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Trouble Is Bad Recap

The Past

The next morning, Young Arnold sees the blood in the kitchen and looks at the card with the phone number that Maria had.

The Boy comes downstairs and sees that the front door is open. He looks out and sees Arnold talking to three men in suits. Two of them see the Boy and walk toward him, and the Boy runs to his bedroom and cowers beneath the sheets. The men grab him and drag him away and then passes out, and the lights flickers as the Boy goes into convulsions. Throughout Bergsberg, the electricity blows out from the power surge.


In Blackwing, Project Moloch lies comatose in his bed.

Suzie faces Dirk and the others and dismisses them as small people standing in her way. Before she can attack, Wygar grabs and muzzles her, and tells Silas to get to Frija and stop the fighting before it's too late. They hear Kellum soldiers approaching and run, but Silas refuses to leave Wygar. Suzie manages to blast Wygar back, and he tells Silas to run and save his family. Silas runs with the others, and Suzie tells Wygar to stand and face her. He gets up and draws his sword, and she crushes him to death with magical bands.

Lord Bedevil and his soldiers arrive, and Bedevil reports that their army is entering the valley. Suzie tells them to forget the escapees and she'll have fun with them later. She orders Bedevil to kill the rest of the families and says that Wendimoor is her world now and she's going to fix everything.

Ken shows the Blackwing soldiers a picture of Project Lamia in her pressure-relief toy form, and tells them not to provoke her. They charge into Friedkin's office and discover that the toy is gone. Friedkin starts shooting anything that might be the shapeshifted Mona, and Ken warns Friedkin that he won't be able to shoot someone. Unconvinced, Friedkin figures that Ken is Mona and prepares to shoot him. Ken points out that Friedkin's gun is still in the holster, and the "gun" that Friedkin is holding turns into chains and starts strangling him. Ken sits down and calmly tries to convince Mona that he's her friend. They need her help to help Dirk. Mona reverts to her human form and greets Ken.

Farah and Tina wake up by the quarry and see him back down by the car. Sherlock is there unloading guns into his car, and Farah warns Tina that Sherlock is enchanted like Bob. She says that they need a plan, and Tina passes out unconscious.

At the Cardenas house, Priest calls Blackwing and Ken finally answers. Priest confirms that he survived along with Bart and tells him that he needs his expertise as Bart and Panto walk up the road to the house. Bart and Panto see the Blackwing men and Bart warns Panto that it could get ugly. Panto assures her that he can handle it.

Priest orders his men to unload their guns, saying that they won't be useless. He goes over to Bart and Panto and asks if Bart doesn't feel like killing anyone. She says that she doesn't and they just want to go to Wendimoor, and Panto claims that he's from Earth as well. Priest says that he can't stop Bart from doing what he wants to do, and shows her a video of Ken. Ken says that he's okay and Blackwing is taking good care of him, and asks her to come back in. Bart says that she doesn't kill anyone anymore, and asks Ken to come to Wendimoor with them. He asks her to trust him, but Bart doesn't believe him and heads for the house.

When Priest reaches for her, Panto draws his sword and tells him to stand aside. The Blackwing soldiers start attacking and Panto defeats them. Priest vows that he's not going to let Bart go to Wendimoor, and Bart has Panto stab Priest across the forehead. Bart kisses the tablet and tells Ken that he can come with them if he wants, kisses him via the tablet, and goes into the house with Panto.

As they walk along the road, the group discusses how to travel between worlds and get to Blackwing. Dirk says that Amanda needs to get him and the Rowdy 3 into Blackwing, but Todd wants to deal with the invading army. He has a Pararibulitis attack, hallucinating barbed wire on his leg, and the Rowdy 3 prepare to feed on him. Amanda orders them back and tells Todd that he can turn the energy real just like Wakti taught her to do with her pain. Todd concentrates and the hallucinatory barbed wire becomes real. He priest it off and stares at it in shock.

Friedkin visits Mona in a containment room and she apologizes for hurting him. She says that the guards are scaring her, and threatens to turn into an aircraft carrier and destroy the entire complex. Ken comes in and Mona asks to see Dirk. He explains that Dirk is in trouble but Mona can help, and she explains that she's a holistic actress. However, Mona doesn't know what she's supposed to be. She says that she just told Dirk what the voice said, and she said that she needed Dirk to find the Boy. She said that if Mona let her use the eyes then she could put people where they needed to be. Ken tells her that she helped Dirk, and she only has to be a person a little while longer if she wants to. Mona agrees and Ken thanks her for her help before quickly leaving.

