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A Life Spent Recap

On the outpost, the deafened Jemma watches as Kasius is made up for his meeting. Sinara escorts in an emissary, who says that the Lady Basha couldn't make it. She's on her own eating by herself, and the emissary says that Basha is looking forward to the upcoming ceremony. Kasius assures her that they will be exceeded. Once the emissary leaves, Kasius calls a human, Tye, forward, and asks him for news about the ceremony. Jemma watches as Kasius flies into a rage and Sinara whispers something to soothe him. They both glance over at Jemma, and Kasius comes over and says that they have a problem... and he hopes for her sake that she can fix it.

Grill tells his workers to pick up their efforts since the Renewal lost him time and resources. Coulson, Mack, and Elena are among the workers, and Coulson looks at the journal that Virgil hid in his quarters. When Elena stops momentarily, Zev triggers an electrical charge in her Metric and tells her to work faster. Grill goes into a cage to get equipment, and Mack tries to follow him only to discover the door is locked. The crime boss says that he knew Mack would try something, and has Zev zap Mack via the Metric. Grill tells Mack that he owns him as long as they owe him.

Daisy and Deke return to the Lighthouse and discover that Coulson and the others are gone. He reminds her that she's the one who destroyed earth, and says that eventually she'll be powerful enough to destroy the planet. Deke suggests that in his universe, Daisy destroyed the planet. She slaps him to shut him up, and Deke realizes that there's been a Renewal. He tells Daisy that three people are dead but they weren't her friends, and he suggests that Grill might have taken them in. Daisy walks off to find her teammates.

Elena tells Mack to stop taking risks for him. He says that he didn't do it for her, and he got a glimpse of the Scroll hidden behind his cabinet. There's a handgun in there as well, and Mack suggests that Elena steal the Scroll back. Melinda returns from a trawler run and Coulson asks her to let him come with her on the next one. Meanwhile, Grill reminds Tess that she owes him a double run, and suggests that he take some of the newcomers with her. Tess agrees and leads Mack and Coulson off.

Tye turns off Jemma's deafening device and takes her to a human girl sitting on a bed shaking from a seizure. He says that she did it to himself. Once he and Sinara leave, the girl says that her name is Abby. Jemma realizes that she's an Inhuman, and Abby warns that if she isn't ready for the ceremony then she doesn't know what will happen to her.

Daisy finds Elena, who tells her what happened to them. She explains that she needs to take the Scroll so that they can use it to find Jemma. Daisy quickly leaves, and Zev orders Elena to get back to work. Grill approaches Zev and tells him to find proof that the newcomers are sealing from him like Virgil was.

Tessa goes to the trawler bay and orders a boy, Flint, out. Coulson, Mack, and Melinda join him and Coulson says that he figures Virgil was using the trawler to find something. One of the segments, 616, is noted repeatedly in Virgil's journal. Coulson figures that Virgil hid something there and says that they have to investigate. Tess warns that she can't go on a side mission, and Coulson tells her that it's "the" mission and Virgil died for it. after a moment, she agrees and warns that they have to cover their tracks. Zev arrives and says that he's going on the run with them.

Jemma asks Abby about the ceremony, and Abby says that when the mist hit her she was one of the lucky ones. She remembered her family and knew that they would be rewarded. Abby assures Jemma that Tye has been teaching her to control her gift, but Abby hasn't been able to do it yet. She doesn't know what will happen to her family if she can't demonstrate her abilities as an Inhuman. Jemma says that she can help and has Abby describe what she can do. Abby explains that she can alter her molecular density but she can't control it. The only way to get it to stop is for her to have Tye turn on the blocker surgically implanted behind her ear. If she can't perform for the ceremony, Tye has said that her family will be punished. Jemma takes her hands and says that she'll help her.

Coulson and the others go out in the trawler and head for segment 616. Mack keeps Zev distracted while Coulson asks Melinda about her lie. She admits that it's bad and he puts a hand on her shoulder. Melinda places her hand on his, and Coulson admits that there may not be a way back. he suggests that their destiny Is there helping the humans. Melinda says that she'll help but then she's going home.

Grill is eating at his desk, and his sensors going off registering multiple readings. it keeps registering them even though Grill doesn't see anyone, and he calls Elena over to inspect her Metric. When he removes it, Elena speeds invisibly into his office, gets the scrolls, and returns to her original position without Grill noticing. He reinserts the Metric and tells her to get back to work.

Tess tells Coulson and Melinda that Zev hasn't noticed that they're off-course. Tess finds the small earth sphere that was Virgil's good luck charm, and says that he would never leave it behind. Coulson opens it and finds a knob inside. Tess realizes where it goes and opens a cabinet with a missing knob. A radio is inside, and they realize that Virgil was talking to someone. Zev arrives and magnetizes their Metrics, sticking them to the hull. Once Melinda confirms that he's secured Coulson and Tess to the wall, she rams the trawler into pieces, knocking Zev to the floor. Mack arrives and punches the man unconscious, and then frees Coulson and Tess. Tess tells them that they just attacked a superior, and now they're dead.

