs Jim as captain so she can control him. Jim figures that it's revenge for him killing Mario. Sofia puts the gun down and invites Jim to arrest her. However, she'll talk and tell everyone what Jim did. The GCPD will crumble and Oswald or someone worse will take over. Alternately, he can take the sin for his own and let the people believe that he's a hero. Sofia says that's her revenge and dials the GCPD. Jim takes the phone and says that he's just shot and killed Pyg.

Bruce returns to the study and Alfred tells him that he wins. He says that he won't try and stop Bruce, but tells him that he will remember who he is and then Alfred will be there. Bruce tells him that he's had emancipation papers drawn up and Alfred is no longer his legal guardian. Alfred refuses to sign the papers, and Bruce says that he doesn't have to. If Alfred is there when he comes back, he'll go to the police and show him the bruises Alfred inflicted on him earlier. He fires Alfred and orders him out, and leaves.

Tabitha continues beating Grundy and begs him to say something. He doesn't, and Tabitha kisses him and says that she tried. With that, she walks out.

Alfred looks at the empty study.

Bruce parties at a club with his friends.

Alfred takes his things and leaves.

Jim returns to the station and finds Harvey coming out of his office. Harvey says that he was just dropping something off, and congratulates Jim on getting Oswald and Pyg. He tells Jim that he doesn't need him and advises him not to let the officers down because they believe in him. Jim enters his office and finds Harvey's badge and gun on his desk.

Grundy wakes up.

In his cell at Arkham, Oswald screams about traitors. He vows to kill Sofia and all the rest, and someone knocks on the wall of the next cell. The prisoner says that he thought they could help each other out, and he's a very resourceful fellow. Jerome emerges from the shadows, laughing, and asks Oswald to give him a smile.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 8, 2017

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