Bart and Panto arrive in Wendimoor and Bart stares at the huge moon in surprise. She gets an impulse to go the opposite way from Panto's house, just as Silas comes out in the road. He sees Panto and the lovers kiss. Silas says that the Dirk is there and so is Suzie, and then greets Bart. Panto introduces Bart as h is friend, and Silas says that they have to go to Frija and beg her to lay down her arms. They head off the way Bart wanted to go in the first place.

At the village, Suzie uses Wakti's pool to find the Boy, and now Wendimoor is hers except for one thread. She tells Bedevil that he'll go to her world and cut the thread, and orders him to go through the pool and kill everyone that he sees. A few minutes later, Bedevil transports to Blackwing and comes out of the shower, startling Bentley.

Ken tells Friedkin that Project Moloch is a "reality editor", and the files say that he planned to make a fairy tale land, Wendimoor. He figures that Moloch did it and the stress put him in a coma. When Moloch had a stroke two months ago, it created a thinning between the two worlds. The entity on the other side poked through, found Mona, and wants Dirk to help them somehow. Ken tells Friedkin that they have to lock down the entire facility. Friedkin reminds him that he's in charge, and Ken points out that Friedkin gave him the same clearance and they're equals in the program. He says that they have to take control of the situation or they'll be compromised. Bentley runs past them and the alarms go off. Lieutenant Assistent runs past, yelling that knights are coming. As the Kellum knights come forward, Ken runs off and yells for the guards to secure Moloch. The knights find their way through the complex, their armor resistant against small arms.

Once Tina wakes up, she approaches the car and tells the Mage to put his hands up. The Mage congratulates him, and when Farah shoots him he deflects the bullet with his wand. He says that he knew she was there, and says that Farah has always been a disappointment. The Mage uses his magic to force Tina and Farah to aim their guns at each other. However, he decides to do something more fun than just shoot her. The Mage has them lower their guns and explains that the enchanted Sherlock is going to drive the police car full of explosives into the Cardenas house. Once he blows it to bits, there will be no more portal to Wendimoor and the Mage can make a fresh start.

The Mage has Sherlock take out his gun and aim it at the women. The Mage says that he'd rather hurt people in person then invade a world, and orders Sherlock to shoot them. They He shoots Tina and Farah, and Farah shoots him. The Mage forces Farah to shoot Tina, and then aim the gun at her own head. As he makes Tina prepare to shoot Farah, Farah manages to grab Tina's gun and uses it to shoot the wand out of the Mage's hands. She then shoot the police car, setting off the explosives and blowing up the Mage... and freeing all three of them from his control.

Silas, Panto, and Bart arrive at the village, where Frija and Jeppum are ready to kill each other among a street full of corpses. Panto says that they can still save the valley if they end their feud. Silas tells Frija that he's in love with Panto, and Panto tells Jeppum that it's true. Bart tells them that everything is going to work out great, just as the army arrives wielding guns. They gun down Silas, Panto, Jeppum, and Frija. Bart goes to Panto shocked, and then turns to face the knights. They shoot at her and miss, and she picks up her chainsaw and goes to work.

Dirk and the others arrive at the ruins and the Beast shows them the pool there. She tells the Rowdy 3 to step back and reaches into the pool, creating a portal. However, she tells Todd that she can't keep a portal open on her own and it's a one-way trip. Amanda asks Todd to help her, while the Beast tells Vogel that something bad is coming. They hear Suzie's laughter, and Todd agrees to do whatever Amanda says while the Rowdy 3 delay Suzie. Todd realizes that Dirk is the only one who can go through, and Dirk says that he'll go back to Blackwing by himself. The Beast hides and Todd braces himself for a new Pararibulitis attack as he and Amanda open the portal.

Bedevil and his soldiers fight their way through Blackwing.

Sherlock, Farah, and Tina lie dying in the quarry.

Dirk braces himself, says, "Don't Panic", and jumps into the portal.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 10, 2017

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