Destiny Recap

Ten Years Ago

The PRIDE members among others take two coffins to the cemetery. Behind them, the wives lead their children along. A young Molly watches from her wheelchair. After the service, the coffins are lowered into the ground. Stacey goes to Molly and kisses her on the forehead, offering her condolences. Afterward at the wake, the children play Uno while Janet pours herself and Catherine drink a toast to Gene and Alex Hernandez, Molly's parents. Catherine points out that it could have been any of them in the fire, and Janet says that it was an accident and it could have been any of them.

Geoffrey tells Robert that they're supposed to be. He points out Tina's burnt hand, and Robert says that she burned her hand on a frying pan. Geoffrey says that the Hernandez couple were good people, and Robert insists that Tina didn't do it. Unconvinced, Geoffrey walks away.

Stacey approaches Dale in the kitchen, and he worries that PRIDE will come after them if they discover that they talked to Gene and Alex that night. His wife says that they owe it to Molly and if the other members come after them, they'll find a way to protect themselves. The Yorkes go to Molly and ask her if she wants to live with them. Molly agrees and Stacey promises that she'll have a normal life.

Present Day

Molly looks for her hair pin and starts to lose control. Gert comes in and Molly's eyes revert to normal. She explains that she's looking for her pin and her mother gave it to her, and then tells Gert that there might be something wrong with her. Gert dismisses it as panic attacks.

In her room, Karolina is trying to meditate when Leslie comes in. Her daughter says that everything is okay and Leslie tells her that it was fun to see all of the teens together. Karolina sees an online posting from Brandon Lucas, saying that they had a fight with Chase and he's so dead.

Chase catches up to Gert and Molly and they approach Alex and the others. Karolina arrives late and shows them the text from Destiny. She says that she's in London on a church trip. Nico points out that the photo could be a fake, but Karolina insists that Leslie didn't act like a killer. Alex suggests that they check out their parents and Chase offers to go with Karolina. Alex says that they should prioritize and Chase should check out Victor's box. Gert eagerly offers to go with him and stand watch, and Alex agrees. Alex says that he'll check out the secret room and suggests that Nico come with him, but she insists on checking out her mother's staff. Molly tells them about the "monster" in the basement. Gert doesn't believe her and Molly storms off, furious.

As they leave, Karolina asks to talk to Chase. She asks if he got into a fight with Brandon and Lucas, and he claims that they just fought over lacrosse. Chase says that he'll call her later and leaves with Gert.

Victor is in his workshop hallucinating Destiny asking him to let her leave. Janet comes in and reminds him that they have a charity luncheon to attend. She points out that the box was having issues the other day, and Victor tells her that he needs her on his side. He insists that he carries the entire family and she at least owes him her support, and leaves for the luncheon.

At their company Synnergy, Stacey tells Dale about the nightmares she had. She figures that it's almost over, and walks in on a surprise party. Tina and Robert are there, and present a cake of the Synnergy serum. The couple explain that it was featured on the cover of a major scientific magazine, and Tina points out that the drug makes people forget things. She says that as their angel investors, they came to say congratulations. Dale assures them they're going to sell it and make everyone rich, and leads Stacey off to get some cake.

As Tina and Robert leave, Robert says that he was glad they came. Tina points out that they use to frequent a local sushi bar. She suggests that they go out on a date that night for them rather than Amy. Robert figures that they should invite Nico, pointing out that she needs them.

Chase and Gert go into Victor's workshop and Chase looks around. Gert finds a pair of Victor's x-ray glasses and checks out Chase. She assures him that she was just checking him out because of scientific curiosity, and finds the box in a hidden room. Gert uses the x-ray goggles to confirm that it's empty, and Chase figures that Destiny is London and they should call it a day. Instead of going, Gert suggests that they check out her parents' basement to see if they're experimenting on Destiny.

Geoffrey shows Catherine the hair pin and points out that she might have found the stairs to the catacombs. Catherine takes out the Synnergy amnesia drug and Geoffrey warns that it's dangerous. He points out that Frank has never been the same since they used it on him, and Catherine figures that she can question Molly based on her experience as a youth lawyer. If Molly did see something then they'll wipe her memories.

At home, Tina suggests that Nico dress properly for dinner. Tina says that she turned off her phone and suggests that they go on date night by themselves. Tina agrees with her and Robert tells Nico to be good before leaving with his wife. Nico goes to Tina's room but is unable to open the case with the staff.

Catherine finds Molly at a coffee shop and claims that she accidentally ran into her. She takes out the hair pin and points out that it was in the study. Molly claims that she was looking for the bathroom, and quickly excuses herself to go there. Once she's alone, Molly discovers that the window is barred. Catherine knocks on the door, and Molly starts to lose control again. She breaks the toilet bowl out of the floor and uses it to get up to the window. She then uses her strength to break out the entire barred window and crawls out. However, she collapses unconscious after a few steps.