Jemma trains Abby in controlling her powers. Frustrated, the girl unconsciously increases her mash and pounds a dent in the floor. Jemma tells her to focus on the molecular makeup of everything, including her body. She describes Abby's body as space and the space between the stars like Abby's body. Concentrating, Abby manages to extend her hand through a glass. Jemma tells her to remember the feeling, but then Abby loses her concentration and the glass shatters. Kasius, Sinara, and Tye come in and Kasius tells Abby to come with her. When Jemma says that they need more time, Kasius says that she'd better hope not. He activates the deafening device in Jemma's ear, and then asks Sinara if she set Jemma up to fail. The woman says nothing, and Kasius asks her what Jemma has that makes her capable of succeeding. Sinara says a single word: "compassion".

Daisy uses the Scroll to find Jemma, and runs into Deke. He warns that she's storming the castle and asks how she's going to stay alive. Deke tells Daisy that he can get Kasius to invite her, but warns that it takes time. Daisy ignores him but Deke says that the Kree will take it out on the humans. He refuses to let her destroy the world again, and Daisy blasts him back. Deke says that she's Quake, the destroyer of worlds. Daisy tells him never to call her that again and leaves.

The team approaches segment 616, and Mack locks up Zev. Tess suggests that they dump him into space and make it look like an accident. As they argue, someone hails them on the radio. They realize that it's coming from earth, reflected off of 616.

Kasius greets Basha and she says that he's fared well. They go to the ceremony chamber and watch as Abby is released into the pit. She sees Jemma in the observation gallery, and another door opens to reveal a muscular Inhuman: Basha's champion. When Jemma objects, Sinara holds up her attack balls threateningly. The warrior beats Abby, and Kasius looks at Tye and says that a lot of lives rely on Abby's success. Sobbing, Abby crawls across the floor and pounds on the door.

Daisy makes her way through the upper section, blending in with the human servants to avoid the guards.

The warrior drags Abby to the center of the pit, and Abby glances up at Jemma. Jemma whispers to her to think of the stars, and Basha tells her warrior to finish off the girl. She stands to meet him and when he punches her, his arm breaks from the impact against her super-heavy body. Abby dematerializes her hand and pulls out his heart, and Basha smiles in satisfaction.

Coulson responds to the transmission but gets no answer. Tess says that either Zev dies or they do, but Mack refuses to let him die. The trawler loses fuel and Tess warns that Zev cut the fuel lines. Melinda heads back to the outpost with their remaining fuel, and Tess asks Mack if it was worth it.

Afterward, Basha tells Kasius that he's done well with the Terrans. They share a toast, and Tye and Abby come in. Basha pays Kasius for Abby and leads her away. When Jemma objects, Sinara threatens her but Kasius tells his assassin not to kill Jemma because she's good at training Inhumans to use their powers... and bringing him a high price.

Daisy continues on and enters an elevator. A Kree worker stops the elevator, and Daisy hides in the rafters. Another worker enters the elevator as well while Daisy tries to keep her grip. When she slips, they hear her and look up. Daisy drops on them and attacks, and she knocks out one but the other one punches her out of the elevator. She uses her power to slam him back into the wall and continues on.

When the trawler returns, Grill figures that they picked up where Virgil left off. He promises to kill all of them starting with Coulson, and Tess says that it was just her. She says that they didn't know about Virgil, and Elena announces that Zev has a gun. Zev denies it, but Elena invites Grill to search Zev for it. Grill finds his own gun on Zev and tortures him with his Metric. Coulson claims that they knew the truth but didn't want to report on Grill's own man. Grill says that he'll report it to the Blues himself to escape any blowback on himself, and tells his workers that no one is above the rules.

Daisy blasts through a floor and drops into Kasius' quarters. The doors seal and gas fills the hallway, knocking out daisy before she can use her powers. Kasius and the others come in with Deke, and Deke says that Daisy is a weapon of massive destruction and he knew that Daisy would display her abilities. He says that Daisy is Kasius' now and tells her that he's playing the long game.

Later, Coulson gets up from his bunk and goes to the portal. He looks out into space for a moment, and then goes back to work where Mack, Melinda, and Elena are working on a radio to pick up the signals. Someone asking for Virgil calls in and asks if he's secured the delegation. Coulson figures that they're the delegation, and someone knows who they are and why they're there. Tess says that Earth's surface is where they send people to die because no one can survive there.

Zev is sent to the surface, and Roaches surround and then kill him.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 9, 2017

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