Alex goes to Geoffrey's study and gets a text from Geoffrey saying that he's heading home. He calls his father and opens the hidden door, and asks his father to get takeout. Geoffrey says that he's in the kitchen and the text is thirty minutes old, and calls to Alex. Alex tries to close the door without success using the switch, and tries to shove it close. Meanwhile, Catherine calls Geoffrey and tells her that Molly snuck out so she figures the girl saw something. She finds Molly passed out in the alleyway behind the coffee shop.

As Geoffrey reaches the study, Alex comes up behind him. He goes into the study with his father and glances over at the now-closed door.

Catherine drives Molly out to a deserted street. When the girl wakes up, Catherine says that she was worried about her. Molly tries to get home, but Catherine puts a hand on her shoulder to stop her and asks if everything is okay. The girl claims that she lied to Catherine earlier, and that the kids sent her to spy on Catherine while they raided the liquor cabinet. Molly complains about how people never believe her because they think they're stuck with her, and wishes she knew more about her parents. Catherine offers to tell Molly more about Alex and Gene when Molly is older. Convinced that Molly told her the truth, Catherine puts away the hidden injector with the amnesia drug.

Nico finds Amy's diary in Tina's desk drawer. When she pulls on it, it triggers a hidden switch and opens the case. Nico takes the staff out and pricks her finger on its surface. The staff activates and extends to its full length. Nico takes Amy's diary out and looks through it, and finds a paper snowflake inside. As Nico looks at it, crying, it starts to snow in the room.

Tina and Robert have sushi, and Tina takes off her panties and slips them into Robert's hand. She suggests that they go to a nearby hotel where she's booked a room. Shocked, Robert hands them back and says that they're in a real wedding. He asks if what PRIDE does takes anything out of them, and Tina tells him that she's just trying to have fun. Robert says that he can't do it, pointing out that Tina shut him out for two years and then is taking things too fast, and says that he'll get a Lyft.

At the Church, Karolina tries to call Destiny and discovers her line has been disconnected. Vaughn approaches her and asks why she's there, and Karolina asks him if he's seen Destiny. He says that Destiny got into a car heading for the airport for London, and nervously taps on his bracelet. Karolina asks him if he sees the lights the few times he's taken it off. He takes it off and nothing happens. She turns and looks at a painting of a glowing figure that her grandfather David di, and realizes it's similar to what she saw when she removed her bracelet.

Nico calls Alex in to get the snow to stop. The house's AI Wizey says that it's not responsible for the precipitation, and Nico suggests that the staff is magic and read her mind. Alex takes it and the staff reverts to normal. The snowing stops, and Wizey announces that Tina is coming home.

As Dale and Stacey stop at a food truck, Dale figures that they can stop hurting people now that they've perfected the serum. The couple order food for themselves and for their "friend" downstairs. Once he's done, Stacey says that they'll have to tell the girls that they're moving to the Yucatan with their dinosaur. Dale warns that they have to keep their secret plan secret and they'll surprise the girls... with soft serve. Stacey figures that the girls will realize that they're up to something if they start ordering soft serve.

Chase and Gert go to the Yorkes house and Chase doesn't see anything with the x-ray goggles. He goes in and Gert reluctantly goes with him.

Robert and Janet meet in an apartment and have sex. Janet says that she's glad to be away from Victor.

Alex and Nico sweep up the snow as Wizey says that Tina is four miles away. Nico puts the staff and the diary back in place and Tina arrives. The two teens quickly go to Nico's room, and Tina calls to them and goes up to the bedroom. Nico tells Alex to look the other way, takes off her blouse while he's looking away, and then pushes him onto the bed and straddles him. Tina comes in and assumes that they were having sex. She tells Alex that it's time for him to leave. As Nico walks him out, Alex points out that she called him instead of any of the others. She claims that she needed a nerd and thanks her. Alex impulsively kisses her. When she says that what they did was an act, Alex asks if it was and drives off. Nico goes back in the house, smiling.

As they lie in bed, Robert tells Janet that the apartment is theirs. He tells her that he's ready to tell Tina, and Janet says that she has to make sure none of it blows back on Chase. When she worries about PRIDE, Robert tells her that PRIDE won't matter much longer once they break ground and finish tings. Janet says that she needs some time to process and goes to get dressed.

Chase and Gert go down to the basement and Gert realizes that Chase is looking at her with the x-ray goggles and quickly puts on a nearby lead apron to block him. They find the sealed door and Chase discovers that it's impenetrable to x-rays. He opens the door and the dinosaur runs out past them and ducks behind some shelves. When they try to run, the dinosaur--Old Lace--blocks their path. When Gert rambles to herself, saying that everything is under control, Old Lace bows its head and Chase realizes that it's listening to her. A car horn honks and Old Lace runs up the stairs.

Leslie studies the withered figure and worries that it's taking too long. He says that nothing is happening, and Leslie leaves. Vaughn approaches her and says that Karolina was asking about Destiny. He asks if Leslie is on the trip, and Tina calls Leslie and tells her to turn on the local news. Leslie goes to her office and does so, and the news is reporting that Destiny's body washed up on the beach. Tina says that Victor, Janet, and Robert aren't taking her calls. Leslie figures that's why the figure isn't getting better, and tells Tina that they'll need another sacrifice.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 10, 2017

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